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Hairdresser  Part time hairdresser, wannabe photographer, full time thinker for @ADHbrand. Client openings and classes are posted as they come up.


Anyone planning on going to @thebarberella? I'm going, just to hang out and get my network on. I've got a few extra tickets, and I want to give them away. Repost this flier, tag @thebarberella, and hash tag #ANDREWdoesbarberella, then I'll pick a few at random to get in on the guest list 😎

Hey! I've got another class coming up. This one is in Vegas, baby! I'm going to be teaching scissor/shear work and styling- not just the how, but the WHY, with the main point being to readjust your grind to income ratio in your favor. Huge thank you to @xotics for putting this together. More info and tickets available at the link in my bio. Thaaaanks

Clean lines and blurry fades when it fits, choppy fades with no lines when it fits. This curly hair was blow dried with lots of heat and lots of tension after a light application of @ADHbrand #ADHwet. The hair on top has been texturized heavily so that shorter hairs will want to push up the longer hairs.

"I never cared much about my hair until you showed me how to style it." Hearing that always makes my day. Myron is a dentist, and he's gotten yelp reviews that mention as a side note that he has cool hair. It doesn't matter what other technicians think of your work, if you're hearing "I never cared about my hair before I met you" then you're doing it right.
This otherwise frizzy poofy hair was blow dried with lots of heat and tension after a light scrape of @ADHbrand #ADHwet.

Remember regular haircuts? @dawson33 remembers. It's not always about showing off how technically you can cut, or how cutting edge your tastes are. Regular haircuts are nice, and they can be really refreshing when you're sick of shocking cuts or the rat race to innovate. This was a regular haircut I did at @urbansoulstudio in Dallas a few months back. Shot on @kodak #trix400, and I friggin love that a tiny piece of hair got into my camera and ended up telling more story in this shot than I could have planned. That's shot with a hairstylists camera, for sure.

Today Adam came in and said "I want something really different" and I said "different for you, or different for the world?" After asking him some more questions, like "what has your hair been doing lately that bugs you?" (It fell flat, because it was very long) Or "do you want to look like you tried to look good or accidentally looked good?" I gathered that he wanted big messy hair that didn't look smooth or clean. He also said he wanted some juxtaposition, specifically he said he wanted neat stuff right next to messy stuff... This was a lot of fun to do. Since I quit cutting hair full time I've really missed the sort of "problem solving" that you work through when changing someone's hairstyle.
This was roughly blow dried into a tall mess then finished with a scrape of @ADHbrand #ADHwet.

Some moving pictures of my haircut on @vmarie1_ at @drehair's #lookbook17 event last weekend. Footage captured by @hair_sculpter, song is "Diablo" by Breach.

Yesterday at #lookbook17 there was a lot of fades and short haircuts being done, so I chose models with longer hair, just to shake things up. @vmarie1_ had a relatively sleek finish to her hair when she sat in the chair, but I went through her hair to knock out a bunch of weight and add a little bit of graduation. It was fun, I was throwing bits of hair all over the place. When I was done I grabbed that far side of her hair and scrunched it up a bit to get it to stand and show all the texture and a hint of the shape... This was sooo much fun to do!

I guess I'm going to be posting a lot today, we had so much fun at #lookbook17 yesterday. After the party, when we were standing around trying to choose a Denny's nearby (as is tradition at the end of a great night), I was like "holy crap my friends have cool hair..." @CGhairdesign was cut by myself and @ryancullenhair, and @mikey_teeze was cut by @mikeyyyyyyy_.

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