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Hairdresser  Part time hairdresser, wannabe photographer, full time thinker for @ADHbrand. Client openings and classes are posted as they come up. Next class👇

Today I took photos for @bedroomtalkmusic and had a really good time. It was a good day. Hair by @vmarie1_

A long long time ago I was teased by a few barbers for styling hair. Now it's normal for barbers to blow dry. Not saying I was cool and did it first, but it bothered some traditionalists that something they didn't value was being valued by others, and now if a barber can blow dry then they're probably killing the game... A while ago I would get really irritated when I would see bloggers or youtubers who don't even do hair teaching about hair and selling products. Now I realize that they do a great job of getting guys who never thought about their hair to start thinking about their hair (this produces more potential clients for you and me). If something seems silly or wrong to you but everyone else seems to be enjoying it, that gut feeling is probably the sign to take notes. I mean, maybe this is right. This is just how it seems from where I'm standing, based on events and experiences in my own career.

*white balance altered, hair color not accurate.

@cghairdesign's hair is getting so long! Scissor fade then a little bit of blow drying after a small scrape of @ADHbrand #ADHwet.
Ps: Celeste's color was done by @_hairmakeuplove_

All scissor haircut for @the.chaie during my guest spot at @thesugarskullsloft yesterday. The day was particularly fun, I picked up my clippers like three times and did 90% of my work with scissors. I don't mind doing clipper work, but taking my time to do a fade with scissors is pretty much therapeutic. Well, I say "taking my time to use scissors" but it really doesn't take any longer than using clippers, it just feels more chill. It gives the illusion of taking more time, and a softer look with a little bit of texture in the fade. We applied @adhbrand #ADHdry before blow drying and #ADHwet afterward. #sickestdayever

✂️📸: @andrewdoeshair

Today @chloenbrown went shorter than ever with a chopped left side and nape, and then she said what they all say, "this is the shortest I'll go..." After she said that I thought what I always think when I hear that line, "challenge accepted."
Her hair was finished with a tiny scrape of @ADHbrand #ADHdry for much texture with a soft and movable finish.

Fun haircut for a great hairstylist. @tamarizakhair's style was done with @ADHbrand #ADHwet applied before a blow dry. I like to use the product this way in any hair that has been processed (bleached or permed) or otherwise has a tendency to look dry or frizzy.

About 12 hours ago I asked you guys what you'd like to see on my YouTube channel, and the response I saw most involved texturizing techniques with scissors. A few hours later I was setting up lights and shampooing a mannequin head. The 15 minute video is now up on my YouTube channel. When you have a lunch break, give it a watch.
If you're anywhere near Dublin, check out the link in my bio to attend my lecture and workshop put together by @barbercutdublin in a few weeks. Also, I think I'll be doing an event in Vegas in July (I'll post details when I know them)

Hey Ireland, I'm coming back! Save the date. Check the link in my bio for tickets, and notice that there are ticket options for just the seminar, or for the seminar and also a hands on workshop (whatever works for you).
The seminar is all about how to become as busy as you'd like to be, how to grow as much as you'd like to grow, and basically how to call the shots in your own career by offering value geared toward the right clients. The workshop will cover literally everything I know about cutting and styling hair. This event is being put together by @barbercutdublin (thank you to them, so much!). Thank all of you guys and girls in Dublin, too.
I can't wait to be back.

When you want to get better at something you don't try it a few times, you KEEP trying to make opportunities to do it. The last time I cut @elijaha1's hair, his girlfriend @kaycmlartz came along and in the middle of his haircut I noticed that she looked like she'd be very photogenic, so I awkwardly complimented her and then offered her a free haircut to let me take her picture. I want to get better at taking photos, so, opportunity made. I want to start cutting longer hair more consistently, so, opportunity made. I lucked out when it came time to style her hair because @Sokolum had just stopped by, so she added some movement to this hair with a round brush. All I know how to do is blow dry hair straight (I took notes. Opportunity made).
Fades are fun, and I can cut short hair blindfolded (not literally), but here's my deliberate practice for this week. I hope you make an opportunity to try something out of your comfort zone. Try it soon and try it regularly.
Completely unrelated note, my phone has been broken for the past few days and I'm dyyying! How long have you ever gone without a phone? Did you survive?

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