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  Hairdresser, fauxtographer, author of @ADHbook, and thinker for @ADHbrand... Taking clients one day in August, see link 👇

Today I did a super casual and fun class at @allsocietymurrieta. Thanks for having me out there! Good group today. I had a lot of fun. Nice small intimate hang sesh with a good group of barbers and stylists. I'm not booking any more classes right now, but I'll post about it when I'm ready to do more.

Video by @henlo_ of me styling @mikey_teeze... Seal the cuticle! Don't blow dry until it's dry then make product do more work than it's meant to, blow dry until its polished and the frizz is gone, then set the hair with cold air, and finish with product. Wrap the hair flat around the head in different directions where the cowlicks suck and they'll soften up and lay flat (or stand uniformly, whatever you want). This was done with Paul Mitchell super skinny serum before drying and a little @adhbrand #ADHwet to finish. The blow dry took at least 10 minutes. Don't rush that part. Your styling sells your cut.

I'm really excited to work all day next to the homie @renjtown next month! Booking is at the link in my bio. Thank you!

This might be my favorite thing I've ever done with hair. When @austinpaxtonmusic came in today he already looked cool, his grown in buzz cut had random little long patches and cow licks galore, it sat fuzzy with the kind of effortless cool that is nearly impossible to replicate in a salon or barbershop. After talking with him for a bit I realized he was honestly down for whatever, so I completely stole inspiration from the Jedi master himself, @daletedwatkins, and I added a sort of shark tooth accent to the corner of his forehead... His hair was then roughed up and pushed around with a scrape of @ADHbrand #ADHdry.
Ps: Austin recently moved to LA and he dabbles in modeling (hit him up for your model needs!), which means we took 3 photos and kept 3 photos. That always makes my job easier 😜

These rocker cuts have been making a huge resurgence lately, and I'm enjoying it. I think everything has been so "proper" for so long that various "not dapper" looks are becoming refreshing. Different strokes for different folks, though. I try to do haircuts about people rather than for people, and sometimes a fade feels forced, but other times an explosion of texturized shards looks like a costume or a wig on the wrong head. Thanks for swinging by today, @hairypothair 🤘
This was finished with @ADHbrand #ADHwet after a lot of heat and tension smoothed out the hair.

Fades and crazy texture are fun but I still love being able to do a "regular haircut," a basic square shape with scissors and a comb. These days instagram (all of instagram, and I'm guilty of perpetuating this, too) seemed to be so much about hair that screams, crazy colors, loud designs, flawless precision, to where usually a haircut like this gets lost in the mix. While I take a lot of joy in the fun and edgy stuff, there's a much different joy in knowing that this haircut will look sweet for two months, and it will require very little styling work to look sweet. Jake was loosely blow dried with high heat and low power with no brush after a scrape of @Adhbrand #ADHwet was applied to his damp hair.

Some texturizing and a quick style for @brotherhoodxiii today. Blow dried a whole bunch after a little @ADHbrand #ADHdry

Finished with @ADHbrand #ADHwet

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