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Couldn't think of any words this morning. Admittedly, a lot of my thoughts and philosophies come from trying to problem solve when I see something widely accepted as normal that doesn't seem like a good enough solution. Nothing is bothering me lately, I'm really happy to see so many great barbers and stylists working harder AND smarter than what it seemed even a few years ago. Start that company, write that blog, teach that class, constantly refine your service, host that hair jam, try new things, enter the contest, and push the trends forward. My feed has been full of inspiration today. Thank you all.

I used to think of my work as solving problems, trying to fix or correct things that bother the client about their hair so that they can feel good about their look. The more time I spend behind the chair, the more I realize it's a choice to view those things as problems, and we can feel good with or without a "good haircut." You're all already stinking beautiful people with or without the cleanest version of the latest cool haircut, the sharpest lines, or the blurriest fades. Once client and technician both realize that, really fun hair starts to happen.
@the.chaie's hair was roughed up with @ADHbrand #ADHdry

Steven just came in for his latest trim in the epic saga of growing his hair long. From having a faded undercut until his hair reaches full blown grunge rocker status we're giving him regular trims along the way to avoid any awkward stages and make sure his hair always has some shape and structure. I've posted (I think two) of his past haircuts on my YouTube channel and within the next week or two I will post a narrated full length version of this recent update.

I wrote a book about a year and a half ago then instead of having it printed or published in any traditional way, I posted every page at @ADHbook. It's basically stories about pivotal moments in my career, and it describes the changes in my mindset as I went from charging $25 to $60 in the same chair (with the growth starting before I had a large instagram following). I really wish I could sit on phone calls with all of you, get tacos with all of you, host free classes every day, and do all kinds of wonderful things to help anyone who wants whatever I can offer- but I sometimes (usually) can't do any of that... So please read @ADHbook if you feel stuck in your career or want some ideas about where you can put extra effort into growing your career. It might inspire you, or it might waste an hour of your day. Just know it's there if you want to read it. Thaaaanks

Some of my favorite hairs to work with are the ones that grow out of @Sokolum's head. She clearly has epic style and can pull off an unusual haircut, so when we start I throw most of the rules out the window and just start asking her what she wants to see each piece of her hairstyle do. This time we kept it tight and round above the ears through the crown, overdirected the front toward the back to leave weight for a solid fringe, then left the mullet disconnected at the sides but did a lot of slide cutting until it was broken up at the bottom. This was finished with a scrape of @ADHbrand #ADHwet
Huge thank you to @renjtown and @rj0rellana for loaning us the backdrop and strobe for this hair jam. I need to get a yellow backdrop for my studio now!

The most valuable part of a haircut is the time spent learning what a client really wants from their hair (not just hearing what they've been taught to ask for), teaching a client about how his or her hair works, aligning their expectations with the reality of what their hair can and can't do, and explaining concepts that we as hairdressers take for granted and forget that most people don't know. This was a collaborative cut with my friend @renjtown, he did the fade and I razor cut the top then styled it. As I styled @arman_alberto's hair I explained what the hairdryer was doing to it (it's not just made to dry hair) and showed him what role @ADHbrand #ADHdry plays in the finished look.
A good hairdresser changes your hair for the next few weeks, but a great one aims to change it for the rest of your life.

Do you ever scroll through your feed and see so many striking and flawless haircuts that they start to blur together? I've said many times that "good haircuts are boring" and I don't mean that "bad" haircuts are good, but that a good haircut just for the sake of doing another good good haircut- is vanilla. It's expected. But a haircut (good or bad) that makes you rethink what a haircut can be or how it can be approached is interesting. Aim to inspire, educate, and even sometimes entertain through an image of your haircut (or the caption under it) and you won't get lost in the sea of good haircuts. That's right, very very talented people get overlooked because they're blending into a massive crowd of other very very talented people with nothing to differentiate them because they're simply doing very good haircuts. Check out Simon Sinek's content about "start with why" (he's got a book, several YouTube videos, probably a podcast) and figure out WHY you are doing such good haircuts, then aim to translate that. It doesn't matter how fire your fades are, it matters why you're doing them (that's why someone who doesn't cut as good as you might have a lot more success than you). Also, while I'm thinking about all this, follow and get to know @passionsquared, she gets this stuff and explains it better than I do.
Ps: I'm not saying don't post, and I'm not saying you shouldn't try to do good haircuts. I'm just trying to explain that success and talent aren't as closely related as many would like to believe. Intent, passion, courage, etc has more to do with success than talent.

Rock and/or roll 🤘😎🤘

A light shape up and a lot of bulk removed from @hairbyjessielee's hair as she grows it out. Blow dried some then finished with @ADHbrand #ADHdry

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