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Andrew Brophy  Professional Skateboarder•Car Addict•GoPro•Co-owner of Wayward Wheels•Cons•🐻•Husband•Father•🇦🇺-🌏•Tensor•

One for the books , one for the family , one for the love of skateboarding , one for all the friendships made ❤️. Thanks to everyone that came out for the evening even if for the cold free beer 🍻. Thanks for everything @girlskateboards 🛐🚺✊🏼😊

I'm not super good with words and all that , but this is a straight up dream come true .
Back in the day I would use my lunch money to put @girlskateboards shirts on lay-buy at the local surf/skate shop and it would take me forever to get them😂... never in a million years did I imagine I would have my name on one of there boards , stand next to some of the heaviest names in skateboarding and be lucky enough to hang .
I'm chuffed , honoured, and so stoked to be this lucky !!! Follow your dream right 😘, thank you @girlskateboards and anyone that's ever had my back especially you @brogan_emma ❤️Your all the best . #dreamsdocometrue #girlskateboards #formyfamily #skateboarding

When in doubt fly it out 😂🐣, 📷 @bonelesszine

👀 THE REASON FOR GLOBAL WARMING is this fućkn jacket, make sure you have cold beer with it 🍻at all times @waywardwheels @waywardwheels #shitshot #fuckmegetcoldbeer #waywardwheels #wwc #

Went Easter egg hunting today and found some real good eggs 😂.. Sunday funday , Monday sore day hahaha. @waywardwheels 📷 @bonelesszine #conversecons #waywardwheels #grizzlygang

Let's get Sunday hopping !!!! Just got a triple shot latte about to fire it up 😂..... @waywardwheels @converse_cons @waywardwheels @grizzlygriptape @gopro #waywardwheels #gopro #sundaysession

Weakdays was a good time , we ate sandwiches and went to a hockey game and watched a punch 🤛🏼 up 😂 can't ask for any more ...... @converse_cons @waywardwheels @ooomanchildooo @seanmalto @skiduls @yonniecruz #weakdays #waywardwheels #conversecons @mikeomeally @danny_montoya

COLOURS make me happy , the night time dance with the #A8L #audiaustralia #audi #vorsprungdurchtechnik @audiaustralia

Just a little more sauce please , we can never get enough 😂.... @lucaspuig @dennisbusenitz2 @pete_eldridge #waywardwheels #wwc #fizzywater

I'll have 2 sugars with my coffee and a biscuit officer ......... @bonelesszine

Pre run in with the Campus Police who were on there high 🐴🙅🏼‍♂️ and not feeling the Australian - 📷 @samsklub @converse_cons @waywardwheels @gopro @goproanz @grizzlygriptape

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