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Andrew Atha Edwards 

I saw this on Boyde’s desk the last time I visited. I knew what it meant right away. It was his time. I didn’t really want to acknowledge this sign. It meant another shift in my life I wasn’t ready for. A reliable source of positive energy I fed off of, one that helped center myself, and realize the truest of perspectives. Emotion was inevitable for me as I read this message he had set out undoubtedly to be seen. To know Boyde was to know that his wit was timely- this message was important to him, planned out, and that he wanted his death to carry this outlook alone. I found strength in this perception and knew that I had a responsibility. It was what he wanted, so honor it. Pay it forward the same way he paid it forward with me.
On Wednesday plans to go visit him one last time we’re cut short by a text. I felt lonely and sick of the heart. I lost it at times but the friends I know picked me up higher than I deserve. I buried my head in good deeds (and CrossFit) instead of my own sorrows and took the initiative to be kind more than normal. Ive missed that old man every day since, but I let him go and I know that at last his soul is free.

There was a day I seriously thought I’d never do any of this again. @vazlopesphoto with the artwork. God with the miracle.

Friday Night Lights has been special this year. I’m just fortunate to be apart of it. Email @ashleytrentphotography at ashleytrentphotography@gmail.com for your photos if you'd like to purchase. #doitfortheroe

The problem is not that you don’t have what it takes...the problem is you don’t understand sometimes it’s going to take everything you got- @inkyjohnson

Moments like this leave you with an entirely different perspective. Never take for granted what you have in your life. Not for one single day.

Amount of love I got for these guys takes a lifetime to build. Good stuff today throwing back to our glory days. Still got it.

Today I asked the man, how are you always so happy? His response without any reservation...because I choose to be.

Nothing to really brag about, but I finally hit a 200 snatch. Thank you @matt_hooksgrip for teaching me how to lift and @douggie32 for pushing me out my comfort zone. Growth is such an amazing feeling. Here’s to much more of it.

Boyde and I made a deal to go to lunch once a week no matter what. On our last trip we placed a wager on the bill. First one to make it eats free. Needless to say I paid the bill. 90 years old and hit his second shot 🤷🏼‍♂️ He didn’t even know it went in

Just a little bit excited about the #communityclassic tomorrow...probably lifting too much weight with @matt_hooksgrip. Too much fun not to 🤷🏼‍♂️

Righteous Forevermore

When you go so far back that nothing changes...

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