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Sometimes it's just good to sit on the front porch and analyze your hedges

I wish we could take vacations every single weekend cause I hate feeling stuck inside a tiny little box.

Had a bad day yesterday. Beautiful thing is there was another day today and i did my best to make the most of it. Hit that @pineywoodsbarbell with my boy Brandon. We worked through close grip power snatch, power clean + splits on catch, 1rm power snatch, and Chinese squats (Those suck) #waittilifinishpaintingthatwall #shoutout @nessaandherpitties for the sweet stros socks and @elliottsondag for the sweet godfather bail bond shirt. And @joshuapsims for flexing in there and helping me to realize that I'm not the most pale ginger in the gym, conroe or the world. #herestotomorrow #makeyourownluck

When it's done right, there's nothing else in the world I'd rather eat.

If you listen to the video you will hear @uglegend motivating me , building confidence, and setting the tone. His presence is always a blessing to me in the gym. If you watch the whole video you will see @matt_hooksgrip coaching me immediately through his perspective. He has a gift. This guy has an eye for barbell movement like no one I have ever been around and has helped me immensely with my lifts in a short period of time. This particular lift was important to me because I have not full snatched more than 155lbs after my hip replacement. I have never full snatched more than 170 lbs in my entire life. This was much easier than any of those reps and it was 195lbs. There was a day I never thought I would ever in my life snatch 225. Now I know I will snatch more in due time. I can't tell enough people how valuable our @pineywoodsbarbell can be for any athlete in any sport. #crossfit #weightlifting #baseball #football #basketball Technique is everything. This is not just for advanced lifters. We want everybody. We can train anybody. It could be said with my hip that I shouldn't be doing any of this. I say that it foolish. I don't believe in limitations. Nothing else I have done after surgery has helped me more. My body is fixing itself through lifting correctly and I can not tell you how good it is both mentally and for my soul. #team #culture #camraderie #efficiency #production #weallin #joinus

I'm aightttttt. You know what I'm saying. #shesmiling #allofme #therealest

I love green sauce and coffee

I think she loves her new daddy.

Loving all the positional work we have been doing in our @pineywoodsbarbell program. Feeling a difference already with some solid advice from @matt_hooksgrip ...long story short I was protecting my hip still unknowingly and lacking extension/ glute engagement. My split jerk was also garbage and he told me push only till I get that right. My glutes have been feeling the difference. Went and got worked on by @mobilitychiro with Clayton this week and feel more fluidity in my hip than I have in a long time. Thanks for that dude! Things starting to come together. I love this process. Had to get my chucks in the shot. Shout @converse send me a free pair. Size 9. Come join us on the platforms this week, but only if you want results. Big things coming I promise.

Justified. 🚀

Me: we gotta get stronger Anthony: mmhhhmmm

Every once in a while you hear one of those songs that gets you feeling something deeper than you usually do. You basically blast it on repeat for weeks until it's played out, but in that moment it is your life you know. This one by @judahandthelion (I had no idea who they even were) just gave me so much perspective instantly, I'm sharing it. I am guilty of insecurities. I truly don't express enough, I get in a bad mood too often, and I'm a hater way more than I ever should be. I heard this one on Sirius radio (perks of getting an new truck) and instantly searched it on you tube where a lyrical video popped up. My whole week turned up since. The message was real. I don't know why I make life so serious sometimes and why I even put pressure on myself to the point of not being in a good mood? In the end...We are all gonna die one day. Might as well live your life happy and enjoy beautiful days like this one ✌🏻️

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