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Andrew Adams  Pretty much anything with wheels or an engine. 👍Oregon 🌲🍻 Snapchat: andrew_skylar

Such an awesome weekend in Bend for Hunters birthday. Got to see old friends and make some new ones, can't thank Hunter and Meghan enough for having me up! Got to see the Gary Allen concert and visit some really cool places in Bend. Gonna have to make a trip back again soon!

Still not sure how I ended up stuck with Archer lol. He's pretty much Arya's best friend though, I could never get rid of the little asshole.

My life. Every night lol. This dog is to much 🙄😅

I made a friend on the boat, this dog rides with the driver every day🐶

Any day at Walkabout is a good one.

Met my spirit animal today😂 I need to add a couple goats to my house, they're awesome!

I really need to go back to a bigger bike, probably sell the Grom if anyone is interested.

When she gets bored at walkabout.. 🙄

My fur child is 2 years old today lol. Probably going to spoil her with a trip to grange for new toys and ice cream at dairy queen. 😂🐶

Not sure if my dog is making me look bad or good?

Someone is ready to ride lol.

First time I've been fishing in years! Weekend at Willow lake was awesome. Got spoiled on Cas's boat, pretty much always had a fish on or were setting up to get a line back in the water.

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