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Dusk on Huckleberry Creek.

Little cliff jumps back in June.

Out on a log with my dog during this crazy smog. #djimavic

Super good weekend.


July 4 2017 21:38

Never gets old.

🌌 Really nice time in the woods last night.

I've been creatively constipated lately and needed to just make a thing so I can push past it. I crashed my Phantom 3s recently so I was finally able to pull the trigger on the Mavic. Not a ton of footage here cause I was nervously cautious on its maiden voyage but I'm so excited to have this tool now. I bought the drone, drove up to the mountains and let the dog play in the river while I played with my toys. Awkward color treatment, sad music, and mash up of 3 different formats. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ I just needed to make something.
Sony A7
iPhone 7 Plus
DJI Mavic Pro
Music: Axletree - "Goodnight Esme (Instrumental)"

Woke up in a hydrocodone haze at 5:14 the morning after my knee surgery (7.08) and noticed an orange glow through my small curtained window. Hobbled out in the already warm summer air and stared in drugged out awe at this display. (I can't wait to be able to move again.)

Best part of waking up is silly yawning from your pup. #OlyAtka

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