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Andrew Holmes  165 lb Classic Raw Powerlifter 589/352/606 1548 Next meet: 22nd St Barbell USPA Open

I've never really posted about what I get at the grocery store.. here's an idea of what I get normally. Added a few veggies in there that I won't eat for the gram 😏. 5 weeks out! #22BBOpen

When you can pull anything off the floor but can't lock out πŸ™ƒ these actually get particularly good. Thx 4 da sik angles @addpetersen 😘. #22BBOpen @22ndstbarbell

Before da gram 🍨 Before da belly 😍

Came in and did my speed deadlifts that I was supposed to do after squats yesterday πŸ™ƒ. 8x2 365 lbs + green bands which made the lockout fuckin hard. Cool. I like this feature on Instagram now as well. #22BBOpen @22ndstbarbell

Definitely my best work set of the night in terms of depth and speed. This was my third set of 4x3 @ 515 lbs. #22BBOpen @22ndstbarbell @uspapower

First day back in wraps went amazing! 515 4x3 & 1x3+ (shown). Got a little dark on the last rep πŸ™‚ @bridgeford242 @addpetersen

Not the best bench day for me but they can't all be walks in the park. 6 weeks out! #22BBOpen @addpetersen

I ain't above a gym swelfie #LiftWeightsEatCakes #FlexFriday #BikiniPrep

Can't live a full life on an empty stomach.

Staying conservative on my AMRAP sets to really focus on form. Ended up with 8 reps at 350 after 6x3. Followed that up by working up to a 4rm on my snatch grip block pulls. #22BBOpen
@outlawlaboratory @bridgeford242 @isuweightclub @22ndstbarbell

Worked up to 300x3 for 2 sets. Had trouble staying tight on the first set. Overall pleased. @jaranrutledge @elitebenchpress

12 oz steak and a sweet potato for my post workout meal.