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Andrew Holmes  75/82.5 kg 165/181 lb Classic Raw Powerlifter 589/352/606 1548 @ 165

Found this app to be a pretty useful tool. So today I decided to work up to a beltless single to find some percentages to work off of. First set is 345, second is 365, and the last is 385. Staying tight is so important! Look at the difference between the 2nd and 3rd video. I hit my true raw max basically but was able to maintain better bar path by simply staying tight. Next week we start with 8s paused.

Oh haiiii πŸ‘ @bridgeford242

465x1 @ rip my ego. Wasn't the day I expected but doing one is still fun 🀣. Fml ok bye.
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Gonna throw on wraps for a few heavy sets tomorrow for fun. What should I hit? Heavy triple? Double? I'm thinking upper 400's low 500's depending on how well I do lol. @titanpower81

Tag a friend who doesn't train legs πŸ‘€ #LiftWeightsEatCakes

First time back deadlifting in too long. 405 and 455 for singles on a stiff bar. Weight got in front of me both times pretty good. Brought my feet in slightly on my stance to get into a better starting position. I think I'll move my stance in a tad bit more next session though.


It always says something when a company writes you a personal thank you note with your purchase. Be sure to hit up @wagepl for the deals! Thanks @mac_mansports @mansports

315x3x3 w/ altered stances. Which do you think was the fastest/look the most efficient? I'm playing around with my stance a bit since I've worked on my hip mobility a bit recently.
1st set was a shoulder width stance.
2nd set was slightly wider than my normal competition stance.
3rd set was much wider than the first two sets, but not considered "wide" by the general community. Any input is appreciated.

*Insert caption about dressing up and not wearing gym clothes*

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@officialtommyguns with an easy set of 480lbs x 5 reps beltless.

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(Body weight a fat offseason 180) 480lbs x 5 raw beltless my last set of too many sets πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” @andrew_holmes165 #magnibarbell

#FlexFriday ? ? It works. πŸ‘πŸ½

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