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Congrats to @erinkidd_ and everyone else who graduated tonight! It's great having you in my Sunday school class. You're going to do great at UofL

Guess there's a 1st time for everything, had my 1st flat tire today. Thankfully I was able to get it plugged and be on my way

I think Jack likes the Spider-Man uncle gave him

Cycling has become my latest gym addiction. Doing cardio day like a boss

Visited the Capital/Capitol today. In this case, both spellings are accurate

Pretty excited about my find tonight while browsing around a collectibles store

Loving my new rice cooker. Experimented in the kitchen earlier and it actually turned out ok. Fried cod and brown rice with steamed spinach & carrots. Added bonus: made enough rice for tomorrow's lunch

You know you did a good job babysitting your nephew this morning when the momma bear gives a thumbs up lol

That moment when someone has a nearly identical username #ImpostorsUse2Underscores

I'm not one to post about my workouts on social media, but today I'll make an exception as this is one of those days I can see some clear progress. A month ago running a mile was a struggle even without incline. Today I hit a new personal best going 2 miles at an incline. That progress just encourages me to keep pushing

Stopped by the library after work today. Excited to read this collection

My parents absolutely nailed it this Christmas! A Fran Tarkenton jersey (I've wanted one for years) and an issue of Sports Illustrated from the #Vikings 1973 season when they made it to the Super Bowl

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