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Andrew Burr  Misadventures of the Wasatch and Beyond. I have a big fancy camera that makes pretty pix but sometimes its nice to keep it simple #iphoneonly *mostly


Finally after all these years I made the cover of a Climbing Magazine! #lifegoals. See that small little green spec belaying at the bottom? Yup that's me, ha! But it counts though right?, as I'm the same size as the climber... And I think this qualifies as a selfie too? I sent the camera up on a nearby cliff with an intervalometer shooting one photo every minute for the duration of the approach and climb which took hours. #slowasfuck #scotland

Too. Much. Fun. @pkingsbury with the fresh angle, @miahwatt approves. #summertimedebauchery #utah

06.18.2017 - Pinyon Peak 7720' #peakbaggingwiththegirls #EastTinticMountains #utah

The circus was in town today! @mason_earle & @pkingsbury with the send but where was the @offwidtharmy? #summertimedebauchery #utah

I should've been killed. That's what I tumbled down (triple gainer style) and this is where I stopped, thankfully, with much more of the same below me. Jacked full of adrenaline, I looked up and wanted to puke. I was so disappointed with myself and so utterly amazed that I was still alive. I think the fall was about 30-40' but honestly I'm not sure, it was so violent I have no idea when I actually broke my hand. I still don't know how or why I survived. I'm still processing it all but for now I'll take it as a poignant reminder to not do stupid shit. #duh #unexceptable #shouldntbealive #somuchfortraining #pakistan2017 #KDlove

Public service announcement - remember to be careful out there this summer and tell someone where you're going! I did neither and know better. A week ago Monday I shattered my thumb and wrist in an inexcusable fall near the summit of Mt. Nebo. Long story short, I was standing/squatting on a rocky ridge pulling up boulders and tossing them on the snowpack to assess the stability. Well the top of one of the rocks I was pulling out unexpectedly broke off sending me backwards off a nasty cliff upside down. I bounced several times over the next 30-40'. The hand took the brunt of it, my ego the rest. The descent and 11 mile walk back to the truck was less than awesome. #shouldntbealive #somuchfortraining #pakistan2017 #KDlove

For nearly 60 years residents of Ft. Bragg dumped their trash in the ocean. Thankfully that practice stopped long ago, but the impact of those actions remain visible to this day. What's done is done. I think it's pretty and somewhat unique but is it beautiful? #onemanstrash #puzzleseries #california

Recycled dreams 12 ounces at a time. #puzzleseries #california

Wow, I never knew Nebo was so amazing! Gorgeous morning run up Wasatchs' highest. #sogood. Thank you to the Forest Service for being lazy so I couldn't; bonus 7 miles of pavement behind the locked gate to get to the trailhead this morning. #didntfindthegoldenglasses. Kind of had a mini epic on the way down, maybe I'll write about it later. #430slowasfuck #runningwithpointythings #training #didireallyjustsaythat? #pakistan2017 #KDlove

Well the boy finally did it! Congrats @alexhonnold - I'll drink a beer for you! Much love brother, but what's up with your shorts?!

Doing my best to stay stoked on life and all the new possibilities. Windy mountain summits sure do help! #fuckyafriday

After nearly 2 decades I finally popped my Timpanogos cherry via The Timp Traverse. #sogood. S➡️N, from Nunn's Park up Lost Creek Canyon and out Cold Fusion to Timpooneke. #430slowasfuck #runningwithpointythings #training #didireallyjustsaythat? #pakistan2017 #KDlove

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