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• M 3 • @martin_gregory - I may have to do another of this man

• M 2 • full portrait of @martin_gregory - really enjoyed working on this one

• M • portrait of @martin_gregory in graphite and pen

• K 3 • took my time with this one of @kylekrieger - all good things take time!

• K 2 • spending the day doing what I love - creating this piece of @kylekrieger was a joy!

• K • portrait of @kylekrieger in this Valentine’s Day - mixing it up today and going back to what I know, graphite.

• E 3 • love love loved doing this portrait of @ericradford85 - I think another will have to be done!

• E 2 • portrait of @ericradford85 - hunk and hero!

• E • What a champ! Congrats to @ericradford85 - portrait done in mixed media (for sale 18X24 )

• C 3 • its always a joy to create art about fellow artist - supporting one another is the best reward, and a community of artists is always better than standing alone.

• C 2 • multiple sketches of @charlesauclair - a great man, and always love working from his images

• C • graphite sketch of @charlesauclair - graphite is my first love

• E • I can’t wait for the collaboration with @gaptoothb and to see what type of work we get up to!

• E • @gaptoothb makes my work grow, by making me work harder and become comfortable with not only the work I produce, but myself. I’ve started the journey of confidence

• E • first of three portraits of @gaptoothb A dear friend and fellow artist, who I admire so much with how free he is with his work!!

• D • quick pen sketch of @alt_dan_ / profile shot - more to come with this man

Link Is In Bio - Half Way There!!! So thankful for the support!! Help me get this project to its goal! There are so many great rewards, and the book is on Pre Sale for cheaper than it will retail for!!

• D • pen sketch of @alt_dan_ in @zebrapen_usa / playing with hair and textures today

• R 3 • the third portrait of @ryanpfluger - I can’t wait for you to get all three of these! 📸

• R • portrait number 2 of @ryanpfluger who is one of my biggest inspirations in life, achievement and craft! Thanks for making me work harder

• R Y A N • a photographer that’s work really is truly amazing! @ryanpfluger has always inspired the images I work from and has inspired me to get to know my subjects I draw and work from - and that has allowed me to get comfortable to share my story.

• M I L K 3 • a handsome hottie and a truly free spirited man, @bigandmilky has truly helped me get better at self expectance!

• M I L K 2 • a quick portrait of @bigandmilky - a diamond or Insperation

• M I L K • first of three portraits of @bigandmilky done all in @zebrapen_usa . A man that has taught me how to embrace yourself, and do you!

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