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Andrey Yudevych  Electrical and Smart house designer. All photos are i-phoned, squared and hdr-ed by me.

My little son writes a letter to the Almighty.
If you have the opportunity to write a letter to God, what would you ask? Let's say one request, the most intimate... Such a difficult problem. Ask for something universal, let's say bread to all hungry, or something personal, like a good mark on exam? Call for something abstract, say luck, or insist on anything real, for example on a specific amount of money? Wow, it's easy to get confused. Even if you reject a mercantile spirit and ask for a global good - will God hear such a request?.. Who am I for God? Mosquito on ass! Why does God need to heed my request? How does it stand out from the millions of others?
How many times have I told my son that I love him? Thousands. And how many times have I told God that I love HIM? To count on fingers one hand will be enough. Yeah, the score isn't in my favor. But if it is vice versa, will God like such a disposition? I don't think so. So where is the way out?! My little boy is writing a letter to God. I’d give the half of my life to know what he is asking. Another half – to perform what is in his note.
Мой маленький сын пишет письмо Всевышнему.
А если бы у вас была возможность написать письмо Богу, о чем бы вы попросили? Положим, одну просьбу, самую сокровенную... Сложная проблема. Просить нечто всеобщее, допустим хлеба голодающим; или что-то личное, типа хорошую оценку на экзамене? Взывать о чем-то абстрактном, скажем об удаче; или настаивать на реальном, к примеру на весьма конкретной сумме денег? Легко запутаться. Даже если отбросить всякую меркантильность и просить о глобальном добре – услышит ли Бог такую просьбу?.. Кто я для Бога? Комар на заднице! Почему Бог должен внять моей просьбе? Чем она выделяется из миллионов других?
Сколько раз я сказал моему сыну, что люблю его? Тысячи. А сколько раз я сказал Богу, что люблю ЕГО? Если начать загибать пальцы, то одной руки будет достаточно. Да уж, счет не в мою пользу. Явно. Но если будет наоборот, понравится ли такой расклад Богу? Я не думаю. Так существует ли выход?! Маленький мальчик пишет письмо Богу. Пол жизни бы отдал, чтобы узнать, о чем он просит. Еще пол жизни - чтобы выполнить то, что в его записке...

Good palm Tel-Aviv morning. Have a nice weekend, dear friends...;) 🌴 «Синее, синее небо,
скоpо команда на взлет,
Ждет с нетерпением стаpта
y полосы самолет.
Ты мне шепни: "До свидания"
и не о чем не гоpюй.
Лyчше всех слов на пpощанье
нежно меня поцелyй.
Hy вот и все,
надо спешить тyда,
где завтpа ждyт
новые гоpода,
Hадо спешить,
чтобы однажды
снова веpнyться сюда.
Жаль, что с тобой так недолго
были мы вместе одни,
Hо никогда не забыть мне
эти счастливые дни.
Ты сохpани мое фото,
чтобы потом как-нибyдь,
В час, когда вдpyг одиноко,
кpаешком глаза взглянyть... Hy вот и все,
надо спешить тyда,
где завтpа ждyт
новые гоpода,
Hадо спешить,
чтобы однажды
снова веpнyться сюда.»

I feel it like a little injustice: I just started to live, and suddenly I discovered that she’s already grown up. Fantastic! But it’s now a matter of fact, and It must be accepted. Just wanted her to remember: in the room, with the name "SHE" there will be white flowers always stand. The smell of spring forest’s freshness, the pillows full of sweet children's dreams, her old dresses and toys, and everything that was dear, will wait for her forever, my love. Thank you, Lord, for the happiness of those days, in which my daughter was mine!

Early morning
I heard a dew drop
opening its white wings ;
each crack parted
a turning wave,
a frost bubbling over.
Within its eyes
the world was moving
in a daze.
About to explode
holding out to the sky
it coughed out a life:
a moist lick
on a coarse dry leaf.

A sad sunrise. Good morning, dear friends ...;)

“Just when you make your way back home
I find some time to be alone
I go to see the place once more
Just like a thousand nights before
I climb the stage again this night
'Cause the place seems still alive
When the smoke is going down

This is the place where I belong
I really love to turn you on
I've got your sound still in my ear
While your traces disappear

I climb the stage again this night
'Cause the place seems still alive
When the smoke is going down” 🌴🌴🌴 Good evening, dear friends...;)

Our nights that I remembered
Were more like waking up than remembering.
And minutes
Upon minutes
Of blank white pages
Were filled with incredibly heartbreaking lovely things.
The biggest shock
Was that a person,
Any person,
Could ever forget at al!l
It is odd how
I never could be still -
I'm paced like the lion I keep in a box.
Most people don’t even know
I have It, because
What would you say if someone told you
He kept a lion in a box?
But I feed it
Every morning at eight a.m.
I never forget!
Ironically even to say “I never forget”.
The man who forgot
Even his own face.
But I confess:
I do this a lot.
Since I got the she-lion
I fed her
Blue steaks,
Which I was told
Is the only food that satisfies
She-Lions in a box.
And I was made to believe it:
When she came first
I tried my best
Feed her only WORDS.
And believe you me
She nearly ate me!
So now
Blue steaks
Every morning at eight a.m.
I never forget...

I wish a nice weekend to you, dear friends...;)

Good evening, dear friends...;)

Another one rain. Good evening, dear friends...;)

Good morning, dear friends...;)

I like this secluded beach. The sea is calm and clean, beer is fresh and cheap, girls are beautiful and topless. What more one need for a perfect Saturday evening?...;) Have a nice weekend, dear friends...;))

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