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#worldhungerday Still can’t take selfies but the Michael Kors company will donate 100 meals to children in need through the United Nations @worldfoodprogramme for every selfie and T-shirt purchased 💛💛💛 thank for you generosity @michaelkors within the US (cc @godslovenyc )and abroad 🌸 #watchhungerstop

Din toate conversațiile pro referendum am înțeles că cei care vor să “protejeze constituția și familia tradiționala“ nu sunt homofobi. Probabil ca încă nu au înțeles ce înseamnă descriminarea. Familia este definita prin iubire. Sau cel puțin așa ar fi normal, firesc, tradițional. Nu prin familii monoparentale, mama singură sau un tată și o mama de bătaie cu două bunici, șamd. Dar nu vorbim despre asta acum, sau vreodată. Hai sa ne întoarcem la campania anti-familie gay. Pozele de mai sus sunt cu diverși amici de ai mei, unii cu familii, alți celibatari. Părinți incredibili, la fel și copiii lor. Imi oferă lecții de încredere, reziliență și inteligenta emoțională in fiecare zi. LGBQT — acronim/siglă pt viață, vindecare, soare, natura, armonie, spirit. Biserica nu e prezentă, spiritul este. Cam tot aia. Am înțeles că asta e o problema mare. Mulți l-au găsit pe dumnezeu, iar Dumnezeu nu vrea oameni gay. Mulți dintre prietenii mei gay sunt creștini, ortodoxi, catolici, ateisti etc. Religia n-are nicio treaba, dar observ ca asta este umbrela cu care mulți se apară de soarele LGBQT. Vreau să știu de ce consideri tu a ta datorie civică să votezi acum? Înainte de 89 eram considerați un popor pasiv, ecrasé par l’histoire. Fără pasiune. Bine ca ne-a găsit pasiunea și datoria civică acum. Încă nu prea ne trăim viața, însă ii spunem vecinului cum sa-și crească caprele in continuare. Descriminam pentru ca nu avem destulă iubire sau de ce? Am aflat, tot din aceste conversații că Darwin e doar un băiat cu opinii multe...fără nicio teorie “dovedită”. Știi vorba avocatului, citește orice înainte sa semnezi. Pune mâna pe carte, nu pe acatist înainte sa semnezi orice hârtie. O sa-ti prindă bine. Și ție și familiei tale! Și iubește fără frica! —— îmi pare rău dacă v-am ofensat, nu am nimic împotriva rugăciunii, dimpotrivă, însă dacă n-am da cu bătu’n balta la fiecare trei pași ne-am ruga mai puțin și poate am avea timp sa citim mai mult.

Besides the images and articles that influence cultural and fashion currents, the most important thing that @wsjmag and @kristina_oneill brought into our lives is an ability to foster and nurture rhizomic friendships. Her team manages to find the perfect chemistries time after time. I love my work so much more because of these friendships and I can’t express how grateful I am for every ounce of support you’ve given me. I admire your courage, brains, beauty and tacit ways and I am so so proud to be a part of anything you do! Same goes for you @pg_dmcasting @inezandvinoodh @georgecortina @magnus_berger (also, it was sweet to not have an interviewer ask us to pick between lipstick and lipgloss @andrewgoldmanwrites ) #wsjmag10


Happy birthday to my favorite girl and twins @emrophoto @thetr1ck I love you! 💕💕💕💕

It’s summaaaaaa’ time! Forever grateful @emmanuellealt @mario_sorrenti 💕💛❤️💕

Back in NYC, walking on cloud nine to the dog park IRL so here’s the new @michaelkors ad by @lachlanbailey @paulcavaco @rudilewis @markcarrasquillo @headshy @kylevanloo I’m so, so grateful to work play with all of you!

Flag me 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 🎥 @cassblackbird

Last week I went swimming and picked up plastic in the waves. It was sad and gross. A few days later I saw whales just a few feet off the shore. So many whales(as well as turtles, birds and other sea life) have died from plastic ingestion. As joyous as I was watching the whales play in the surf I couldn’t help think they soon might be found dead by either plastic or sound pollution. I’m applauding the town of Monmouth Beach(nj)for their measure, their plastic ban prohibits bags, straws and containers. Until your state/town/region follows, if you want to have an impact, reduce your own plastic usage by refusing plastic bags and bottles and choosing clothing made of cotton, hemp, wool and other natural fibers(vintage works too)The largest proportion of microplastics in the ocean, 35%, comes from synthetic textiles. When you wash clothing made from polyester, acrylic, lycra, spandex, fleece or nylon, between 600,000 and 17.7 million microfibers per wash come loose and end up in wastewater which then ends up in the food chain(they’re so tiny,filtration systems can’t grab them). Buy produce in bulk and if you’re feeling groovy write letters to the likes of @traderjoes who individually wrap each vegetable in 2 layers of plastic sometimes. Invest in a water filter bottle/coffee thermos and bring it everywhereeeeeee 💓❤️ and give hugs and smiles 💛 #maryoliver

Haven’t been paying much attention to this @flotus but this is horribly distasteful. The majority of the country is outraged by this abhorrent policy as well as Sessions and Trumps blame distribution on democratic laws and loopholes (Nielsen claims the law doesn’t exist and Sessions defends it with God of all things). The Flores decree existed under Obama and you could say it was a “pass for families” seeking asylum as children must be released after 20 days of immigrant detention(a federal judge applied this to families in 2016). The zero tolerance policy is something the Trump administration has full control over. Even if his hand was being forced the president undermines the law at will whenever it suits his personal or political agenda. Gaslighting an entire country into believing alone sobbing toddlers manhandled by officers deluded with power are in summer camps or that the dems want it this way seems like an insane thing to do in this day and age, but it seems to still be working. Utterly shameful that a first world country is setting this sort of merciless example. Set up a reminder now to vote in November.

Happiest on the water so hoping this dry spell ends from all these international surf day grams. Also, sponsor me @cisurfboards

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