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andrea russett  im the shit 🌻

gots a new tattoo but also became a tattoo artist. all in one day. a woman of many talents 😉 thank u @thatboyvince!!!!!! 🥳♥️

a bitch is falling apart

don’t tell joey or daniel but i’m moving into their backyard and living on this swing

click the link in my bio for a playlist i made for U! just u. u specifically reading this. yes u brittany. lmao what if ur name was brittany and u read that like “....... what the fuck”. let me kno if ur name is brittany. also seriously go listen to the playlist 😘

wassup bitches 🤩

like this pic if u love h2o too😤😤🥰💔💔💔😩😩💦💦💦 don’t worry guys i deleted the other photo i posted today so u don’t have to feel weird about liking two of my pictures in one day. it’s all good. like the fucking photo. :) LuLz

i don’t like the saying “it made me who i am” when speaking about unfortunate events. these things did not make me who i am. they altered me into something i never expected to be. the sleepless nights from paranoia over a break in. the self hatred and self doubt from unhealthy relationships. the automatic skepticism of new friends because of past ones. no, i am not “stronger” because of these events. I’m tired. theres not an optimistic bone in my body. I’m frustrated. and I’m tired of the misconception, that because i don’t like to make new friends and can be cold when meeting strangers, I’m a “bitch”. i am hurting and healing like everyone else on this planet. there are so many things in every persons past that leave never ending repercussions. so be kind. just be kind to everyone you meet, whether or not they show it back. healing can take on some ugly forms.

straightened hair ¿


she loves a turtle neck 🐢

celebrate ya body! 🌻

validate me

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