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hey. it's me. ur local psychopath. i just covered my entire face in glitter for a video. i also decided that if the video hits 100k thumbs up i'll cover my entire body in glitter next. some people just want to watch the world burn. i am clearly one of them. click the link in my bio to watch!

i don't know how to tell u this.... but i time traveled back to 2009. just kidding. but i did upload a video recreating my old make up look (pictured here). i know, i'm scared too. click the link in my bio if you're brave. ps. RAWR xD

i had a bad day. so i took a bath. the end.

straight from snapchat. add me to see all my shenanigans @/andwizzle


an icon. a goddess. a voice for all nap takers around the world. who's excited to see @colympios on #ApologiesInAdvance!? 🍺🌹

happy friday my friends.

if i'm being honest here i'm just posting this photo so i don't post too many selfies of myself in a row πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ wouldn't mind time traveling back to this weekend tho. would not mind at all πŸ‘»


everybody is always trying to hit the center of the bullseye, but sometimes u miss. and the outcome can still be beautiful. (this is me giving my shitty art a deep meaning) i grew up painting a lot with my family, and i used to love to paint real object like flowers and people but after awhile it feels too technical and routine. so i've been just playing with paint and making a mess and enjoying every second of it until i figure out what's next.

hi. this is gonna be a really long and serious caption. don’t feel like u have to read it, i just felt like someone might find value in it. - i go through these dumb ups and downs with self love. i go months with hating myself, not just the way i look but the way i talk, the way i laugh, the choices i make or don’t make, everything. i start comparing myself to any and everyone around me, i focus more on what i haven't don't rather than the things i've accomplished. it becomes all i can think about and consumes my whole life. its kind of like a big dark cloud that overtime gets harder and harder to see through. its really easy to lose sight of reality and just focus on your own toxic and illogical thoughts. its hard to grab that little bit of clarity you have left and hold onto it. I’ve been trying to write out my thoughts (like this) in an effort to get them out of my brain and put somewhere else. I’m also trying to be more open and honest with myself about the things i think. i have a bad habit of just ignoring it and telling myself im just having a bad day and being dramatic. but its okay to admit that you are struggling. its a lot easier to find a solution once you acknowledge that theres a problem. i don’t think we all understand just how important and crucial self love is. it won’t come over night like the negative thoughts can, but if you work at it and just focus on one new thing about yourself everyday to fall in love with, you’d be surprised how much of a difference can be made. loving yourself is the best medicine you can take. don’t let the worlds unrealistic expectations rob you of self love. you deserve to be happy with yourself. nobody can love you the way you can. we are all here for a different reason, please don't compare yourself to anyone. one persons success will never lessen yours. and one persons beauty will never take away from your. i hope this made even a little sense and helped someone not be so hard on themselves πŸ™ƒπŸ’—

remember my really old and REALLY cringey youtube videos from like 2009? i did a video reacting to them.... and it's scary....... click the link in my bio at ur own risk 🍭

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