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Andrea Morales β™ŽπŸ•‰β˜ͺ️ 

Meditation has been a long time calling me but I've never considered myself persistent enough or my practice deep enough.
This week alone I've been exposed to all kinds of meditation teachings, mantras, mudras, conversations, music, readings and people who embrace all these and willingly share their ways of actively taking ownership of this practice. After having a life altering experience a few years ago my perspective on life completely changed, I saw myself in a light I had never before, it was so bright and shocking I could barely handle it and my body and mind broke down in order to cope with my new reality. You could say I was awake and I was aware, I was channeling energy in a way that was far beyond what I ever imagined possible and it was all a bit too much to handle. The integration process after taught me to take life slowly, to stop and be present and become conscious of my actions, in a way to practice an active mediation throughout life. Fast forward a few years into the future and a lot has changed, my life, my job, my body, my friends, my surroundings but most importantly my internal world. The light seems to dim more and more often when I get lost in the swing of life and I often reminisce and wish to go back to that state of full immersion. I can't. So. This is where I stand today- looking into myself and hoping I can slowly continue to learn from my experiences, not just my past but from the constant search for that expansive place of consciousness. Closing my eyes in the middle of the day ~ listening to the signals along the way ~ responding to a calling from within πŸ•‰ :
I've set a calling for myself to meditate daily for 11 minutes. I learned the Kirtan Kriya and I am incorporating that for at least 3 mins a day! How do you answer the calling to meditation? I'd love to learn new ways and even hold each other accountable so share if you feel called to do so πŸ–€

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This beautiful lady and I got to spend a lot of time together over the past week ❀️
At first she growled and turned away every time I tried petting her then eventually she would be so excited she'll put her belly up and look at me like this πŸ‘†πŸΌ I read to her for a little the other night and she wasn't very impressed but in a moment I was taken by an Upanishad passage that says:

Those who see all creatures in themselves and themselves in all creatures know no fear.
Those who see all creatures in themselves and themselves in all creatures know no grief.
How can the multiplicity of life delude the one who sees from its unity?

Thanks for all the kisses Ppoppo! πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’• #dogsofinstagram #ppoppo #kisses #ishaupanishad

...And so she allows things to fall where they may, and like leaves falling, she sees the patterns and knows what she must keep and what she must shift... ...And in the shifting tides, she allows herself the time she needs to heal. She makes a healing salve out of all her worries and abides marveling the perfection within the imperfection... #mysticmamma #fallingintofall #yogajourney #sideplank #vashistasana #vashistasanavrksasana #lightandshadow #virgomoon #healinglight #yogainspiration

The Self is the sun shining in the sky,
The wind blowing in space; he is the fire
At the altar and in the home the guest;
He dwells in human beings, in gods, in truth,
And in the vast firmament; he is the fish
Born in water, the plant growing in the earth,
The river flowing down from the mountain.
For this Self is supreme!
Katha II.2.2

#upanishads #journeytohappiness #gratefulheart #oceandrive #sanpedro

Happy Birthday @lilaleeyoga I am grateful for you always β€οΈπŸ’œπŸ’š #cpyjoblove #birthdaylove πŸ“Έcred: @1lilbrowngal

Sunday πŸ•‰
Started by teaching the yoga quickly followed by teaching more of the yoga then on to taking the yoga [break for food+fam+nap] following by taking more of the yoga and now on to read+post about all the yoga πŸ™πŸΌ I'll do more of that this week, cause this Sept challenge is real! Thanks @amandalynn134 @geronimojaz @lana_the_lion @halfdozenmama for teaching me all the yoga today! πŸ’ž

@corepoweryoga Redondo ~

Tuesday 10:00am Sculpt

Tuesday 12:00pm C2

Wednesday 9:00am C2

Wednesday 8:15pm HPF

Friday 3:00pm HPF

Friday 8:15pm HPF

Sunday 10:30am HPF

@corepoweryoga Torrance ~

Wednesday 4:00pm HPF

Thursday 8:00am HPF

Friday 9:15am C2

Saturday 8:15am HPF

@soulfitnessla Redondo Beach ~
Thursday 4:30pm Power Vinyasa

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Post πŸŒ• full moon feels: As of late I've been feeling empty and it's taken me a long time to realize that is a good thing to feel ✨
Thus it is said:
The path into the light seems dark,
the path forward seems to go back,
the direct path seems long,
true power seems weak,
true purity seems tarnished,
true steadfastness seems changeable,
true clarity seems obscure,
the greatest art seems unsophisticated,
the greatest love seems indifferent,
the greatest wisdom seems childish.

The Tao is nowhere to be found.
Yet it nourishes and completes all things.

#light #emptiness #clarity #laotzu #fullmoon #sunandmoon #wisdom #meditationsonintentionandbeing
P.s never underestimate the power of a nice shower

The Integratron πŸŒ„ πŸ“Έ cred: @amandalynn134 .
#integratron #soundbath #soundhealing #parabolic #sacredgeometry

This is Amanda πŸ’• She's bae, she also drove a long way today to take us to the desert where we got to soothe and harmonize our frequencies through crystal bowls while being bathed under an acoustically perfect sound chamber ✨ She's also pretty perfect right here in her tree pose and also my teenage brother's favorite yoga instructor of all time. She's a smart and talented human with a great ass to match her personality, I just love that I can call her my Omie and that I can make her smile from time to time ❀️ Oh yeah and that I can take her sculpt class this Thurs! @amandalynn134 πŸ™πŸΌ

Grateful for Sundays β˜€οΈ
Happy Birthday Nikki πŸ’•

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✨This board is so magical ✨ πŸ–€HPF + Posture Breakdown + OM Circle will be filled with so much illumination πŸ–€

Can't wait to dive into some yoga knowledge with @lilaleeyoga @natab0mb
See you there @laurendillpickle @oakadnerb
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