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Andrea Somera  Priscilla Queen of the Desert tickets: celebrationtheatre.com @saketomepodcast


Don’t really know what I did to deserve this beautiful man here but he surprised me at our opening gala last night. Also, what an amazing privilege to have been able to perform for the original Cynthia! This show truly is something special and I am the luckiest lady to be part of it. #priscillainla #ctpriscilla #lathtr

Dolled up for gala night for Priscilla at @celebrationthtr! Also this dress didn’t fit a month ago and now it does woohoo #tarteamazonianclay #nyxcosmetics #selfie

Cynthia in da house! Gearing up for our final preview! Link to tickets in bio. #pingpongchamp #ctpriscilla #priscillainla

OKAY 😍😍😍

This serves as a double post because previews for Priscilla Queen of the Desert begin tonight and a new episode of @saketomepodcast is out! Link to Priscilla tickets in bio, and visit the Sake to Me Instagram to take a listen! #ctpriscilla #priscillainla #vsco #vscocam #lathtr

Mae Koo photography capturing this fierceness! Get your tickets now for Priscilla Queen of the Desert! I’m beyond lucky and grateful to be part of something so empowering and magical. #priscillainla #ctpriscilla #priscillaqueenofthedesert #lathtr #celebrationtheatre

I got a dope cut today from @bawesomepal GO SEE HER FOR HAIR! 💙

Happy to work along such talented, strong women! Can’t believe Priscilla previews begin so soon! 💙 #ctpriscilla #priscillainla #divas #lathtr

Beauty and the Beast officially closed this past Sunday however my official closing was the previous Sunday. I wanted to write a few words about how incredible this experience was. I’ve said this so many times but ever since I was a little girl I’ve wanted to be a Disney princess but never had that representation on screen or stage that made me believe that dream could become a reality. But thanks to @casa0101 and the amazing team at @tnhproductionco I was able to breathe life into a princess that I’ve admired since I was a little girl. Not only did this experience bring me that, one of the biggest takeaways was that I was given a voice. I was given a voice to speak on the issues that mattered to me such as the lack of representation in the entertainment industry and to encourage other children and adults out there that there are no boundaries. As challenging as this experience was at times, it reminded me of the fire I have to create change and to be represented as a hero. I will hold this in my heart throughout my career and any challenges I will face. I couldn’t be more thankful. #bbvirtualguest #beautyandthebeast #belle #asianbelle #casa0101 📷: @angierangie16

LA Ovation Awards 2017! So proud of this guy and the entire cast of Next to Normal at @eastwestplayers! @lastagealliance update: They won best musical (large theater) and I am SO FUCKING PROUD

When the wig master places the wig on you and says this wig was worn by Mary Wilson of the Supremes. Beyond thankful for this experience and channeling my inner diva. Priscilla Queen of the Desert coming soon in February! #priscillainla #ctpriscilla #diva

Throwing it back to the first fitting of this beautiful gown. We’ll be featured on KTLA tonight at 11 pm! Can’t wait to get back at it tonight and I can’t believe this is my last full weekend of shows. It’s been an incredible and fulfilling ride. I love this work so much. #beautyandthebeast #casa0101 #asianbelle

Throwing it back to the first steps to bringing Belle to life. I can’t wait to be back on that stage this weekend and do what I love. Link to tickets in bio!

Snippets of this beautiful year I’ve had. From starting off the year with a webseries, cutting and donating my hair, skydiving, reprising Eve, playing Belle. And to top it all off, being able to make incredible memories with my amazing boyfriend. Guys, this year was wonderful. And I’m so thankful I got to start off this year with Aladdin, end the year with Beauty and the Beast, and start off the year with the show. If I can make any promise to myself in 2018, it’s that I keep that hunger in my heart to keep creating for something greater than myself and practice humility along the way. And to always put love first whether it’s in family, friends, my relationship or my career. Happy New Year! 🎈

Crazy to think that today will be our final day of performances in 2017! Can’t believe I get to close out this insane year playing Belle. Here’s a snippet of “A Change in Me” ps I didn’t cut my hair, it’s stuck underneath the cape lolol #lathtr #beautyandthebeast #belle #musicaltheatre

This year’s party theme: Matching Christmas Sweaters. Cuz we Someras are extra. #matchingchristmassweaterparty #pinoypride

I already ate like 5 Christmas cookies. #vsco #vscocam #socalchristmas

Attractive singing faces ftw. Excited for another weekend of shows (also have another discount code so DM me for it- this weekend only). Also @omaradan66 and I will be on the radio again at 2 pm! @kpfk so tune in if you can! 💙 #bbvirtualguest #beautyandthebeast #lathtr Gil Cedillo council photo credits

Beyond lucky to get to do what I love. Photo creds: Ting Xie and @george1ely #beautyandthebeast #casa0101 #bbvirtualguest #lathtr

Happy doesn’t even begin to cover the feelings I’ve felt this weekend. So incredibly lucky to play Belle and tell her beautiful story. We still have shows up until Jan. 21! Tickets available through the link in my bio. 💙 #bbvirtualguest #casa0101 #beautyandthebeast #vsco #vscocam

Last night’s opening was 🔥. Never experienced jitters like I did before going on last night and I can’t wait to do it all again today. Thank you to everyone who came and saw the show last night. Your support means everything to me. Also can’t thank this team enough for the dedication to telling this beautiful story and keeping the arts alive in LA.

Once upon a time I had a Beauty and the Beast inspired debut party (18th birthday in Filipino culture). Can’t believe Beauty and the Beast opens this weekend! ALSO, I have a discount code for 50% off tickets (this weekend only) so DM me for it! #bbvirtualguest #beautyandthebeast #debutanteball #filipina #vsco #casa0101 @bettiegoth photo creds!

Had so much fun talking about Beauty and the Beast with @kpfk radio! Opening night is a week from today! Link to tickets in bio!

Pinay Belle in da HOUSE. Can’t believe our preview is next Thursday! This unbelievable cast has been working so hard and I am so honored to get to work with them. Visit casa0101.org for ticket info! #bbvirtualguest #beautyandthebeast #belle #casa0101 #tnhproductions #lathtr #musicaltheatre

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