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Dr Andre Artmann (Chinese Med)  Traditional Japanese Acupuncture, Cosmetic Acupuncture and Energetic Allergy Testing. Practicing at The Medical Sanctuary, Gold Coast.

The Chinese organ clock, this image shows the times at which certain organs are said to be the most active. This can provided us with valuable diagnostic information. For instance if you religiously wake up between 1 -3 am this can indicate a liver pathology, and can be effectively treated with gentle traditional acupuncture. Call us to find out more.

Moxibustion: This technique is great for softening muscles, increasing sports performance and reducing inflammation. Good to see the big wave guys using it in their recovery.
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Fire cupping. One of the best techniques I know to unlock tight neck and shoulders. This traditional method uses a flame to burn the oxygen inside the sterile glass cup. Quickly the cup is placed on tight area/muscle creating a vacuum which softens the muscle and directs the bodies resources to the local area. Also great for lower back pain, colds and flues and sports performance. Call for an appointment or to find out more. 📷 @acuphotoproject

*insert relaxed body here*
Still some appointments available this week. Call 55645013 to make a booking #acupuncture #relax #painfree

Monday’s done right, so much clinical knowledge in this little book. Excited for the week of clinic to come! #acupuncture

Needle head moxibustion, also available in a smokeless variety.
This technique is great for providing heat into specific muscles/joints or acupuncture points. The heat softness the muscle, moves stagnant blood, and draws the bodies attention to where healing is required. Great for old stubborn injuries, acute muscle/joint pain/strain or to improve sports performance.
Also great for improving fertility, treating cold and flu and those who always feel the cold!
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Heat perception moxibustion. This technique is great for softening tight neck and shoulders, or as as an anti inflammation treatment for swollen joints such as knees and ankles. It feels great and has immediate therapeutic effects. #acupuncture #moxibustion #inflammation #kneepain #neckpain #shoulders

This weird but wonderful little device allows me to painlessly test infants to adults for a whole range of allergies.
If you suffer from bloating, heart burn, digestive issues, sinus problems, eczema or asthma.
Then you might be one of the many people with a hidden food allergy.
Dm or call to find more!? #bloating #allergies #sinus

Smokeless needle head moxibustion. Applies a gentle amount of heat into specific muscles or acupuncture points. This technique is great for musculoskeletal pain. Including lower back, sciatica, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and more.
Come try for yourself. #acupuncture #pain #lowerbackpain #sportsmedicine #moxibustion

Having trouble calming your mind??
Traditional acupuncture is an amazing gentle therapy for many kinds of nervous system disorders.
Stress, Adrenal Fatigue, Insomnia, Anxiety, High Blood Pressure and Depression.
Message or call for appointments/information.
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Cosmetic acupuncture! Soften wrinkles, increase tone. Stimulate collagen. Call us to find out how. #cosmeticacupuncture #naturalskincare #nochemicals #lookgoodfeelgood

Sore knees?? Needle head moxibustion is here to help! By inserting very fine needles into and around the knee, and then applying a smokeless coal atop the needle. We are able to put heat deep into the knee and it’s adjacent muscles. Moving any old blood and directing the bodies resources to where it’s needed. Great for acute and chronic injuries alike. #acupuncture #knees #netball #surfing #football

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