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Mészáros András  Husband • 🇭🇺Expat • Lifestyle • Travel 📍 Ennis, Ireland 🇮🇪 ✉️ Vietnam🇻🇳 for two weeks #hunviet

Are you busy? I couldn't imagine the first few days of my Hanoi holiday would be so busy. After our marriage #viethun we didn't have time to visit relatives in their home. It is a Vietnamese tradition to do. My wife has big family, so I spent the past few days visiting them.

But no matter what I always find time for a good coffee. If you visit Hanoi, you shouldn't miss its coffeeshops. There are a lot to choose. I can recommend this lovely spot near Old Quarter. Refreshing!

What do you feel right now? I can say what I have is ultimate peace. It is okay to be upset, disappointed, negative, but I never let these emotions to rule my life. I have the ultimate control.

Who are the most important people in your life? This photo was taken at the Custom House in Dublin. I am not in Dublin at the moment, but it totally shows how delighted and happy I feel right now. After one and half year later we are visiting my in-laws #viethun in Vietnam and I just realized that how much I missed them. We had a difficult, long, eventful one and half year. I am happy, really happy about my life.

Temple Bar has a such a good vibe in Dublin. What is your favorite place in the city where you live in? Tell me!

What is your best Pub experience? To be honest I am travelling around Europe a while but I feel that Irish pubs have something what in other pubs you can't feel. Any thoughts? 📸@maihchi

I have learnt something pretty important since I moved here to Ireland. I had loads of worries about my new job, my parents at home, then somebody told me a simple rule to follow. "Always cross that bridge, what is front of you." 📸: @maihchi


She (@maihchi) gave up her life in Vietnam, left family, friends and good career behind and followed me here, Ireland.
Sometimes I feel our relationship is a never ending holiday. We want to sieze the time as much as possible.

You know it is pretty funny. It is 10.52pm now (when I write this caption) and I am watching this picture. Refreshment it says, but all can think about is my bed.
But you know what, I am so excited, because people are good.
It is my fourth day of #sssveda and I got so much support from strangers whom I never met before. It is pretty amazing how a hashtag can bring people together.
Long time ago symbol brought people together. We felt connect by a symbol. I think 21st century's symbols are the hashtags.

What is your favourite hashtag at the moment? tell me in comments!!

Trinity College. Recalls many memories from school years. I like study, I naturally want to improve myself year by year. I read something interesting (sorry I don't remember the source. Newbie blogger allert!!). "What is the 10000 Hour Rule. This is the idea that it takes approximately 10000 hours to master a skill

For instance, it would take 10 years of practicing 3 hours a day to become a master in your subject. It would take 5 years of full time employment to become proficient in your field. Simply work out how many hours you have already achieved and calculate how far you need to go. You should be aiming for 10000 hours." At age 35 I feel myself much more creative and filled with much more energy and motivation compared to twenty years old myself.

It is never late to invest into yourself. What is your goal at the moment? What skill are you mastering? Tell me in comments!! Btw skills. I arrived to #sssveda day 3. I am improving my "front of camera skills" I upload a vlog to YouTube every day in August. Link in Bio 👆👆👆 It would mean the world, but really the world if you supported my journey with your comments and likes!

I read not so long ago: You have to be ruthless with your time if you want to achieve your goals.

I definitely feel it. As I told you yesterday, I am challenging myself in this month with #sssveda. I vlog every day in August.

My goal is not producing awesome videos, I have only few but simple goals. Get comfortable with camera and be consistent to show up myself on social media.

It is the second day of VEDA. And today I also managed to upload one more video.

You can find the link in the Bio 👆👆👆 And You? How do you spend your time?

Bridges. Yeah I have crossed some in my life. Definitely one of the biggest ones was moving to Ireland. I didn't have any idea what to expect, what I have to face with. That Bridge was challenging. After 5 years it became a habit for me. I challenge myself. I challenged myself in work and in love life.

And in this August I am going to challenge myself with #sssveda . In this month I am joining Amy Schmittauer's (@schmittastic) YouTube community and in the next 31 days I am going to record, edit and upload a vlog to my YouTube channel EVERY DAY.

Link in bio ☝️☝️☝️ It is time for me to step out from my comfort zone to grow and learn something new about myself.

What is your challenge for this year? Tell me here in the comment section 👇👇👇

Ok..It is very cheese picture. I admit, but he'll it was such a great time in Temple Bar.
Iconic place in Dublin.
Anyway one more day until #sssveda. You will get more details about it in my stories. It will be a great challenge. I hope I will get support from you guys.

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