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all I remember from these photos is what episode of Serial I'm on

I get asked pretty often if traveling alone doesn't get boring. Personally, I enjoy the solitude, but there are certain activities that are absolutely ridiculous to partake in alone.
just...imagine watching someone laugh to himself while jumping into a wave and splashing water onto himself because there's no one else to splash. (I have video evidence of me doing this)
make friends they're pretty neat.

guys I have too many of these what do I do

the plan, like most of my plans, was full of flaws: wake up early enough to hike the 2 hours to the proglacial Hooker Lake and catch the sunrise's reflection on the ice. However, the night before, I fell in love with a different glacial lake: Tasman, and decided it'd be a good idea to wait for the stars to come out over Tasman before driving over to Hooker for a nap in the car in freezing weather. .
By the time I got to bed (sleeping bag in the reclined passenger seat of a compact car) at 2am, I had about 2 hours of "sleep" before getting up and having breakfast (peanut butter on white bread) and heading out on the ice covered trail in the pitch black with only my headlamp. At about an hour in I began to stumble and thought it best to take a break, so I chose to sit and rest on a nice rock. .
When I opened my eyes, the sun was creeping over the edge of the range. That didn't matter, however, as I didn't bother to check whether or not the sun would be rising in the direction I hoped for. Nor would that matter, as the dozen other mountains in the area prevented the lake from being lit until about 2 hours AFTER I arrived and ate my ginger cookies and FaceTimed my brother because for some reason I had LTE? .
Also I did have gloves but they were so thin I had socks on my hands too. Worn socks. Don't be unprepared for this stuff it's not that fun.

passed into Cambodia today; if my counting is correct that's 25 countries and also I'm 25. spooky.

I've seen so many many things that have changed my life, but most importantly, a cup of pink kool-aid with three drowned cockroaches floating in it. The second and third should've seen the first one and been like "hold on..."

first time I thought it'd be a good idea to sleep in a car was the Pacific North West in the autumn. that was fine.
Second time was Iceland in late summer. That was bearable.
Third time was the south of New Zealand in the dead of winter. Maybe the dumbest thing I've ever done?
Also maybe the best thing I've ever done.

please imagine the 9 seconds of fervorous sprinting before I had to pretend to look at peace with the world

mom rendition

there is indeed a photo of me sitting in front of this lake with my back to the camera. it's just not as good as this shot of Luke and Roman.

oh look it's another picture of zen and that jacket he never washed

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