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Andi Vega  Hola! | 🇵🇭 | 🇬🇧 | 🇪🇸 Philippines to London to Spain. Currently in Valencia ✌🏽 | Dance Center Valencia Faculty | Class from 10pm every Tue & Thu |

I have the pleasure of once again working wit my beloved @dancecentervlc

If you are in Valencia or near come through to this and live this season as part of a hard-working and humble team. I promise you that you will grow from this experience.

Castings are soon. Prepare yourself

Tengo el placer de trabajar otra vez ingenio mi @dancecentervlc amado

Si estás en Valencia o cerca de venir a esto y vivir esta temporada como parte de un equipo trabajador y humilde. Te prometo que crecerás de esta experiencia.

Castings son pronto. Prepárate

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Life is a river. You struggle if you go against it. But if you follow the current and go with the flow. Things will unfold naturally. •

In the beautiful streets of Latvia

📸: @annapaula_k

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@mikeyureta everyone. This piece though 👏🏽👏🏽 such a fan. •

Dancing next to be brother @david_cottle and this lovely girl in the middle

Thanks for the dope vibes

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At a loss for words. London you really do have some amazing people. And each one special in their own way. I couldn't have asked for a better last day

Thank you to everyone who turnt up with me on the last night. Each one of you I hold close as a friend and as an inspiration and for that thank you ❤️ I was legit expecting only 5 people to turn up haha

As for the last class; guys, like I said before I wouldn't be here or could do what I do if it wasn't for every single soul that's been in that building. From the staff to the students and all it's teachers. You all played an important part in this part of my journey. I'm eternally grateful

Now for a new chapter in Spain. Let's see what I make out of this little adventure. •

Over and out ✌🏽

And tomorrow marks the ending of an era and a beginning of a new one

Guys, join me for my last class tomorrow Studio 68 6.30-8.00pm one last dance with everyone for a while. I'll promise to give you the good vibes 👌🏽

And after catch me for a drink after we finish class would love to say bye to as many people as possible!

📸: @annapaula_k

Something fun and challenging for myself :)

Thanks to everyone who learnt this yesterday at class and today at the summer intensive. I hope you struggled just as much as I did 😁

I forgot how much this song bangs. Bobs your uncle. •

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Blessed. •

Latvia has been inspiring and refreshing. Again, thank you 🙏🏽

I'm back in LONDON! And teaching my 2nd to last ever open class tomorrow! Come dance with me for these last two times and bring a friend. I've got something new for you all 🙌🏽😁

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Every time I come here you guys always leave me and my heart full with warmth and love

Your hunger and passion increases every time and with it comes your growth and progress that I see every time I come here

London squad; it's always a dope vibe to work with you guys and a pleasure and honour to meet new friends! •

Until next time! Thank you so much @overdozeddanceconvention @dozadancestudio @kasparsmeilands for having us down and providing us and the students a platform to engage with each other. •

And Bob's your uncle!

@baibaklints yaaaaaaaaa

This class though. Such a great one with good vibes dancing with @eztwins @sebastianlinaresalcala and @albertoblancoonegro

Damn I miss this camp!

#andivega #baibaklints #eztwins #sebastianlinares #albertoblanco #yeswedance2017 #seville

There are these three superstars...and then...there's me haha. •

Honour to dance alongside @albertoblancoonegro and @sebastianlinaresalcala

@ysabellecaps thank you for the class and for the vibes- dope girl 🙌🏽🙌🏽

I can honestly say this week has captured my heart and will forever remain a highlight of 2017

From judging crazy talents with some amazing people to being able to be reunited and united with some dope ass friends. @eztwins you two have made the week stupidly funny @baibaklints / Svetlana I felt like I've known you forever 🙏🏽 pleasure to spend some bro time with @dylanmayoral and was great judging and taking classes with you both @haenihaenihaeni @sebastianlinaresalcala

@tobiasellehammer it was a pleasure to be part of your project and I can't wait to see the result- thanks for the classes too 👊🏽

@dukiofficial @flaminiagenoese @dianamatos it was great to meet you guys and be given that challenge in your classes thank you

Teaching over 400+ people was definitely breathtaking to say the least but Spain came through and gave me the best reception you can ask for. One of my favourite classes for sure ❤️❤️

A pleasure to assist and spend time with you @dominic.lawrence always a good company to have around. And also thanks @ysabellecaps for the classes and letting me assist on stage with you too 🙏🏽🙏🏽

Festival D'Italica wow what a great show in a Roman Ampitheathre definitely a one of a kind experience and such a pleasure to work with so many talents @past_7 @albertoblancoonegro @beavillabol @ori_mm @adrianvelascohh @1112omar @arantxa_albiach @cynthiagonzg @jesuslobo_

Last but not least. To the guy himself @gsusvillau and @yeswedancesevilla thank you so much for having me and showing me that Andalusian hospitality and being such a great host. A big thank you to you and all of the staff. •

This week definitely ended on a bang 🤕 loool

Oh Em Gee did I just get @definitives to be in my video? Definitely watch hahah

So grateful to work with these guys for this video- quick and fun drop with a west coast vibe

Banger of a track by @snoopdogg bringing you those old skool feels again with his new album

Thank you @mikeyureta and @definitives for working with me on this one

Thank you @jtorresproductions for doing your magic on the camera. •

Find the Full video on FB

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