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I’ve been in ministry a long time and i believe there’s a blessing accessed with longevity, with no short cut. God’s greatest blessings for Worship Leaders are always found off stage. Every Thursday morning these boys and I meet with Jesus in a starbucks. I love how strongly i can sense His presence there with us. We bring the light and the good news to some tough discussions. About five years ago i think this would have felt like work. Now it’s like finding gold in a field. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Thank you boys for this great honor. Thank you Lord for keeping my roots in the ground. Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17

great night at the Bulls game with friends. Bulls lost but we won.

great first night at @verticalcon - God has done so much already.

@verticalcon starts today. i’ve seen it over and over again - God has a plan. we give our time and effort to Him and he out-gives it. we make a plan and God completes it. we open our hearts and God fills them. i’m in. i’m ready. and i’m gonna witness something only He can do.

this guy, my first son, Samuel Paul. Humble, helpful, mature, compassionate and quiet. I fear how often the quiet kid in a house of noise doesn’t get celebrated. One of my greatest joys this year has been watching him make his faith his own, not mine, and not his friends because they raise their hands in worship but by his own choice. Never realized how rich i would feel being a witness to that. Prayerfully forecasting he’ll be a greater man than i in stature and heart.

Light and life to all He brings.

in our Sunday best (at Harvest in Elgin) for the arrival of the King. Merry Christmas to all the worship teams out there leading today...

Merry Christmas 2017 from the Rozier’s. #christmasatharvest2017

this is @smyle_kith. i love listening to him sing. he’s got a great worship leaders voice and a greater heart. our Christmas sound check turned into a run through of this little song that i wrote with a couple of friends this past year. When someone else loves a song you wrote then it doesn’t become yours anymore. that’s a gift. — always patient, always kind, always perfect, always right, always faithful, always true, always able, always good. i love you, i love you Lord, forever my heart is Yours.

this is Arthur. i named him because he’s standing like a king in my new yard. he’s been waiting for us for a while and i’m planning on collecting many memories under his arms. i like him, so i lit him up.

get a flag with the name of someone younger than you on it. get as many as you can. raise it in your ministry as high as you can. be a champion for giftedness that far exceeds your own. don’t time stamp your ministry at your generation. it’s not your kingdom you’re building. instead, ‘equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ’ (Eph 4:12), and you’ll find the blessing is great. thankful to be a big brother to this mob of brothers and sisters, and more. Thankful for these days. Thankful for @iamlukemacdonald’s leadership. Thankful for these new @verticalworship songs we’re recording in the next couple of days.

we’re releasing a short film for Christmas and my bro @eddiehoagland wrote the soundtrack. whaat?! yep. it’s really good and you’d be blessed to go take a listen on itunes etc.

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