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when your drummer thinks like a worship leader the magic doesn’t have to just be technical and talent. the heart is an instrument too. @joshfreddy is a great drummer until you hear his heart for worship and listen to him pray. he’s a greater worshipper. and he’s my worship leader. i’m so encouraged listening to him speak to our interns today about what he’s learnt over these last 10yrs - killer content - thank you Josh for pouring out to us today.

Hayden & Erin.

this is Joel Smith. we’ve been friends for a long time. with one life to live there’s people you know were chosen to walk beside you through the valleys and across the high places. that is family, not friendship. for the past 13yrs we’ve worked at Harvest together and i can truly say that we’ve probably spent more time deepening our friendship outside of work than in time spent at the office. He’s a tower of humility and hard work. He loves God and serving His church. He’s a tireless servant, husband and father. He’s the best friend a guy could have and i won. so today as Joel moves on to a new exciting opportunity i’m sad my brother of 13yrs is not just down the corridor, but so so thankful that the roots of friends who become family are formed and reach far beyond that. Cheers to you my friend. Best days ahead. [i love what Joel wrote in our all staff email. it reflects the heart of who he is... ]. As I look back over my last thirteen years on staff, my heart is filled with thankfulness and joy for the front row seat I have had to witness people’s lives changed by the proclamation of God’s word. The countless relationships, the developing of my skillset and leadership, the continual drive towards excellence, and the way my family and I have been cared for are some of the significant blessings Harvest and Walk in the Word have bestowed on me. I’m grateful to continue attending Harvest with my family and to serve in various capacities as we cheer on and support Harvest and Walk in the Word from a different perspective. I’m thankful for how I’ve seen the Lord work in my time on staff and am expectant for the mighty ways He will work in the future of Harvest and Walk in the Word.

sometimes he calls me Bruv. sometimes i call him my ol’man. this is Harry, my Dad, and we are the best of friends.

my house. summer ‘18. all are welcome.

Andy Peircy. Legend. after teaching at The Trinity School of ministry with @paulbaloche we talked family, friends, church, songwriting, Thomas Cranmer, and producing the Cutting Edge tapes. a life giving inaugural, timely conversation. I love how the Lord gives gifts by causing paths to cross.

this past week was so special. my brother from the UK @rob_popejoy came into town to hang with my family for a few days, then join us at the #almpalooza2018 where we saw what only God could do. together with 1200 others we were fed from the Word, fired up to ‘Let brotherly love continue. Hebrews 13:1’ and filled up with fresh rain from above. i’m surrounded by great men who are brothers - too many to mention here but they give their all to make these life (and household) transforming events happen. brothers - for which i am so thankful to march beside, be led by and to lead as we lift up a song to Him... Jesus, ‘You are worth it all’.

if you’re married and haven’t listened through the lyrics of this song, just go there ok. @praytellmusic

so fun meeting the very kind and talented @stephanieizard tonight at #thecreativemuscle podcast recording. #girlandthegoat is our favorite downtown date night restaurant. the green beans and pig face will change your life.

‘77 is back out on the road. there’s something about sitting at this dashboard lit up at night that is strangely calming. #450sl

(raw post) it’s been many years since my Mum started singing in the company of Jesus. when she went i ran full speed into a wall of grief, but also unexpected jealousy - raging jealousy too - of where she now was. and now i cling to that because she’s in a place better than any other, for ‘a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere.’ She’s missed, and missed a lot, She never met my kids, but i pray for them like a crazy man that she will one day. The one thing that always lingers tho is i never got to just say ‘thank you’, for all that i now knows goes into being a Mom - and that stings. But the one beautiful relief is i get to witness @joannarozier and @justpattyruth love our family with all the best qualities there are, and so many of them remind me of her. a thousand Thank You’s will always feel one short, but i’ll keep saying it. Thank You xx x

i had a great time talking with @dsantistevan for the Beyond Sunday Podcast. thanks for having me on mate. i’m thankful for your clear heart to serve the church and how you use your ministry to pour into WL’s and teams. link in bio.

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