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Andrea Gingerich  Artist. Photographer. Biologist. Wellness specialist. Lover of plants, animals, experiences and adventure.

Don't touch. @mauleofamerica, somehow I always think of you. 😁

I cut back my sage plant (bush) today. I have soooo much so I made a whole bunch of sage smudge sticks. They will dry for a while before being burnt. It's not amazing white sage from the desert, but it still smells delightful nonetheless!

Cats. Meow.

My favorite turkey bird @adub007 😻

I had knit up this bag about 3-4 years ago when I was living in Portland. I made an oops on the handle that prevented me from using it. I planned on fixing it but never did and forgot about it. Today I rediscovered the bag. I love it so much so I really need to figure out a fix for the handle!

Found this stone in the shape of a heart on the ground yesterday. Just before I took a nice tumble to the ground from the steps. 🤦‍♀️

I suspect that this is some bolete species but I don't really feel like researching it.

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