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Andrea Gingerich  Artist. Biologist. Wellness specialist. Food enthusiast. Adventurer. Currently: Pennsylvania.

Another #monoprint that I made the other night.

I love this photo of my nephew and niece! ❤️

Me and my dad

Cousin snuggles ❤️

Me and my cousin Heather ❤️

Me and my niece. ❤️

Happy 90th birthday to this guy, my grandpa Raymond, who is 90 today! He was beyond excited when four generations of his family showed up with cupcakes at the senior center while he was as playing cards! There were tears of joy all around!

Messing around with some mono printing tonight. I can easily get lost in this for hours and hours. This was my favorite of the bunch tonight.

With my grandfather on the day of my baptism. He turns 90 this week!

Today's cute message on my @itsdifferenteveryday calendar from @andrewvanderzanden!

I am always working on some kind of project to keep my hands busy. This is fabric yarn that I hand spun using scrap fabric. About 21 yards so far and always growing. It's so colorful and sturdy. I love it!

Many moons ago when my paternal grandparents were "going together". My grandfather is the sweetest man in the world. I can only dream to have someone as wonderful. ❤️