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Andie Mason  ~ University of Kentucky ~

Happy birthday Merica 🇺🇸

I’m a little late but Happy one year babe! I’m surprised we’ve gone this long without killing each other yet. Thanks for being the best friend a girl could have, I love you and can’t wait for many more memories! 😘

Happy birthday hot stuff, I hope your 22nd was as great as you. Love ya old man 💕

All my babies are graduating and I’m more than a little upset about it 😢❤️

19 please treat me well❣️

Happy Mother’s Day to this pretty momma of mine. Thanks for being my best friend always💕

Dear Drew, there are two days a year that hit me like a truck and today is definitely one of them. Your birthday is so hard for me because I want nothing more than to celebrate it with you. It is also a happy day though. It’s the day God brought you into this world and the day the greatest big brother ever was born. I constantly wonder what your life would be like right now, if you would be married, have kids, or still just being your goofy self going with the flow. 32 is a pretty cool age and I’m sure you’re having a blast up there but I’m being selfish and I want you here with me. There’s so much I want to tell you and catch you up on. So many memories I’ve missed having you be a part of. What reassures me that everything is okay is that I know you’re in Heaven right now watching over me, and when it’s my time you’ll be waiting for me with a famous Drew hug. I love you so much and hope you’ve had the best birthday, I made sure to get your favorite color Kentucky blue flowers. Happy birthday bub 💙

You can “bet” money we lost all of ours

Today is a very special day, it’s my big ole fur baby’s burfday!!! Don’t know what I’d do without this turd ❤️🐾

Love the beach, almost as much as I love this crazy family 🌞🐚🐬

We heard Ole Red was itching to have some fun in Tishomingo

For the people who don’t see the 110 snaps of him everyday. Meet our new baby Kash 🐾

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