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Andie Selene Israel Lieberman  Southern heart 🐊 FL/NYC/WA 🛩 Currently in Seattle ☔️ Culinary 🍴 Punk🤘 Activist✌️ Endo warrior 💪 Chronic illness fighter 👊

THESE leggings #lularoe

I makes da pizza pie

Zofran headache and exhaustion is my look today

I tried to get the blur on my face here but I'm finally home from the hospital. It's been a long couple days but I got to keep my ovary, so there's that.

An update for everyone following, the past few weeks have been rough! I've been in and out of the hospital and had an implant placed earlier this week. The newest developments are some issues with my blood tests and it looks like I picked up some sort of virus being in the hospital so much, my Epstein-Barr viral load is positive, we just aren't sure exactly what it is yet. Also that my pelvis has been stuck in spasm probably for about a week (and that's really painful as well). This has all been really hard on John and I and he's been doing his best to take care of my sick butt, too. On top of all of that I lost my job this week because I just have been too sick to work and they let me go since I am not able to work even the few days I'm scheduled from pain, doctors appointments and just being too sick and run down and still am in the process of being approved for disability benefits. I would really appreciate you continuing to share my campaign and continuing to send some positive energy my way. I'm having a hard time right now, but I am doing my best to stay strong through it all. Gofundme link in bio. #sickgirlclub #sickgirlproblems #endometriosis #gofundme #donations #hysterectomy #laparoscopy #adenomyosis #dysmenorrhea #endometriosissucks #endowarrior #fightlikeagirl #spoonie #chronicillness #chronicpain #invisibleillness #endometriosisawareness

My favorite Momo 🍑😽

That face when you don't think anything else could go wrong and then you test positive for mono. #chronicillnessproblems

I have a new sister! Who would've thought I'd be the oldest of SEVEN?! Welcome to the world Isla Millie Lieberman. Congratulations to my Dad and Megan, she's amazing and I can't wait to meet her.


Should I dye my eyebrows blue

Kitty apron, Iron Maiden #sweetnsalty

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