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My Valentine’s Meal this year is Fettuccine with Red Lamb Sauce. It's been cold and there is nothing I like better than pasta to warm the heart and soul. (ad)
What are you doing for Valentine's Day? Do you cook a nice meal at home?
(Made with Open Nature organic grass fed, free range lamb, sold exclusively at Safeway)
This meal will be warm and hearty anytime, so save it for later:

I've died and gone to foodie heaven! Salmon, oysters and crab, oh my! We went with the Dungeness 🦀 crab with the latest weather the crabbing boats are going nuts. I will be visiting Flying Fish Co often!

All alone in the RV park in the snow. We've got the whole place to ourselves. I guess we're the only ones to pass through going north, everyone else with any sense heads south for the winter!

Ahhhh, the RV life. Pipes froze overnight despite insulation and our floor heat being on. Couldn't get the air heat to work properly so we slept in our sleeping bags. The joys of life on the road in the winter. #KOACamping

@sahalesnacks has inspired me to get outside and be healthier, what inspires you? #SahaleInspired (ad) *Read why my 2017 Project DISCOVER is influenced by this beyond ordinary snack:*

File this under things you don't see every day. US 93 north about 60 miles south of Ely, Nevada. We've had the road to ourselves until we came across this guy, his dog and his cows. Guess it is easier to herd them on the cleared off highway than the snowy fields!

We passed this pristine field of fresh snow on our way to @zionnps via Mt. Carmel. It was untouched and gorgeous.

This morning we tried to go to Antelope Canyon again but it was flooded. It's been raining/snowing the last 4-5 days so I guess that's not surprising. Instead we explored some BLM backgrounds and found some mini-balanced rocks, not quite hoodoos or toadstools, but fun just the same. These mushroom looking rocks were on the ridge above Stud Horse Rock and would perfect in the spring for a Milky Way shot! Looks sunny, but it was freezing- 37 degrees and winds 30-40 mph which prevented us from going to the edge because the rocks were icy and we didn't want to be blown off! We took some fun shots and enjoyed the view of Lake Powell on the other side. You never know where adventure will take you when things don't go as planned.

That's @zionnps famous checkerboard mesa in front of us, no checkers to be seen today! However you can't dispute the beauty of the park under the snow. That's also park rangers hard at work clearing the roads to make sure everyone stays safe.

My fitness goals for 2017 are inspired by Sahale Snacks. They were my constant food companion in 2016, a beyond ordinary snack that meets my gourmet needs and inspires me to move they will continue to motivate me this year! (ad)
Read why my 2017 Project DISCOVER is influenced by this beyond ordinary snack:
What brand inspires you to be healthy?

The snow is just hitting the lower peaks in @zionnps But its raining/snowing the next couple of days so maybe we'll see some snow on the ground. It definitely adds an extra layer of gorgeous!

I could have stayed inside Antelope Canyon for hours. My trip to the lower canyons in the winter was far different from doing the upper canyon in May five years ago. It is a beautiful sacred space.