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Andi Gordon

Just spotted @twoffinden's 2017 rig. Looks like the boy has some top calibre imagery on the side courtesy of yours truly.

There was a lot of rain today in Slovenia. Too much for the river next to our hotel to handle apparently. Forecast looks better tomorrow so we should have some Speedway. @gopro @goprouk timelapse.


I hate packing early. I liked to leave it until the last possible minute, but I've been at a bit of a loose end today. I will now proceed to spend the next 24 hours thinking I've forgotten something, going through both bags, finding it, then having to put everything back. #YepThatsAGolfBagForLightstandsAndSoftboxesAndSuch

When you think your Paolo Maldini, but actually you're a miscoordinated fool these become essential. #fuckedit #soreribs

Headed out to the coast last night on a sunset photo mission. Forgot some kit, so had to roll with it. A lot to learn, but want to get out and shoot more.

Headed to Slovenia next weekend. Looking back at last year this weekend. #speedway #żużel #monsterenergy

First day of the year I actually miss having sport channels for the tellybox. Blow softened by chilling in the conservatory with a cheeky @zubrowka_uk and lemonade. #girlystrawoptional

Thinkin of a master plan.....

Sunshine and Kendrick. Not a bad Thursday.

Today's productivity was brought to you by coffee. Even then, still not all that productive. #ineedcoffee #yesthatsabatsign #deskisamess #cablemanagementgameweak

Another day, another trip to the beach. Get the feeling we're going to be spending a bunch of time up here this summer.

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