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Cassandra Linn  Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult. Love my pups, my peoples, music and testing my creativity. The QC, Charlotte, North Caroline.

These lassies. ❤️❤️❤️ Hey there, Delilah. Welcome home.

Tonight I had to say "goodbye" to my beautiful, sweet, spunky, spirited, and sassy-as-her-mama fur baby. I will never take for granted how lucky I was to have sixteen years with her by my side, and I'll forever be grateful for all that time. She rescued me more times than I can remember and she'll never be forgotten. I know just peeking over the rainbow bridge she quickly found a sprinkler to chase and more "TOUCHDOWNS!" than she'll know how to celebrate. Rest In Peace Puddin', Puddin' Wuddin', Poom, Sugar Booger, Sweetums, Baby Girl. Mama and Dexy miss you already. ❤❤❤

Sometimes I really miss this place! ❤ #Jacksonville #Jax #JacksonvilleFL

It's this schnookum's Sweet Sixteen today! I had to do a little research to be sure I had that right! SIXTEEN YEARS! I can't believe how lucky I am that she rescued me 15 years and 9 months ago...when I was only supposed to be at the Humane Society to interview the director for a project during college. Something told me I needed a walk-through. One I made my mom come to join me on to keep me from getting hooked - yeah, right! She was on hold by another family and my heart broke leaving without her. Til they called the next day and said she was mine! ❤ We've watched each other grow ever since. So thankful for her! Happiest of birthdays, Puddin' Wuddin'!!! 😘😘😘

This sweet girl has been trying so hard to keep up with partyin' partyin' and karaoke but she's finally given in. ❤She's had enough of 2016, too! Happy New Year!

Search & Find: 1 Dexy. Mama's laundry "helper."

Good morning!

Fire, movies, and hot buttered rum to cap off a great, colddddd day of snowmobiling. ❤️

YAY technology! Almost 200K plastic bottles we never had to use because of this one little water fountain and filter! 😍Sorry. This is what you get when I've been sitting at the same airport gate just 18 miles from my house all day. The natives are getting restless! But we're having fun even so!

Y'all. I met someone.

Happy National Mutt Day to these sweet, silly, feisty, cutie patootie mutts of mine! ❤️❤️❤️ #nationalmuttday

This kid is getting way too big! ❤️

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