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nafeesa a  all good things are wild & free & ice cream & cheese

last week at this time we were on our 3rd day in the backcountry, hustling heavy packs and skis over our bajillionth (or maybe 6th?) mountain pass at 13,000 feet wondering if we would ever get to ski downhill and would we vomit up our twelfth packet of shot blocks and shit I must be panting a lot because my tongue is burned (?!?) as we (***successfully***) traversed across the Sierra...and today THANK THE FUCKING LORD all we have to do is eat bougie quiche and toast and consider how nicely our sunburns are healing and decide whether or not to buy another maple oat scone as we sit next to a freeway on a sunny LA day. #blessed #abouttogetinthecartogoskiingagain

cody saved this picture on his computer as "nafeesaskiingwell"...which makes me wonder what every other photo of me skiing is titled 🤔🤔🤔; either way, 🙏🏽 the corn harvest.

holla at this 50 degree spring ski rager (both the temperature AND some may say the steepest part of this almost 4000 ft leg burning line)!!!

wooo it's that "eat an aesthetic and colorful salad on the back deck" time of year

lol at trying to traverse the Sierra from Sequoia to Mt Whitney in 2.5 days...maybe next time. or maybe next time I'll stay in bed?

brother sister college visit adventure includes 8 hours of flight delays, 2 hours of sleep, a LITTLE bit of fighting, befriending lots of old white parents concerned about the future of their children, @andrabi_mohi 's first game of cards against humanity, cheerleading with @llluciam while @luquita__ crushed his ultimate frisbee game and taking aggressive mom photos during this highly scenic campus tour...

v grateful for snuggly sleepovers and sunny chicago mornings with my humans who 1) say they're in Nashville but are secretly hiding in the kitchen (@emilyaban) and 2) paint my nails in the middle of the night and feed me cake while they're drying and then offer me a swig of keffir to help with digestion before we snuggle in bed (@rhoadeecha). **thx northwestern sociology for funding this reunion**

double fisting black sheep coffee and giant jars of carrot cashew date smoothies in the gahhden after a rough pre-period run through the super blooms. v important to take awkward but endearing self timer photos to document...

scenic sunday ski tours feat. lasagna sticks

when @browndynamite_1234 @andrabi_mohi was 5, he literally wore his superman costume everyday and everywhere, including to @Disneyland for my marching band completion #wassap #cool. now he is 6'2, tries to talk to Cody about the latest in boat shoe fashion and machine learning (only one of these two men knows about fashion or machine learning), knows how to make pasta from scratch and wicked julienne vegetables, has taught @mowbilly and i all about #ballislife🏀 🙌🏽 AND GOT INTO COLLEGE WOOOOOOO #OCCIDENTALCOLLEGE #GOTIGERSGO #LEWISANDCLARK so either he will go to Oxy and live happily ever after with his sisters on the east side or he will live in Portland and hopefully trade his boat shoes for chacos #yolo #hifromphilly #onlyhaveschoolpridewhenmohiisinvolved

sometimes you're in the middle of an exposed traverse when you decide it's time to very tensely take off your skis and boot it. then you spend a lot of time questioning your life choices and dreaming of maple cardamom lattes and Netflix.

everyone knows you climb harder in cheetah print #climbingwithcacti #cactuspro

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