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When your coffee needs a coffee

• Charcuterie •

It's amazing how many different flavors, textures, and combinations can be made here. Sweet, salty, nutty, sour, meaty, crunchy, creamy, and chewy. When you bring it all together, it creates a symphony of flavors.
Its almost like it was the intention of our Creator to create variety. To reconcile all peoples back to Himself through Jesus so that the variety would create a symphony of different but perfectly orchestrated and arranged parts. Carefully chosen to reveal His heart.

Your part in the body of Christ is not insignificant. There is no such thing as an insignificant role when it comes to Jesus. Keep your eyes fixed on Him. Keep your eyes atuned to His spirit. We need you.

We all love the big finale, the moment that the crescendo arrives. We wait in eager anticipation for it to come. But every moment leading up to it matters. The way that every note in an orchestra is played in it's proper place. The crash comes in where it should, everything drops to set stage for the one moment where notes on a piano are gently played.

The space. The breaths. Creating movement and momentum. Giving room to breath to take in what just happened and then to prepare and anticipate what's to come.

All of the small moments lead up to the grandeur part. The climax is built upon moment by moment. This photo, built on singular shots of one or two fireworks going off at a time, overlapped to create a finale. This was not a moment capturing the finale. This was the work of being present, paying attention, capturing, taking in what was happening, of carefully placing each shot into it's place. Editing. Reediting. This is the moment that all the other moments contributed to. Without the others, this wouldn't exist.

What are you doing with this moment?

You should go try out Spring Hill's new coffee shop. Went a few weeks ago. Really enjoyed their cold brew.

This guy had a birthday. He caught me taking a photo of him and this is the moment he realized.

Jordan is awesome. There are many things I could say about him but ultimately, he lives a life of generosity. He loves to give. I have been so blessed to live alongside of Jordan and continually learn about God in the way the Jordan pursues and gives of himself so generously. I hope you know how celebrated you are, Jordan. Thankful for you.

Tried Pilgrim Coffee for the first time today. Thoroughly enjoyed it. The aesthetics were quite pleasing.

Sweet Tea Prawns with Jasmine Risotto

Found this GEM tonight. #badumtss

A Holy Juxtaposition |

Being and doing
Hand in hand
Doing from the being

Being is sitting at the feet of Jesus
Doing is the overflow from that place

If we separate these
We are a pendulum
Always swinging
From one extreme to the next
Never steady

But God is the God of Both/And

They live in unison and order
We become by beholding
Working from resting and abiding
We do because He has done
We love because He loved
Giving from love, not for it
Showing up to give, not get
Conquering because He has won
Everything coming from Him is returning

This is Jesus. The forever God-man.
This is who rose again. Who we celebrate and worship. The man full of fire and compassion. The God who gives freely. Our eldest brother who enters covenant with the ones who listen and obey. Who choose in and respond because of the love they have been given.

All of life gets to be a response to the one who came after us when we were lost.

King of beauty
King of majesty
Oh, You hold my heart
Through the mystery

When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and stars that you set in place — what are mere mortals, that you concern yourself with them; humans, that you watch over them with such care? You made him but little lower than the angels, you crowned him with glory and honor, you had him rule what your hands made, you put everything under his feet —
Tehillim (Psa) 8:4‭-‬7 CJB

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