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Andrew  I post daily from planes trains and automobiles and fire/EMS vids and vacay photos. 98% of the time I don’t trade or sell my models My YouTube⤵️

There is some really cool art work within the Be Our Guest Restaurant in Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Pics taken during the lunch session on Saturday March 31,2018

A very basic #eone #engine 2-2-8 from the #HalesiteFireDepartment (#HFD) at last years 175th anniversary parade for the #HuntingtonFireDepartment held in #Huntingtonvillage on #LongIsland.

Recently added these two #ATR42600 from Geminijets to the collection. These two are in the revised #sliverairways livery. For this livery not being a special livery it really stands out. However in my opinion this livery is not as obnoxious as spirits bare fare livery. Both of these models have the registration of #N400SV and will be serving my Fort Lauderdale Model Airport to points across Florida and the Bahamas.
Total model count-1️⃣6️⃣0️⃣

Final installment is a look at #Geminijets in 1:400 scale of a #DeltaAirlines #mcdonelldouglas #MD90 which has since been retired now for 8 months. Interesting that Geminijets would release a plane that flies no more. I’m assuming this plane must have some meaning to someone at Geminijets for it to be released. This plane has wired server all #delta liveries winglet, colors in motion, and onward and upward. Registration is #N904DA and will be serving my Fort Lauderdale Model Airport on the Raleigh -Durham route.

The west wing dinning area at Be Our Guest restaurant at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Really cool themed area to eat lunch or dinner however it’s a little dark. Picture taken on Saturday March 31,2018

#coldspringharborfiredepartment (#CSHFD) #heavyrescue 2-1-2 proceeding through the parade route at the 175th anniversary parade for the #HuntingtonFireDepartment which was held on Saturday July 28,2018 in #HuntingtonVillage NY on #LongIsland

Third installment featuring again Caribbean Airlines #boeing737800 from #Phoenixmodel in 1:400 scale. This is Caribbean’s signature hummingbird livery. Which I think beats all other #Boeing #737800 liveries. #Caribbeanairlines has 12 max 8 on order and im hopping they keep the humming bird for their max 8. The registration on this plane is 9Y-AMU (#9YAMU) This Model will be serving my Fort Lauderdale Model Airport daily.

Second part of this series is featuring #Phoenixmodels #carribeanairlines #boeing737800 in the all white or albino livery. This plane use to wear the #AirJamica colors with the Caribbean airlines in fine print. I have this models sister plane (9Y-SXM) from witty wings. Registration on this plane is 9Y-JMC (#9YJMC) This Model is a must for a Fort Lauderdale Model Airport. This #737800 will be serving daily flights to and from Kingston Jamaica (#KIN)🇯🇲 and Port of Spain Trinidad (#POS)🇹🇹

Once inside the beast’s castle at Be Our Guests restaurant at Disney Magic Kingdom you enter a room where you place your food order on kiosk then you proceeds to seat yourself at one of three Beauty and the beasts themed rooms- The Ballroom, Rose Gallery or the West Wing. Once seated your food is delivered to you via food trolly carts as shown in the second picture. Pic taken on Saturday March 31,2018.

#ColdSpringHarborFireDepartment (#CSHFD) showing off what they got at the 175th #HuntingtonFireDpeartment anniversary parade held on Saturday July 28,2018. Shown is #chief car 2-1-32 #antique, #ambulance 2-1-5 and #heavyrescue 2-1-2. Not shown is #engine 2-1-1 which will be replace later this year.

Taking a better look at #Aeroclassics #JetBlueAirways #AirbusA320 in the NBAs #BrooklynNets special livery plane. This #JetBlue planes registration is #N633JB. This model is a great addition to my Fort Lauderdale Model Airport. This aircraft in my opinion would awesome if it had sharklets. A few cool detailed features is underneath the fuselage reads “Spread Love” also on the bottom border is the sky line of Brooklyn including the Brooklyn bridge.

Here’s the first 4 models to join the collection in 2019. All models are 1:400 scale. In the coming days be sure to look out for a much detailed look at each of these models.

Frist up #Geminijets #DeltaAirlines #mcdonneldouglas #MD90 registration #N904DA This plane actually retired 7 months ago in San Bernardino (#SBD)🇺🇸
Next model is from #aeroclassics #JetBlueAirways #AirbusA320 in the Brooklyn Nets special livery. Registration is #N633JB. This aircraft previously wore the stripes and barcode tail design.
The last two models are both from #Phoenixmodels both are #CaribbeanAirlines #boeing737800. Both boxes are the same one side features #9YANU (plane with the bird) and the other side shows Caribbean albino plane registration #9YJMC
All models will be serving my Fort Lauderdale Model Airport daily. With these 4 new additions my collection is at 1️⃣5️⃣8️⃣ models.

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