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Krishna  Knowledge and memes from the Divine Feminine. Dm me with anything. Happy to help

♻️ @truth_society - Jim Carrey says Apple’s new iPhone Face ID technology will be used by the global elite to “enslave humanity” and usher in a totalitarian New World Order, according to Jim Carrey, who warned the Californian company that his days of using iPhones are “long gone.” “If George Orwell wrote 1984 today, it would have been about tech companies ruling over a totalitarian state instead of communists, the stores would be called “town squares” and the phones that you are forced to buy would read your face,”Jim Carrey said at the Toronto Film Festival, where he is promoting the Netflix documentary Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond.
According to Carrey, Apple’s new Face ID technology will fall into the wrong hands and lead to deeply troubling times in the near future. “You can guarantee this same tech will be used—by someone—to identify protesters, to figure out if you’re depressed or manic—and how to cash in on that,” the Truman Showstar said. “Same family of technologies will be used to classify you—right or wrong—as a criminal or a terrorist—or what your sexual orientation is. I’m not saying Apple will. But I am saying that this is increasingly doable and will be done by the people you don’t want doing it—the people who are driving us towards a #NewWorldOrder.
Carrey pointed out that Face ID is merely the “latest step on the march towards total surveillance"

"I am alone here in the world. Who else is there besides Me. "
~ Devi Mahatmya ( Ch. 10, verse 4 & first half of 5)

Adishakti- the divine feminine- is all that exists. She is the principle of Everything, of Consciousness; and the divine male is the principle of the supreme Nothing, the Unconscious.
Paratman, the Divine Male, being the Nothing, had Everything within him. But he wondered what an experience would be. And so, he said to his half, who was barely distinguishable from him; because within Nothing is Everything. And yet, the Nothing itself is a part of the Everything. And beyond the Everything, Nothing.
Nothing said to Everything, "What if we had Life?"
And so, the Everything rebuilt herself to the everything we know today.
He was the Cause of Creation, and was Creation itself.
Everything comes into existence in time and disappears in time. Adishakti, the Mother of the Universe is the Mother of all. It is She alone that has begotten both good and evil. Everything has come out of Her womb.
#navratri #navratri2017 #shailputri #dayone #goddess #divinefeminine

♻️ @inti_luminoso - Life brings life, it's valuable, so I eat what comes from the ground, it's natural
let your food be your medicine #drsebi #soul #food #medicine #alkaline #fruits #vegetables #grains #herbs #nuts #water #electric #body #natural #nature #pachamama #mothergaia #provides

♻️@nmbrse7en - @Regrann from @truthisterrorism - Pesticides are killing us. And the big corporations knew all about it beforehand. It's intentional.

Apollo 11 conference
Do the lies get any more evident than this?
#nasalies #nasaCGI #NotASpaceAgency

SEPTEMBER 23/ 24 (west/ east) 2017 SIGNIFICANCE:

A form of the divine feminine is very much alive and in a PHYSICAL STATE right here!
She represents Virgo (a young pure, maiden), and gives birth to Jupiter from her womb. Jupiter represents inner light.

Now, what does this mean?
Currently the whole of earth is in the womb of the divine feminine and on that date, she is releasing a MASSIVE influx of light- the largest seen in over 5 centuries- the first of the last flows of light in this cosmic time cycle.

Meditate at dawn and dusk on the 23rd and 24th of Septmeber, make this a chain, and rest of the time, feed animals, help people in need NOT with money, with how much ever time you can. Spread light and love. Make the world a better place. Do something nice for someone, whatever.
Spread the word.
If you're interested in Hinduism; it is the date of Lalita Panchami. Look it up if you want.

A temporary physical form of the goddess of Light in the 3D. For this astromical event, her crown has 13 jewels, 1 of the jewels is hidden. Of the other 12, there are 9 stars, and the planets Venus, Mars, Mercury which align in line with the 9 stars. The crown is that of the Queen of dimension five- known by the many names of Isis, Venus, Ishtar, Oshun, Lalita, etc.
If you do your research, you will see the elites have carefully placed everything around her. Sex, enlightenment, love, joy, it's all been tainted for a reason. Dimension 5. This war has been hidden extremely well by them to keep her warriors- light warriors, starseeds, indigo children, who chose to re incarnate with her at this time in a battle of Light and Dark.
Spread the word. Start a global meditation, help someone, whatever. Most importantly, educate people of this knowledge once more. Don't let the darkness win just yet.
The time of knowledge has almost begun.
Make sure you fight with weapons of Love, armies of Light.🙏

Smoothies > Juicing

😂😂😂😂 100% organic freshly milked sheep @awakenedconscious - 😫😂🐑 and a "new iPhone" with more flaws at that!

[NOTE: 24 SEPTEMBER FOR ALL PLACES CENTRAL AND EAST SIDE] really really important date.
sidereal astrology, the Sun transits the constellation of Virgo from September 15 to October 30th. Therefore, Virgo has the largest demographic; they are the most populous sign, they symbolize the common man and woman, the masses. 
At the time of the birth of the Sun, the sign Virgo; the Virgin, is rising on the eastern angle/angel of the planisphere. Hence, all the Sun Gods are symbolized as being born of a Virgin. 
Virgo’s virginity doesn’t imply a lack of sexual experience, since Virgo’s get plenty of sex, and in fact, use it for healing. The Virgin only suggest that no suitor or sexual partner can ever dominate them, they remain unfettered by the bondage of marriage, even as Virgo yearns for completion through partnership. Therefore, the word “Virgin” does not mean a virgin in the accepted, literal sense of the term, and that fact is stated in the Cat Holics encyclopedia, the Holy Cat. 
It means a young woman, whether married or not. The whole passage is a mistranslation. 
The Virgin denotes purity and perfection. The keynote of the character is a longing after purity and this longing expresses itself on the material plane in a great nicety as regards to food because Virgo rules the digestion system or the bowels. In addition -  Virgo’s desire is to reach the highest possible perfection, not only for themselves but for those around them. They have a greater sense of power than they are able to express, resulting in an inferiority complex. An inferiority complex is a superiority complex turned in on itself. For example, Virgo often suffers from lack of self-confidence, he or she feels more at ease in a position as an inferior than as a head honcho. Virgo rules the house of service (6) and so this position of the Sun gives, when afflicted, troubles with inferiors. This is why Virgo is constantly learning the lesson of humble service and patience. They find their fullest expression through service to others, being willing to do it quietly but THOROUGHLY👇
More @eclectically_esoteric PLEASE READ THE FULL THING!

Here's more to add the list!

We've been around for way too long not to have this nutrition thing down to a science 😒🤔 #HowDoWeFood #HowShouldWeBeFooding #DoYouFoodCorrectly #Food #Science #Nutrition #Health #WastedThousandsOfYears #GMOs #Merica

Nowadays we can find the iconic #PinkRibbon on everything from t-shirts to hats, and even #cancercausing products like #friedchicken and #cosmetics loaded with #carcinogens that are banned across the #EuropeanUnion.

A lot of people buy into the #blindhype of the pink ribbon and @SusanGKomen but few people know the #truehistory of the ribbon and how it used to actually symbolize prevention of cancer rather than fundraising, #radiation, #chemotherapy and #drugs.

The idea of using a ribbon as a symbol first appeared in 1979, when Penney Laingen tied yellow ribbons as a message of hope of seeing her husband again, who was taken hostage in Iran. Then in 1990 #AIDS activists colored the ribbon red for those dying from the disease. At the same time the #SusanGKomen #BreastCancer Foundation was seen giving out pink visors, not ribbons, to breast cancer survivors during the #RacefortheCure. It took a few small occurrences to give birth to the pink ribbon and make it the symbol of #breastcancerawareness.

In 1992, news sources discovered a woman named #CharlotteHaley who hand made peach-colored ribbons to raise awareness that not enough money was being used for the research of #cancerprevention.

Each ribbon was attached to a card that read: “#TheNationalCancerInstitute’s annual budget is $1.8 billion, only 5% goes for cancer prevention. Help us wake up legislators and America by wearing this ribbon.” It was a #grassrootsmovement that asked for no money, only awareness. But in 1992 the editor of the magazine Self and cosmetic companies turned the symbol into what is it today – a #moneydriven #popularityseeking #marketingcampaign.
#fuckcancer #FuckSusanGKomen. #ItsAScam #naturecures@nathan11.11

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