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Anaysha Figueroa-Cooper  For BOOKING Please email SINGLE "BLESSED" AVAILABLE NOW👇

When a genius asks you to be apart of something pray and then you say ABSOLUTELY ! Completely honored to join @ajblive and #grouptherapy for🥈nd💨. #Repost @ajblive
・・・ has been one of my favorite singers since I first heard her on “Holy Lord” WAAYYY back in the day (Danny Eason). Ever since then, I’ve been waiting for the right moment and the right song. This is the moment...Don’t miss her song. 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
@anayshafigueroacooper will be joining us for “Second Wind” live. Friday May 3rd. 7 pm.
Get your tickets NOW at (link in bio) and spread the word! 🥈nd 💨.

Saints and friends. Preachers teachers and worship leaders PLEASE DO RIGHT BY PEOPLE WHEN YOURE AWAY FROM THE MIC. Some people care NOT where u are. When they mean #ONSIGHT they mean #ONSIGHT 😭😭😭😭😭 I cried real tears. #SNATCHED #acontinuedpraise #westillhavefeelingsinchurch #ineedclosedcaptioning #iwantthebackstory #evenifitenespanol #telemundochurch #imgettingmoretiredofthischurch #youcomeforminesdontcryHOLYHOLYHOLY #somanycaptions #feelfree

In. Real. Life. #AvrieChristinaCooper 💖

My entire teach them to love eachother each eachothers LOUDEST cheerleader. To pick up the pieces in eachothers lives when friends fail them. Even when theyre old and gray...I want them to understand eachother without speaking a get eachothers jokes even when they r corny. They share a mommy and daddy. And even though they may take seperate prayer is that the foundation we build for them will lead them to the same destination. SUCCESS. And beyond success I pray that road always lead them back to eachother. Today they celebrate eachother. The Big Brother turning 4 and leading the way in ALL things...and The Baby Sister officially following in her brothers footsteps. She BOOKED🤗!!!! #siblinggoals #ChristopherandAvrie #twoworkingbabies #familykiss @chrisseancooper @christopherseancooperjr #AvrieChristinaCooper #Weare4 #TheCoopers

2. FOLLOW HIS PAGE @christopherseancooperjr
3. LIKE AND COMMENT ON HIS BIRTHDAY POST!!!!!(on his page). AND THATS ALL!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!THANK YOU FOR LOVING AND SUPPORTING CEEJ THESE PAST 4 YEARS!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON!!!!!! 🎂🎤🎬🎭📸🕺🏽🙏🏽❤️🐝 #happybdayceej #videoofsomeofhisamazingmomments #cantbelievemysonis4 #onlyGod #helooksathisIGpageeverynight #sopleaseshowlove #wereadhimeverycomment #seriouslylol

You are the perfect mix of emotions. From early that Sunday morning when labor early that Monday morning when you arrived. Every mother remembers every detail. The anxiety...the fear...the pain... and the indelible joy of knowing that this love is once in a lifetime. A son. A king in the making. I had no idea who youd be today. Already...fearless...hardworking...brillant...perceptive...sensitive and resilent. Being your one and only mommy has fulfilled me in ways id never imagined. Given me a sense of purpose that no man woman or thing could ever take from me. I am many things but my greatest happiness lies in teaching you...loving you...hugging you...stealing kisses from you baths...caring for your hair and your skin...heavily (naturally) medicating you when you are sick...picking out the perfect outfit....its in every little thing. I thank you for choosing me. On the day the sonogram technicians discovered your existence...your daddy and I had to find a way to thank God for the miracle of you. It has not been easy because there really is no way to thank God for what hes done by trusting us with you...but everyday we figure it. We are not perfect but we are chosen. We will push you beyond every limit and one thing is for were sent here with a God-Occupation....LIGHT UP THE WORLD SON...Happy Birthday Sonny🐝 @christopherseancooperjr
#CeejsFantastic4 #Ceejturns4 #firstborn

Surrounded by love. No matter what. Thank you to our village for helping us kick off #CeejsFantastic4. Although his birthday is this Saturday his family SHOWED UP TONIGHT😍😍😍😍 NOTHING like the light in his eyes seeing the people he loves love him back. Full weekend of activities coming up...all for the kid! #tothinklastyearspartywewerestill3 now #weare4 #TheCoopers #Ceejturns4 #AvriesBigBrother #wetiredalready

The #afterschoolpraise this boy has TODAY!🤣 I dunno what theyre teaching at school but I do know what we teach at home💨💨💨💨💨 #tellemyesson #prepartyshenanigans #a4yearoldyes #Ceejturns4 #canttakethisveeroffpraise @christopherseancooperjr
@keetwit @mobass1019 this was after we played #imadeitout

In just a few first born entire heart...will be 4. This overwhelms me. Christopher for @lesterskids 😎 @christopherseancooperjr 🐝

Had to post this for every singer 🤣🤣🤣
If you didnt have to end your song like this please dont claim the church🤣🤣🤣 @christopherseancooperjr
#strongfinish #finishstrong #churchbaby #hisdaddeftaughthimthis #idied #executeson #iwasmakinghimlaugh #themoniquewalker #classicchurch @notkarltonbanks tell LeeLee step up her game🤣🤣🤣

Just the thought of this kid brings me complete joy. From a baby he was super happy...always entertaining...and never EVER fearful. Over these 14 years he has accomplished and even in some cases surpassed the foundation laid for him. He is respectful, humble (in the presence of everyone but his brother and, unselfish, perceptive and resourceful. He honestly can do ANYTHING. This has been by far his most successful year and hes been on the honor roll ALL YEAR. Truly we are a SUPER village but I have to honor my sister for following my every direction in being his mother lol Honest she is my inspiration. My children are and will be great because of the room shes given me with her children. Back to Miles...its no secret that he is something like my bestfriend...we have no issues with that because he never oversteps or disrespects our relationship. He listens and he learns. As he grows I pray he embraces the great destiny that awaits him. I love u @miles_the_singer. You make it all worth it. Happy Birthday Kid.

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