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When you go out on a Thursday night because you can't wait for the weekend #tbt

Nice work #soasradio ! Have a listen , you might hear someone familiar about 14 minutes 30 seconds in 😂 https://m.mixcloud.com/SOASradio/nehera-sounds-episode-8-vibe-session-mix/

What's your favourite hip hop song ?

"Alhamdulillah" #familyfeud #jayz #avaduvernay

“I need my paper loan like "A Milli" verse or too long like a sentence from a Philly judge. F**k is the point in all the beefing when we really blood. Nobody wins when the family feuds.” #champagnepapi #freemeekmill

Drake x Pablo Escobar ! Narcos vibes ! #champagnepapi #narcos

The UK is too cold for me ..... Wish I was back enjoying the sun !! #westgate

Put a finger in the sky ... #jcole #4youreyezonlytour

Who knew a documentary series about pizza and whole pizza culture is so interesting . Started watching this in the morning and now finished the series! Which pizza is the best #chicagopizza or #newyorkpizza ? I guess it's like asking what is better #westcoastrap or #eastcostrap ? I enjoy both lol! During the series all the pizza makers say "making pizza is not a job because they love what they do , its like hanging out". I guess watching people do what they love and the passion they have for it is interesting. You can make a documentary on anything ! #vice #thepizzashow

( continuation)
Issa returns to the apartment only to find Lawrence is still there (after going round to pick up the couch) waiting for her. Lawrence wants to apologise for what he said to her in the previous episode. Lawrence then goes on to apologise for not turning out to be the man he thought or wanted to be for her. He acknowledges that if his plans don't go as they are supposed to he shuts down.
Issa apologises for not being strong enough for the both of them while he was in a bad place and she still loves him . They part ways and she shuts the door ( symbolising the end of the relationship). We then go back to Molly and she is getting ready for a visitor she opens the door and it's Dro. We then see Issa pull up to a house knocks on the door the door opens and it's Daniel .
At the end of season 2 you realise everyone has moved on but not enough to stop repeating their mistakes . Bring on Season 3 #insecurehbo

Finally watched the final episode of #insecurehbo season 2. It was structured differently to the normal episodes, which helped shake the season up and give a great ending.
Bravo #issarae one of the best TV writers out there , I can't wait for season 3. I wonder who will be the inspiration to season 3, in season 1 it was littered with Drake lines as dialogue and this season it was Frank Ocean.
The final episode 'Hella perspective' is set out following the 3 main characters Lawrence , Molly and Issa ( in that order) a month in their lives . We follow Lawrence as we have all season trying to move on from his break up with Issa , some of his actions this season have been hard to defend ( even if you are on Lawrence's side) . In this episode he seems to finally be moving on , he has a new girlfriend that he actually cares about. His insecurities come in to play and he seems to have trust issues which is understandable , he seems to be fucking up all the time then he receives a miss call from Issa.
Molly seems to be in a good place after making a hella lot of mistakes during season 1 and 2 trying to find the perfect man to finally settle down with . Over the 30 days she going for job interviews as she feels under valued at work after finding out she gets paid less than her male colleague​ even though she put in more hours and works late nights. Finally concentrating on her career and doing what she should have done by following the money , Molly gets cosey with the guy she considers a homie. Molly gets a call!

Issa is all over the place! While following her for 30 days , her friends seem to be doing well and her life is a mess. After getting over her hoe faze ( as she calls it ). Issa has to move out because the rent has gone up and she can't afford the rent , she decides to move with her annoying brother. As she is packing up she has a yard sale to get rid of some stuff and she runs in to her neighbour bang , who tries to buy the couch her and Lawrence bought together. After the yard sale after deciding not to sell the couch she calls Lawrence and leaves a message saying he can have it and she will be out of the apartment so he doesn't have to see her.

She don't believe in shootin' stars, but she believe in shoes and cars.10 years the sound of rap shifted! #graduation #kanyewest

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