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Anastasia Marie  Stacey Mika ↟ Portland, OR ↟ designer. crafter. wife. mama. founder of Anastasia Marie, a stationery + packaging studio. ➼

How is this fella three weeks old already? Shortly after snapping this photo, Jack started crying. Then, from a different room, you hear Henry hollering, "mama, baby hungry!" The care Henry has for Jack just melts my heart. #jackmika

I'm so ready for this view. 🌸 // Photo from last spring.

Wrapping up my first week back in the office. You know you love what you do when you close up shop for 1.5 weeks and look forward to the day you re-open. And even though Henry tends to find things to do out-of-office when I'm working, Jack likes to lay there and watch the walls. It's definitely different with two, but I wouldn't have it any other way. ❤ #anastasiamariestudio

It's been 11 days since this nougat was born and boy, is it flying. Feels like it was only yesterday that we were at the hospital getting ready to take him home. Really soaking in this stage with my boys since it's flying by way too fast. Henry has taken to giving Jack kisses galore followed by either "cuuuute baby" or "hey buddy" or the occasional "my baby." ❤ #jackmika

When you're pleasantly surprised to find that a box of frozen macaroons tastes better than many you've tried from a bakery. 🙌🏻

Morning selfies. Hard to believe that it's already been a week of carrying this guy in my arms rather than in my belly. #jackmika

Somebody couldn't wait to make his big debut; we welcomed this guy into this world several days earlier than expected! Welcome Jack Thomas, born March 1st at 2:27pm, weighing in at 6lbs11oz and 20" long. #jackmika

The last few days in the studio before I take a small maternity break and Henry is helping out in every way he can by poking around in all my drawers and asking if he can eat the macaroons hanging on my wall every five minutes. Sorry kid, they're not real; it's just a print. #anastasiamariestudio #henrymika

With about a week to go before my due date, I've been chugging raspberry leaf tea and eating more kiwi than I've ever eaten to sweeten the taste. It being Friday, I flipped my planner over to next week to remind myself what I have scheduled and saw "due date." Yup, that's all I have planned, folks: to give birth to our baby boy. Today Henry told him to hurry up and gave my belly a round of pats and kisses. I agree with you, bud, hurry up baby!

He's currently perched on top of the vent giggling about how warm it is and then promptly complains when it turns off. #henrymika

Some new items in my Shop are on sale, including these cute cork tags. Head to the link in my bio and search "sale" in my Shop to see what else is included! #anastasiamarieshop #anastasiamariewraps

Day three of treats from my mama. When she celebrates her birthday, it feels like it's my birthday too!

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