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With about a week to go before my due date, I've been chugging raspberry leaf tea and eating more kiwi than I've ever eaten to sweeten the taste. It being Friday, I flipped my planner over to next week to remind myself what I have scheduled and saw "due date." Yup, that's all I have planned, folks: to give birth to our baby boy. Today Henry told him to hurry up and gave my belly a round of pats and kisses. I agree with you, bud, hurry up baby!

He's currently perched on top of the vent giggling about how warm it is and then promptly complains when it turns off. #henrymika

Some new items in my Shop are on sale, including these cute cork tags. Head to the link in my bio and search "sale" in my Shop to see what else is included! #anastasiamarieshop #anastasiamariewraps

Day three of treats from my mama. When she celebrates her birthday, it feels like it's my birthday too!

Leftover flowers from a surprise intimate family baby shower. The hubs left on a work trip this morning and these blooms (and the sunshine!) are keeping the blues away. I plan on packing my hospital bag this week and finishing up my nesting to-do list. Just under three weeks to go!

All I want to do these days is have family time with my guys. With @jimmymika working what feels like a lifetime of overtime days, we haven't gotten too much of that lately, but at least I'm getting all the snuggles in the world from this guy. It's almost like he feels the big change coming and has been giving his mama and papa an extra dose of cuddles and kisses. #henrymika

Anyone need paper clips? Available in rose gold, copper, and gold in the Shop, freshly restocked! #anastasiamarieshop

Moving Henry out of the smallest room in the house and into a bigger room as we get closer to meeting our next little one. Can't believe H's feet were ever that small. Or that we could be meeting another babe in just 3.5 weeks. Seriously, where does the time go? #henrymika

Added new colors of silk ribbon to the Shop: slate blue, mint green, rose, navy, lavender, light blue, and black. And yes, you can purchase them on wooden spools! #anastasiamarieshop #silkribbon

Three months after getting my fiddle leaf, literally half the leaves fell off in a single week. Ten months later, it finally has as many leaves as it did when I first laid eyes on it. This is one proud plant mama over here. #fiddleleaffig

I'm constantly stepping over half built forts for cars, train tracks leading under the dining room table, random household objects given a brand new identity...and part of me starts going crazy because it's just a mess--everywhere. But then I look at his concentrated face, see his imagination blooming, and embrace the mess. I pour myself a cup of tea, plop down on the couch, and then wait for an invitation to join in. #henrymika

This gallery wall is still a work in process. One green frame, one black frame, and a couple white ones still left to hang up. Who knew we'd be this finicky about putting unnecessary holes in the wall.