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Scud's first vet appointment :). Poor guy has an eye infection

An amazing, vibrant #rainbow today over #socal :)

My favorite tweet of the night... #tonightsfavoritetweet :)

Why are trips to the office store so $$$$$$????

Got another super cute pair of Danskos from eBay and they're soooooo comfy!!!

My life right now. :)

Currently reading/listening #itcanthappenhere #ThePastIsPrologue #sinclairlewis "The Rise of American Authoritarianism
Written in 1935, Sinclair Lewis' novel follows newspaper man Doremus Jessup as he documents the rise of "Buzz" Windrip to the U.S. presidency. Windrip campaigns on an openly racist, misogynistic, and nationalistic platform promising to make Great Depression era America great again. Windrip's eventually beats FDR in the election and quickly turns the Presidency a violent dictatorship, creating a Nazi Germany clothed in red, white, and blue."

Required reading for any crazy person that supports #DeVos for ed secretary, or anyone who just cares about #education or the future of this country #mythsandlies #alternativefacts #NoDevos

My effort to get work done today, photo courtesy of @jadybug88 :) #donotdisturb #werk