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Anastasia  Scriptwriter. Moviemaker. Marketer. Logistician (shipping worldwide, based in Minsk) Dancer of @devildancestudio

Максимально доброе и тёплое фото 😊
@katrin_bogdan 🤗
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Новости смотреть невозможно. Смотришь и видишь, как на твоих глазах горит история... Нотр Дам (Собор Парижской Богоматери), который строился 200 лет, существовал столько столетий, пережил войны... Собор, в котором короновали всех, даже Наполеона... Такой красивый, такой могущественный. Хочется верить, что что-то останется от него, а остальное восстановят, хоть это уже и не совсем то... P.S. Это было больше, чем фото. Это память. Была в нем много раз, заходила несколько раз во время каждого из трёх приездов в Париж. Не потому что «так надо, это же известное место», а потому что он особенный. Для меня Париж - это не только Эйфелева Башня и Лувр, но и Собор Парижской Богоматери, Пер Лашез, Консьержери, Парфенон, Дом Инвалидов, Елисейские поля, Триумфальная арка, красивые сады... И Нотр-Дам был особенным. Обожала сидеть на площади напротив него, заходить внутрь и отдыхать на скамейках на заднем дворе. А во время последнего приезда ходила гулять одна по утрам. И почти каждый раз маршрут лежал через Собор...😭❤️
Но это не конец, верю. До скорого, #друг.❤️
It’s impossible to see what’s going on now... You just look and realize that history is burning right now... Notre Dame... It took 200 years to build it... Notre Dame came to this world so many centuries ago, it survived the wars... This is the place where French Kings actually became Kings... It’s so beautiful, so powerful. I want to believe that at least some parts of it won’t be ruined and other parts hopefully will be reconstructed, although it won’t be the same...
P.S. It’s more than photos. It’s memory. I was several times in Notre Dame, I came inside every time when I came to Paris. Not because I needed to, but because this place is unique. I enjoyed sitting in the square right in front of Notre Dame, came inside and relax in the yard. Last time when I came to Paris I was going for a walk every morning... And almost every time my route included Notre Dame...😭❤️
But I believe #itsnottheend. Till next time #friend ❤️
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The photo full of happiness and love to @nikakljun ❤️
I’ve always wanted to come to your classes! And finally here I am 😊Life is so unpredictable in a good way, I just realize that the real dreams always come true :) I wanted to come to your classes in Belarus some years ago so much, but that time your trip was cancelled... But I came to Greece and was so happy to learn from you finally 😍
Thank you so much for such an amazing energy, positive vibes and your smile! Honestly I felt all this warm energy from you and became even more happy 🤗 Thanks for the teaching! You explain everything in such a great way, you’re such an inspiration! ❤️ Your words were really important. And of course thank you for your choreos! Both of them were so energetic, so amazing, so bright! Each of them was special. Fell in love with them 😍
See you soon in some dance camp for sure 🤗 Love ❤️
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One year. One year since one of the best things happened to me, although I didn’t realize it that time. One year ago I thought it was a bad thing because it was a huge pain. But now I realize that the world knew that the loss would be actually the gain for me. Grateful. Should I celebrate my growth and luck? ☺️
Look at me now! Wanna know how I feel? Relieved ✨
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Yeah, impudence, shamelessness and lack of education can definitely help you open some doors guys. But only those doors which have already been located somewhere near you. Which are not better than those which you’ve already opened. Which are not anywhere higher. And when you open all these doors... You’re in the dead end. And you can only stay near this deadlock...suffering... Or you can fall even lower. The most funny thing is this situation when a person opens a door thinking it makes him any better, although you know for sure that this door will lead him back. A road to cliff. And that’s such a reasonable result for all your shitty actions.🙃For all your envy, betrayal, disloyalty... But you understand it when everything’s over, when it’s too late to change it. And it is a good thing.
Because all people are complicated! But there are the ones who are definitely shitty and the ones who’re always trying to be the best version of themselves. And even shitty people can have this moment in their life when they still can turn to the right direction... Like a last chance. And if you fuck it up... You’re done ✌🏽Honestly, I’ve seen such moments so many times... And this is what karma looks like. It gives you one chance to change, but if you don’t take it... it’ll break you one day. So far so good. But this post is about good people👇🏿
Intelligence, great mind, education, kindness, support, hard work always give you more chances. They open the doors which are located on higher levels. You go and go, achieve and achieve. And you get it. No need to be smug, but it’s definitely a reason to be proud of yourself if you’re smart like this. Just let’s be smart, let’s be kind, let’s be reasonable as we are now. Takers will be beaten, but givers won’t. Just don’t be a giver who gives to a taker... it’s not smart. Help those who really needs and appreciates it, otherwise it’ll hurt you too. Let’s educate ourselves even more. Information leads us to the achievements which stupid people can’t see. Year after year I understood these things... So step back bitches, you’re already beaten 🙃
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This post is all about happiness and support ❤️
It was my first time at @phil_wright_ classes... And I’m still impressed...
Phil thank you so so so much for the most incredible thing in my life... You showed how the real support should look like. You show us how it feels! I’ll never forget this moment I swear. When in the end of the first class all the people around including me were trying to support everyone who was dancing... every second! Honestly, I felt like I won’t have voice tomorrow haha, but I was so happy!!! Happy to support people, happy to dance, happy to share this atmosphere! All these people, all this support... It was so special. I honestly changed after this moment and I miss it a lot. Thank you for your words, thank you for your belief 🙏🏾The atmosphere in your classes is unique and special. And thanks for you jokes, they are the best 😃
I really miss you and can’t wait for the moment when I’ll learn from you again 🤗
And thank you for the choreos! They were amazing! I love dancing full out even if I don’t feel my body anymore 🤣 The first class was so cool, so impressive, I could dance it more and more! So amazing, so needed! And the second one was even more special for me, because it was the perfect way to wake us up, to start the day, to become better and push ourselves to do more. It was difficult for me to do some steps and movements because I have some problems with my legs... but you know what? I’ve been doing such movements which I’ve never done before, which I had no idea I could do! It meant a lot to me to realize and understand that I can do more than I think. Thanks for your teaching, for the atmosphere, for inspiration and motivation. I love you and hope to see you soon 🙏🏾❤️
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Just feel these happy vibes ✨
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It’s always been such a dream to learn from the legend @brianfriedman 🙏🏾And it became true... Can’t explain how happy and inspired I was and still am ❤️
4 classes, all of them were absolutely different and so amazing... Wonderful and super stylish and tasty #sushi, powerful and beautiful #strip, super sexy and so special with unique atmosphere #betweenthelines and unbelievably beautiful #loveubetter 🙏🏾❤️ I could write the whole post about each class, because it was absolutely great! Yeah, every class was difficult, but that’s also the beauty, because it pushes to do more, to try more, to learn... I got so many thoughts from each class, such a huge inspiration and understanding of how to improve myself now, what to do and what to change... These classes really changed my mind in such a great way! You’re the best teacher ever!
Thank you so much Brian! I will never forget your words about improvisation, about dance etiquette, about performance... So many things are right in my mind now🙏🏾You taught a lot through your words and through your dancing... You gave so many advices which can help to improve myself both technically and in my mind. You are special! Love you and miss you so much... Thank you for your words, for your teaching, for your beautiful choreos and just for everything! I could look at you forever when you’ve been dancing 😊
Hope to see you again soon ❤️
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With one and only @jadebug98 ❤️
I’ve heard about NMDF from Jade’s insta, then saw the line up... And honestly it looked unbelievable because all the legendary dancers and choreographers were there! But this girl is the one who I wanted to see so much, because in her 20s she is such a beautiful soul, amazing dancer and definitely a person from whom you can learn so much. So I was sure I’m coming from Belarus to Greece to learn and improve myself.
@jadebug98 I’m so impressed by your choreos 🙏🏾 Both of them were absolutely different and so amazing! Loved learning them and dancing, diving into our own stories. The first choreo was so stylish, so cool, I really enjoyed the vibes and moves! And the second one was so beautiful, so lovely, so honest and nice... Unbelievable 🙏🏾Thanks for your words, for your advices. You told a lot of things which definitely can help to perform and grow as a dancer and as a person as well. You’re such a great dancer, so honest and beautiful, thanks for sharing your knowledge (on how to become a better dancer) with us, honestly I’ve never heard such advices, so it was so special! I’m always thinking about these things now and it helps!
And I’m impressed that you have such a deep thoughts, important values and you’re mature! And in the same time you’re always laughing, smiling... This is a perfect combination! To be happy and deep ☺️ Thanks for your warm words, for your smile and for your teaching! You’re the inspiration! And when you’ve been dancing choreos of other amazing choreographers I was speechless, because it was so honest and beautiful... You were into your stories while dancing and that’s so great to see. Can’t wait to see you again, to talk, to learn from you... See you in Europe 🤗 Or in the USA 😊Love you Jade!
@shurene Just wanted you to see it too, because your daughter was such a light on the convention. Great people came there! So we are waiting for you in Europe too 😊
@nmdfconvention thanks for bringing Jade ❤️🤗 See you next year!
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I guess it’s time to post some videos and photos and tell more about these amazing 3 days on @nmdfconvention 😍
Because I’m still so happy and inspired... That was amazing!
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