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Ana Montiel  👁 mapping the unconscious 👁

My newest giant has arrived to @_josegarciamx 🙌🏻 (thanks for the ride @morilloshk 🕊!) 〰️ Pics by @lets_lets_lets 💛

Last week of “Polyphonies of Perception (the things we thought we saw together)” at @_josegarciamx 👁✋🏻👁 I’ll be visiting the gallery often these last days, come say hi! ♡

“Verses of Light, Color and Uncertainty (27)” is part of “Polyphonies of Perception (the things we thought we saw together)” 〰️ now on view at @_josegarciamx 👯‍♀️👯‍♂️👯‍♀️👯‍♂️👯‍♀️👯‍♂️👯‍♀️

Fanum no.1 (Inner Sun) is a liturgy/exhibition composed by several stages, the final one being Inner Sun (Lumen Naturae), a light and sound piece that materializes inside each of its witnesses.

Lumen Naturae is a term from the alchemic tradition that refers to the idea of light within darkness, or inner light 👁✨👁 The tradition of inducing extra-ordinary states of consciousness through sound and flickering lights is not new. There are stories that tell how Nostradamus rhythmically shook his hand while staring at the sun in order for the flickering sunlight to alter his waking state, yaki indians have been known to play with flashlights during peyote ceremonies and more recently Brion Gysin and William Borroughs created the “dream machine”. A rotating device to look at with your eyes closed that produces visual stimuli. In the recent decades we’ve seen a revisitation of flickering light in rave culture, where states of transcendence once again are aided with repetitive music and flashing lights.
Auditory driving (inducing altered states of consciousness through steady drumming) is still the most widely used tool in shamanic traditions around the world to enter a state of trance.
The soundtrack of each of the Inner Sun (Lumen Naturae) performances is unique and created in-situ by @soloosel while he experiences the flickering lights himself 〰️ The clip above is a peek into the past January 21th lunar eclipse liturgy at @_josegarciamx Merida 🌚🌝

Witnessing as a creative act. Here we are, looking through a window only to find our reflection on the glass. The I in the eye. An analogy for our embodied consciousness co-creating all that we perceive. The realm of experience is the realm of illusion. This, our reality, is nothing but an illusion we share. Isn’t it romantic?

Scenes from the interior. What is the nature of the things we perceive? If we process our whole embodied experience internally, how can we even expect objectivity from them? Wouldn’t the internal processing turn them into intimate or even subjective input? Perception is always biased, how can I know if these colours that I’m seeing in front of me are as I see them, or completely different?
Altered states of openness. Inner music. Transmissions from the interior. Look at us, creating a symphony inside ourselves putting together the unison of stimuli coming in and the ones we make up. Perception as creation. A polyphony of sorts.

But what is consciousness? A light within that illuminates the shape of things and creates meaning? Conjectures, conjectures... knowing is impossible, we only think we know. The pillars of knowledge are built on conjectures. The realm of uncertainty. Can we transcend thought and dive together into the vast amount of silence we all share while we go within? Opening ourselves to the dimension of the undefined. What can’t be named, explained, defined with the language tools that are available. Elation in the shape of not-knowing. A liberation from suppositions. A restriction that in reality never was.

A magnetic field becoming visible. Incantations from the other side. We are tearing the veil. A glitch in perception is like a glimpse into otherness. A gleam of understanding. The idea of reality is not relevant anymore. Perception disincarnate. A coda into the unknown.

Litany is part of “Inner Sun”, the solo exhibition I made in collaboration with @soloosel that is on at @_josegarciamx Merida 🖖🏻🌞 (sound 🔛 if you want to listen the feng gongs in slow motion! ;) *You can watch the complete video on my website 👀

My paintings “Regarding Consciousness” 2 and 3 are at @zonamaco in the good company of @tezontle_studio @tomasdiazcedeno @alexiszambrano and Eamon Ore-Giron. If you are around, pop-by @peana_ ‘s booth and say hi! 👻

Feeling moved and grateful after yesterday’s opening. Thanks a lot to everyone who came!! 🙏🏻✨💙 Gracias especiales a @_josegarciamx por el apoyo y la confianza 🕊

#thethingswethoughtwesawtogether #anamontiel

Next Monday —Feb 4th at 7pm— opens “Polyphonies of Perception (the things we thought we saw together)”, my solo show at @_josegarciamx gallery in Mexico City 〰️ If you are around for Art Week come and join us in a celebration of color and friendship 💛

The painting above (Verses of light, color and uncertainty 17) is 150cm tall and will be part of the exhibitition 🕊

INNER SUN: after the performance and the eclipse 🌚🌝 (pic @lets_lets_lets )

INNER SUN (FANUM no.1) (connecting with the light within in order to transcend it) is an exhibition at @_josegarciamx Merida by @soloosel and me 〰️ We’ll be hosting a special ceremony/performance next Sunday (January 20th) in aligment with the full supermoon lunar eclipse. Please, do join us if you are around 🖖🏻🌝 #letspointtothegatesofthesunandthelandofdreams .

( 🔊 sound on)
During last week’s solstice, @soloosel and I opened “Inner Sun” at the wonderfully unique open space gallery @_josegarciamx has in Merida 🖖🏻🌞 More than an exhibition, “Inner Sun” is a set of tools for the visitor to connect with their innermost self, and transcend it (at least a bit) 🤞🏻🌚 We’ll be hosting a special gathering/performance there during the January 20th full lunar eclipse. If you want/can, please do join us, we’d love to have you and connect in-situ 〰️

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