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Big thanks to the homie @theeoriginalcopy for lacing me with the super clean promo copy! πŸ’ͺ #BabyHuey #PsychedelicSoul #Soul

Looking forward to this tomorrow night! ⛏⛏⛏ @Regrann from @beatbox_records - Our Producer Meet-up is a monthly event where producers come to share ideas/beats/sets, network with others, share gear tips, and generally do whatever the hell they'd like.

A couple months back we started putting headliners on the bill to share exclusive sets, and we're going to keep that going this month.

Tuesday March 7th, we'll be introducing a really versatile line-up of producers.

First, @analog_burners a friend of the shop who's spun here multiple times. Next week he'll be rocking a beat set. His set is heat, I heard some of it last week.
We're also bringing another amazing San Diego-based producer & artist, @throwback_zack This is beyond the 'hip-hop beat spectrum'. Dude rocks keys and talkbox live alongside his production. Shit will be next level for this event.
Lastly, our dude @christopherchoz1n, a unique and amazing LA-based but Ohio-bred producer/singer/emcee will be traveling to bring us his newest set. Bugged-out, spaced age shit. You need to hear it live to hear what I mean.
Free Event, starts at 7p.
See you then.

#barriologan #afterhours #beatxrhymes #producers #sandiegohiphop #sdhiphop #samples # #newsounds #sandiego #production #arrangement #network #newideas #freeevent #organic #vibe - #regrann

There's really nothing like that Leslie sound. Big thanks to @surefiresoulensemble for the recordings today πŸ‘Œ

πŸ‘Œ @drb_drumetrics @ricky_regretti πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ⛏⛏

πŸ‘Œ thanks for the adapter @ben_diggin #LynChristopher #45friday

Glad to add the 404 to the lineup & ready to put it work #SP404SX

Good hang with @ricky_regretti today. These dudes are wilding 😡😡

Finding an Axe record in the wild is always a great feeling, and they stay filed, sometimes in multiples. Besides the crate classics, I gotta give it up for this one though.
This record changed the way I listened to music in the early 00s, thanks to my homie @stainlessone. Pretty much every recording I make has this in LP in mind. One of my favorite memories was hanging out with Airto & chopping it up about this record.
Not really ever considered or mentioned when an Axelrod discussion occurs, but def the one that means the most in my world. They were really on some shit.
RIP #DavidAxelrod #CannonballAdderley #BlackMessiah

✊ -> I'll always appreciate @eyeone_sh!

@Regrann from @eyeone_sh - The bridges that have been built from all corners of the planet to these lands and skies are neither few nor weak. Sometimes with gazes, sometimes with words, always with our struggle, we have crossed them to embrace those who also resist and struggle. - Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos - #regrann

Thanks to my man Chavez GEE for the fresh artwork for a little EP I put together using the Sun Ra Moog experiment LP I picked up in Ann Arbor a few months ago. Looking forward to finishing it up & getting it cut!
@Regrann from @myworldizblue - Astro Black Attack in the works with m'man @analog_burners . Some cosmic slap comprised of Sun Ra samples. Limited wax release. Will keep you posted! πŸ‘€πŸŒŸπŸŒ™πŸŽ† (Cover art by me) - #regrann

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