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Jealousy 🧠
You know what? 🤷‍♀️ There is a thing, I don’t know how to feel it 😄 But I can imagine that it is a huge damaging energy, first of all for one itself. 💔 My point of view is that I will never be someone else & someone will never be me.‼️ Its very important to know your best and worst sides. 🌼 Thats how you can improve your best qualities and lower or hide to maximum your bad ones. I see so many beautiful women, I will always compliment them, because they are working on themselves! 👸 I see so many rich people, It makes me feel motivated and proves me that everything is possible, especially when they share their stories of success. 📚💰 Just do what you need to do to achieve your goals & let the surrounding beauty and power be your motivators not the points of jealousy ‼️⚖️⏳🔮❤️

Chilling in my @ironbymironova 🔞
📸 @evelynmeis_photography

Autumn colours & lines 🧡🔞🍁
Photo 📸 @evelynmeis

Притяжение 🌀🖤
Dress ✂️
Photo 📸 @evelynmeis

📽 MoViE TiMe 🤩 Yesterday we were at “Star is born”, well..went out of the movie without an opinion about it 👀 What was the main thought? 🤷‍♀️ It was long and not the most pleasant choise to look when you are tired and want to relax in the late evening 😄 &..the love story was beautiful, but I can’t stand weak men... 🤷‍♀️💥🤭💔
🎀 My outfit by @rolandasimonaviciute 🍁👸


Личико ангельское, а характер такой что черти в аду Бога молят её в рай забрать, лишь бы не к ним 😈💔


Mano naujas megstukas jaukiems rudenelio vakarams is @saz_wear 🍁🧡

Drauges 👭❤️ esu labai laimingas zmogus, turiu pacius patikimiausius zmones savo rate, su kuriais galiu pasidalinti savo gyvenimu. Visada siekiu daug ir gyvenu neatsigrezdama atgal, daznai gyvenimas mane bando ir apdovanoja - panasu i amerikietiskus kalnelius 🎢🤪 Vienas dalykas, kurio niekada neiskeisciau tai mano artimi zmones, mano drauges, kurios visada uz mane pasidziaugs, liudeti man niekas neduoda 🤭 Pakels, spirs i sikna ir primins kas as esu ir ka as galiu. 😈 Konstruktyvi kritika, palaikymas del bet kokio priimto sprendimo. Stipri meile ir rupestis. Tai yra draugyste. Ne pletkai, ne vakareliai, ne komplimentai. Ta, kuri pades tau nelaimeje, bet nuosirdziai nesugebes pasidziaugti tavo sekme, tau ne drauge. Ta, kuri leis jos akivaizdoje apie tave pasakyti bloga zodi, tau ne drauge. Ta, kuri leptels fraze su pavydo gaidele, tau ne drauge. Ta kurios patarimai neves taves i prieki, tau ne drauge. Atsargiai rinkites ka isileisti i savo gyvenima, nuo to priklauso ar laistysit graziausias geles ar nepailstamai rausit piktzoles. 🌺 Priestaravimai ? 😼 #friendship

Oh dear diamonds don’t crack, they cut 💎👅

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