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Spent an English Summer day with @nityauppal @groverchirag7 in @aasthauppal @kamy77's gorgeous backyard ❤️🌳🌴🌺 #friendslikefamily #london2018

Always looking up to the men in my life. Happy father's day to both you amazing Dad's ❤️🤗 #love #everyday #thankyou #fathersday

Warm seasonal millet salad 🥗🌱
At Smaka pa Stockholm (Taste of Stockholm) stage and we had 15mins to cook something, it could be from your native place, it could be something local! I decided to champion Millets. What are Millets? While most Indian do know what Millets are, I'll still repeat for the others to know the importance of it. Millets are a type of grain, common examples are ragi, buckwheat, sorghum (jowar), bajra, kodo millet, foxtail millet, amaranth and many more. They are gluten free, high on protein, they keep you full for a longer period of time, they are sustainable as they use 1/10th the amount of water used for rice, and trust me they have a distinct earthiness which as a chef I love cooking with. These Millets are from @originalindiantable Here is the recipe:
For the Millets:
Kodo millets - 500gm (you can use buckwheat or foxtail)
Olive oil or any local oil - 3tbsp
Onions - 2large
Tomatoes - 4large and some cherry tomatoes
Green chillies - 3/4 depending on how how you want it
Ginger garlic paste - 1tbsp
Parsi Sambar Masala - 2tsp
Coriander stems/leaves - a handful
You can chop up anything you like or have in the fridge. In my mystery basket I had the following:
Cucumber - 2
Rhubarb - 1/2 stick
Bellpeppers - 3
Red radish - 10
Spring onion - 2-3
For the dressing :
Lemon juice from 5-6 lemons (small ones if large then 2)
Olive oil - 10tbsp
Red chilli - 4
Mint - 1tbsp
Coriander - 2tbsp
Salt and pepper
Garnish :
Lemon wedges, chillies, amaranth pops and black rice pops
1. Wash the Millets a minimum of three times. It's removes bitterness.
2. In a pot add the Millets and double of that of water, cook for 15-20mins remove and spread out in a big tray. Pour some olive oil and mix.
4. Fine chop all the veggies that you want to add. Keep aside
5. Slice the onions and tomatoes, green chillies. In a pan, add oil and cook with gg paste and masala and mix in the millets.
6. For the dressing, mix up all the ingredients. If you want to add some chilli sauce or vinegar add now.
7. Toss it all up and serve!
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Food brings us together 👫
On the mainstage at Smaka på Stockholm (Taste of Stockholm) we were paired in teams and I was fortunate to work with a doctor, a chef and absolutely amazing human being @sandrodemaio CEO @eatfoundation
We had 15 minutes to prepare something for a hundred people live on stage. We decided to make a healthy, sustainable and easy Millets salad using whatever ingredients in our mystery basket (yes, will share recipe soon!) It was so much fun an such an amazing experience ❤️🌎
Swipe right to all the pictures.
@chefsmanifesto @youngchefsforum @tastingindia @originalindiantable
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At Smaka på Stockholm (Taste of Stockholm) yesterday I found some yogurt, overripe strawberries and bread going bad (if not used the same day) We had to make capanes for lots of people in the area so decided to do a spiced yogurt (like a raita but thicker and with cumin and red chilli) halved strawberries, coriander stems (which were being thrown away) toasted sesame seeds all on bread. And it turned out beautiful.
Key: Don't let food go to waste. Create, love and feed everyone around you. Use what's seasonal and local. It's one of the sustainable development global goals and it's something that I live by.
P.S. I'm sure you can do the same 😘👩‍🍳❤️🌎
Thank you @dennistheprescott for the picture!
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It's an amazing feeling to be representing India and @sbowindia 🇮🇳 at the #ChefsManifesto in Stockholm, Sweden. It's an even better to meet so many chefs from different countries, sharing ideas and their practices to achieve the UN global goals in collaboration with @eatfoundation
The last few days have been the beginning of a journey and the next few days are power packed too.
Keep a look out 👊👨‍🍳👩‍🍳
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Thai Cucumber Summer Salad 🌼
My idea of cooking at home is something quick, easy and delish. This one is a cooling, refreshing summer salad. It's something that can be made for a party (to impress them with your cucumber cutting skills) made at home for lunch or dinner when you just want to have a one bowl salad or as a side dish when you make some Pad Thai. I've assembled this salad in a gorgeous bowl and tapas plates that I got from @goodearthindia (they are stunning!) It makes the salad look even better 🌿🥗
So here it goes:
Cucumbers - 4pieces (or more)
Coriander leaves - a small bunch
Mint - 15/20leaves
Peanuts - 2handfuls
For the dressing:
Red chilli - 1 desseded and fine chopped (more if you like it spicier)
Olive oil - 2tbsp
Honey - 2tbsp
Soy sauce - 1/2tbsp (a light soy works, you could increase the amount if you find it too light)
Vinegar - 1tbsp (I love apple cider vinegar, but you can use any!)
Jaggery - 1tbsp
Garlic - 1 clove minced
Salt to taste
Crushed pepper - as you like
Lemons - 2
Mint and coriander - fine chopped
1. Wash all the cucumber and the green leafy veggies. If they are Desi do remove the skin and make sure that it's not bitter, if they are not you don't need to remove the skin.
2. Cut them into rounds, not too thin and then with a small cutter or bottle cap remove the seeds. Keep the seeds and the skins in a jug to flavour your water throughout your day. #ZeroWastage
3. Roast the peanuts in a pan with a little bit of salt. Crush with a morter and pestle. Keep aside.
4. For the dressing, combine all the ingredients and mix with a spoon. Check if you'd like it spicier or sweeter. Do adjust accordingly.
5. In a bowl, put the cucumber rings, pour over the dressing and the peanuts, mix well.
6. Garnish with coriander and mint leaves. And your salad is ready!
Tip: You can also add more ingredients and make it elaborate (think shredded chicken, prawns, bellpeppers, vermicilli)
P.S. I've highlighted it on my profile too!
Don't forget to try the recipe and tag me! I love seeing you guys cook🤗
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Happy Sunday y'all from this beautiful city 💕✨
This city never fails to amaze me, every corner is pretty! #Jaipur 📷 @kanupriya.bishnoi
#EasyBreezy #cottons #colours #indian #SundayFunday

Eggs Kejriwal
First and most important fact: this recipe, this dish has nothing to do with Arvind Kejriwal. This is a dish we make @sbowindia and is extremely popular. The name of the dish originates in Wellington club in Bombay where Mr. Devi Prasad Kejriwal post his tennis practice used to order a toast with cheese and green chillies with a sunny side egg on top. His friends also started ordering 'Get me the same dish as Kejriwal eats' and thus came about the name. Today, there are many versions. Ours has mushroom and cheese and we bake ours to make it all a gooey comfort mess.
So here goes the recipe, I love it because it's easy and delicious.
2 Eggs
1 Bread slice
1 Fried chilli chopped (you can use regular green chilli too)
25gms sauteed mushroom
50gms cheese sauce (if you don't have cheese sauce you can just grate some cheese, I use any kind of cheese when I make it at home)
1 cheese slice
50gms grated cheese
Coriander to garnish
1. Cut the corners of the bread and toast in the oven without butter. Cut into 4 pieces
2. Add the mushrooms and cheese sauce and green chillies
3. Put the cheese slice on top of the mushrooms
4. Make a sunny side fried egg and put on top of the bread 
5. Top with more grated cheese, salt and pepper
6. Bake in the oven till the cheese has melted
Chefs tip: you can use any leftovers in this cheesy toast. I use sausages and chicken if left over, you can add tomatoes or potatoes, anything you like. If you want it spicier them you can put some chilli garlic spread or any chilli sauce❤️🍳
Do share pictures of your own creation of Eggs Kejriwal and tag me. Happy cooking and
P.S. full time chef, part time hand model to create these amazing videos for you 😂😘
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Dhana Jeeru Masala 👳🇮🇳🍛
It was Masala day on the 20th of May and I did a small live video on @sbowindia page in which I told you about the Parsi masalas we use in a Parsi kitchen. The one very important Masala used in the ever famous Dhansak is the Dhana Jeeru Masala (there is no such thing as Dhansak masala) I showed you how to make it and promised to share the recipe.
It's not very easy, it might take you a couple of hours but it's well worth it.
I'm sharing this amazing recipe! (Yes I am a chef who shares recipes, I want you guys to cook and enjoy every bit of it!) So here it goes:
500gms coriander seeds
100gms cumin seeds
50gms black pepper
50gms fenugreek seeds
50gms black mustard seeds
150gms red chilli kashmiri
100gms haldi powder
25gms tej patta
25gms star anise
25gms clove
10gms cinnamon
10gms ginger powder
10gms green cardamom
1. Check and clean all the masala one day before and keep it out in the sun.
2. Dry roasted all the Masalas separately as each of them needs their own time depending on the size. Don't burn the spices
3. Cool and combine all the Masalas
4. Grind it and then sieve it.
5. Store it in an airtight container for as long as you like
You can use this masala to make the ever famous Dhansak, I add in kebabs and chicken curries, mutton sukka or any mutton dishes. It's just like a garam Masala, but the spice blend is different.
I hope you enjoy making it, do share your pictures and tag me.
Happy cooking ❤️👩‍🍳
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