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When you started primary school, i was form 2 and we had to bus home to Mangere from Papatoetoe. I had to watch @dinalings coz she used to walk up and down the bus and sit with random people trying to play even when the "big" AO students used to get on so i had to keep my eye on her lol. You were still so small for your age i had to walk you into the bus and go to the seat closest to the back door so it was easy to get out, and Id pick you up and lay you across my lap and let you fall asleep like a baby til we get to our stop on Massey Road across from Sulifa and Soane's house. The older kids used to get on and think its weird but i didnt care as long as you were comfortable and ok. 21 years later, im still carrying you! Time to grow up my weird little butterfly πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Happy birthday @lasikoolkat , time to put away the panda everything and spread your wings 🀣🀣 jokes. Will always be here to carry you. Thank you for heightening everything that comes your way, except your height πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ enough jokes, love you Raj see you when i carry you home from work πŸ˜†πŸ˜† #MyLilMissionarySister #OurFamilyIsBlessedWithHer

It's early Sunday morning and i cant stop thinking about you. I remember Sunday mornings growing up with you, i watched you do your early bakery runs for french sticks and tank bread, you sitting at the piano playing & writing on music sheets, finishing off some piece of music while brass is blasting through the stereo. I remember brass band practises in Onehunga at the school near Ti Pepa's house, brass lessons at home at Rimini place, Manukau choir practises at Palaki and Vainiaku's warehouse/workshop in Otara, Band practises at Ngalutuku, church choir practises, sometimes a run around Waipuna finishing off with fresh tank bread, block butter and fizzy drink to pour in the bread (i think its a Tongan thing lol), dragging @misdemeanor12 @princess_loula27 and I to go sauna and swim with you at Jellico, washing at the laundromat in Otara that took like half the day, meetings at church, meetings with extended family, running away to Nena and Pa's house, packing up our rides for Sunday cruises, meetings with people who needed assistance from the community. What people call a lazy Sunday, was never lazy for you. I miss you Dad 😒

Today marks 15 years since you fell asleep. I am still learning how to do things without you. I love you and cant wait for the reunion in the sky on that morning that has been promised. Rest in His perfect love dad ❀

Happy birthday to my lil brother @yaboy__jojo_ I love you. Thank you for taking care of business in our family and now your own 😘

Happy birthday Yardley MANOA! You are such a special blessing to our family as a whole. YOU ARE SO LOVED! Thank You Jesus for our precious Yardley β™‘β™‘β™‘

Happy 1st birthday to you my lil hunny Jojo! Thank You Father for this lil blessing! Love you too much baby boy. You are sooooo loved. My prayer is that you know Him and that us as family around you become the best example for you, and show You Jesus in all we do. Looking forward to watching you grow. Love you Joseph xox

Happy birthday to my lil bro Norbert George! Was gonna do throwbacks like your other sisters but Im the cool the one, aye? Lol. Praising God for you and I sppreciate you so much! Thank you for always being there especially when we need you. Hope you enjoy your weekend. Love you! (Thanks for covering our butts for tomorrow lol) @norb1607

When someone loves you so much that they lift you up to the Throne of Grace, AND you don't even know it... and you be wondering, what was it that made you finally fall asleep or why you suddenly feel peace in your heart or why it is you finally stopped crying or why things are slowly falling into place and making sense one thing at a time.... ...It's because someone knew it was out of man's control and took it to the Master for you.... Humbled.

#HappyPrepDay #SomeoneIsPrayingForYou #ILoveYou #TakeMeToTheKing #LordHaveYourWay #Brotherhood #IGotYourBack #IllPrayForYou #HeWillCarryYou

Happy 2nd birthday my hunny Naui. Love my 1 note harmony Moana lol. Love you everyone's best friend β™‘

#NauiFinallyTurnsDu #OneNoteWonder #Niecey #MiracleBaby #ThankYouHeavenlyFather

I have been so busy in the last couple weeks, work, fundraiser, youth, my beloved Mrs Upton's funeral, my Mummy Tai's funeral and burial yesterday. In between everything, prepping for this mission in Niue.
Thank You Heavenly Father for strength, patience, low anxiety lol opening opportunies, a clear mind to do everything properly and for hand picking filthy sinners like us to use. I pray You hide us behind the cross andd only YOUR will be done. Please be with our loved ones we have left behind and keep them safe until we return. We love you, in Jesus' name, Amen.
My mum is the best, emotional reading her text this morning. We love you mum. A blessing knowing she is supporting us and praying for us even though we are all still mourning over our Mummy Tai. Please @brittameekaho and Mana make sure mum doesnt drive at night lol. Praying for you all

#ConnectInPrayer #UseMe #ThyWillBeDone #NiueMission2017

There'll be no sorrow there
No more burdens to bear
No more sickness, no pain
No more parting over there
And forever i will be
With The One who died for me
What a day, glorious day
That will be

1 more night with you Mummy Tai.

#FataiMoeManu #HOPOATE #KAHOMOVAILAHI #Aching #TimePleaseSlowDown #LordSendYourPeace #ThisPartingIsPainful #HoldOn #BlessedHope

Happy birthday to you my dear sister @narnie_latu you already know where you stand in my heart. I do not deserve the love you show our family and I, but i hope you know, you are appreciated and I praise God for you. Hope you feel better soon sis. See you in the weekend. Love you xox

Happy 4th Birthday (in an 8 year old's body haha) Ositini Hale Jr, my dad's namesake who is nothing like him except for his ability to bring joy in our lives lol. Nah, he can sing like dad and jokes around like dad too. You are so special to us, trouble is i think you know it lol. Hope you have an awesome day at school today baby and we'll see you later on. I love you!

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