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Drink up it's Clare's birthday weekend

I'm Ana and you're watching Disney channel (oh the things you find while cleaning your room)

Spotted: the Tiller whale in her natural habitat

They're my favorites. Watch outsiders on WGN tonight 9

Sister, sister mother made this for me and I'm not mad about it #ionlylistentopony

Find a boy you can be silly with (Valentine's dinner was postponed due to bed times)

$8 for a corona is madness

We're not really F•R•I•E•N•D•S (having the three of us in the same city and on a film lot is scary)

Liar liar 👖 on 🔥

I've spent far too many hours at this museum but it was worth every minute

Snapbacks & (henna) tattoos #henna #imissmexico #potatoes