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✨ANA||Hernandez  Mom x 3 boys💙:: Wife of a Captain MDFR:: Mompreneur+Fitness Coach:: Yoga indeed 🌱 Aries girl ♈️ Fashion Obsessed

All about that #betterlife 🙌🏼💯#itsalifesyle

That HOT flow Tuesday with some of ma ladies.... There’s nothing better than crushing your workout with mommas who are looking to reach success.
#hotmamas #goalcrushing #shakeodrinking #80dayobsession #anagetsobsessed #day58done✔

It’s definitely been one hell of a journey. One decision that has completely changed me from the inside out. People constantly ask me how do you it but the question I should be asked is “Why do I do it?” To feel good, to look good. to be comfortable in my own skin and most importantly to be happy. This journey has taught me so much more than just working towards my goals but also to embrace each imperfection. Three full term pregnancies was not easy on my body. I have stretch marks, a mom pouch and excess skin but every day I put in the work that will help me be better than I was yesterday.
I want more ladies to not just watch me but JOIN ME. With a little accountability, motivation and hard work you can achieve so much more than you think. I remember telling myself “this is it for me”, “I will never feel confidant and comfortable with my body.” Little did I know that by just showing up everyday in my exercises and creating a nutrition plan that would work best for me and my schedule that I would have abs under neath it all. I am a mom, wife and business owner and is woman can truly do anything we set our minds to because let’s NEVER forget we can create human life within our bodies and that my friends is some POWERFUL shit. STOP thinking and START by making ONE decision.
#momwithmuscles #postpartumbody #embracetheimperfections #momgoals #absunderneathitall #smashinggoals #puttingworkineveryday #noexcusesonlyreasons #naturalbirths #3fulltermpregnancies #workingonmyself #momsmatter #goalstoachieve #ihadtoridthoserolls

That energize had me on fire 🔥 today. Alfie had to ask me “whatever you took I need some of that!” 🤣🤣🤣 Good bye 👋🏼 Day 57 ✌🏼
#gettingshitdone #daybyday #everydaycounts #keeppushing #noexcuses #mamaofboys #workingtowardsmygoals #bikinireadyproject #abscomeback #postpartumbody #embraceyourflaws

The one person who is constantly telling me how proud he is of me. Of all the hard-work I’ve put into reaching my goals, the constant hours I put into my business (and his of course 🤣) and how I manage to maintain the house clean and make sure the boys get all their hw and basketball training in. It’s tough work being a parent but you push through and just get shit done. And just like you have ZERO excuses to not continue to be a parent there should be no excuses to work on being a more fit and healthy momma/ wife for them.
#familylife #mylove #mybiggestsupporter #mybestfriend #hedrivesmecrazy #icantgetenough #mysoontobechief #mybiggestlove #mypartnerinlife #myhusband❤️ #throughthickandthin #Sundaymood

A huge milestone ♥️ Celebrating 41 years of marriage with my parents on this beautiful Sunday .
Marriage requires so much to keep it together and make it last a lifetime. Lots of ups and downs but you somehow see the best in all life has to offer. They have taught us so much in life including much sacrifice. We love you Mami and Papi and wish you all the best today and always.
#keepdoinglifetogether #mybeautifulparents

Saturdays workout was completed by 💯 commitment. I knew I’d be in basketball games all day with the boys, Alfie on a 24hr shift so early am for me and it was oh so worth it. Day 56 ✅
#goalsearching #basketballmomma #basketballlife #SATURDAYWOD #anagetsobsessed #noexcusesonlyreasons #80dayobsession

Though most days I wish he would just sleep 😴 and stay in his own bed, I’ve come to realize to treasure these nights cuddled in bed with him because soon he’ll be all grown up. And though I get kicked and smacked through my sleep I’m grateful that for now he still loves sleeping with his momma.
#momentsiwillforevertreasure #mybabyboy #mylittlestlove #aneveningjusthimandI #mylittletwin #mumofboys #Fridaynightcuddles #cuddledwithmybaby #thoseeyelashes #canihavehislashes #hugyourchildrenalittlerighter

Flexing on this Friday. 💪🏼
-yes it’s hard making time for you
-yes there are tons of excuses we can use to get us out of exercising
-yes it’s going to be hard work, dedication and commitment
BUT when you see that by doing all the hard things it brings you contentment and health it’s all worth it.
#workonyou #mamatime #flexfriday #noexcusesjustreasons #bettereachday #momof3boys #boymom #basketballmom #wifetoafireman #busymom #maketimeforyou #progressnotperfection #allworthit #documentingeveryworkout

Just a girl with her new #nikepresto What can I say?!! The obsession is REAL. 👟
#thatolivegreentho #thatsneakerlife

What was only a 1 hour workout turned into 2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 That’s what happens when life kicks in and there’s not enough time to get together more often to do all the talking. Well we also videoed AND since we are in PHASE 3 we are learning new moves which require watching, pausing and then putting moves into action. .
Nothing matters except we completed Day 54 together and man did it leave us out of breathe😲 but together we knocked it out and killed it. .
We’re moms of 3, firefighter wives which means our husbands are gone every 3rd day for 24hrs leaving us to handle everything on our own, @meech_thefitnurse a pediatric nurse and me running a very busy and demands a lot of my time. We know where we want to be and we work HARD no matter what life throws at us.
#lifeistough #liveyourbestlife #thursdayWOD #killingday54withmygirl #anagetsobsessed #80dayobsession #firefighterwives #after3pregnancies #workingonourpostbabybody #postpartumproject #pushplayeveryday #movingforward #progressnotperfection

Excitement overload to be able to crush my workout with this badass girl next to me. @janine_fitlife
Remember every single day counts. Grab your hubby, grab a friend or maybe even your children and begin doing something you continue to think you have no time for. There’s always time to work on YOU!

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