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The Spanish traders of Manila brought it to Asia where its old Mexican name ate may still be found in Bengali ata, Nepalese aati, Sinhalese mati anoda, Burmese awzar thee, and atis in the Philippines. In Arabic, it is called قشطة (qishta / ishta / ashta), the translation being "cream". Also, the Indian nomenclature, contrary to widely considered mythological roots, refers to the cooling properties of the fruit. #nature #naturephotography #easilyavailablenaturelessons #itsaforestoutside

The gomphrena globosa flower is also known as the globe flower or globe amaranth, and is native to Panama and Guatemala.

As the name suggests, the gomphrena produces globe-shaped blossoms with papery bracts in dainty shades of lavender, purple, pink, red, magenta, blue, orange and white.

This used to be a favourite in British gardens. I guess that's because it could bloom irrespective of heat, drought and soil type. Also, it's a butterfly magnet. #easilyavailablenaturelessons #nothingbettertodo

Its fruits are enjoyed more for their crispy texture than for their flavour. The fruit in itself is watery and slightly sweet. Its skin is very thin, its juice colourless.

Commonly known as Water Apple or Java Apple in the rest of the world, Bengal knows this fruit as the good old Jamrul. It is also found throughout Kerala where it is called as Champakka or Chambakka. It is mainly eaten as a fruit and also used to make pickles.
The Jamrul originated from the region between Malaysia and the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, where they grow as wild trees in the coastal forests. But it has now been introduced in many Asian countries including India.

A bluffing game with roaches, rats, scorpions, toads, flies, bats and crickets. Before that creeps you out, there are laughs galore too. What's unique is that there isn't a single winner, but a single sore loser. Plays 2 to 6. #kakerlakenpoker #cockroachpoker #cardgames #tabletop #boardgamegeek #dreimagierspiele

Recentest haul. The hoarding continues. #brokebibliophiles #graphicnovel #helpmefindmorespace #whenwillitstop

Some friends decide to flirt with Frankenstein. Family game, full of fun. Will you be fruitful in flaunting your fearless escape? Or are you forsaken to end up being fodder for a feisty fast foolish freak #fearsomefloors #tabletop #boardgames #bgg

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