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#jaketheretriever tuckered out after two walks and some exploring. I still can't believe what this big #teddybear has been through, 6 years in a laundry cupboard, one incredible foster family and now we get to be his family and #foreverhome . He's fitting in perfectly with the cat, a bouncy #puppy and has a super special bond with our son who has #autism .

Meet Jake, an 8 year old #Retriever who spent much of his life living in a cupboard. When Jake was #rescued he had lost most of his hair, had raw, scabby skin and a burnt tail. He found the most amazing foster home and now, many months on he's made a new friend. Austin is 11 and has ASD, the moment he put his arms around Jake's neck Jake calmed and lay on the ground for a cuddle. While walking Jake would pull on the leash but the moment Austin took it the leash went slack and the two walked side by side. He sat when Austin told him to and Austin talked to him like an old friend.
Austin was particularly concerned that Jake didn't have a last name,... but it looks like he'll have our last name very soon!

Think your day was bad? Today Presley had his balls chopped off and he caught a bird - twice - which was then removed from his mouth - twice. #naughtycat #luckybird #andyouthoughtyourdaywasbad

@hoopermathew must be gunning for #husbandoftheyear - I've been talking about replacing my waterlogged fish and trawling through secondhand boards for ages. He surprised me with a brand new one when we were up #surfing Kaikoura this weekend. #itssopretty #modernsurfboards

Who needs an acl to ski? Today is 11 weeks since my knee injury so I braced up and tested it out in the baby terrain park at #mthutt . #ski #skiing

2 weeks since this guy nearly died on us and he's back to normal and as weird as ever. #derpcat #cat #blackcat

So this is what happens when you fall off the chairlift at #mthutt - their quick-thinking staff use a chair tower bumper for a blanket drop! The boy is fine and his dad's still planning on getting him back up skiing,

4 1/2 years of #study have officially finished, but 3 1/2 years of #economics #finance and #calculus had nothing on grad school! I survived #nzgse #classof2016 #realteachernow

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