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Amy  A nursery teacher, a part time sewer/baker/candlestick maker and new mum of a little one named Theo.

These little beauties have bloomed today. I’m really trying to embrace winter (remember what I said about boozy hot chocolate) but I’m so looking forward to longer, warmer days. AND the seaside, that comes in spring for us too, I’m missing the beach.

This week I received really great customer services from @jomalonelondon I’ve spoken about it on my stories but wanted to mention it on here too as I think it’s easy to criticise but we don’t give praise to shops easily enough sometimes. Anyway because of this week I have my wedding fragrance back and Jo Malone will carry on being one of my favourites.

Happy because he got put up to the next class with swimming today. Next time we go he has to wear a float vest (LOL) and will be swimming with two year olds. My little baby is disappearing before my very eyes.

And then I got dressed and the clothes feel grand. So now what I want is all your suggestions of places where I can get clothes that fit like this! Go!

Strangely, I often get asked on here about where I get my clothes from. As I’ve said (many a time) I’ve really struggled with clothes since having Theo and I can never really put my finger on why. Anyway, so where do I get my clothes... to sum up; not many places. I think I’ll put a blog together about some of my favourite places but in the meantime I wanted to share Kin @johnlewisandpartners Not paid, or gifted (I wish) but I’ve bought a couple of pieces from them recently and they are EXACTLY what I like. Bit of a treat but I’m really trying to shop smarter, rather than buying stuff that’s cheap and fast I’m trying to buy something a little more expensive and better quality. This way it really makes me think twice about whether it’s really for me rather than thinking “it’ll do”. So far it’s working. A Toast splurge all got sent back as it was only ok, rather then my usual trick of keeping 10 things from ASOS that I never wear!

In haven’t blog in so long that I actually felt nervous to press publish today, weird. Anyway, I’ve put a post up *link in bio* all about one year of being a mum. I’d love to chat about your experiences of that magical (ish) first year, so come back over here to let me know your thoughts. Also, share the blog post if you wish and send people over here too. I had such different expectations to what those first 12 months would be like, compared to what they were actually like. How about you?

Definitely not spring yet but I’ve bought my first bunch of tulips and I’m very chuffed about it. There’s also a tree in my street with blossom on it!

Took his bike to the park for the first time today. I’ll spare you the face I can see now that it’s time to go... it’s not pretty.

Back to work tomorrow. If you’ve been following along on stories, you’ll know I took some time out for a couple of months and I’m starting some supply work in a very familiar school tomorrow. Just putting some washing away in Theo’s room and having a momentary panic of “how will I have time to do this when I’m back at work?!” I almost feel like I’m returning to work after maternity leave again. It does feel different this time though, dare I say I’m looking forward to it... almost.

Spent a couple hours out there this afternoon. Baby stopped play, so back out there tomorrow. Felt so good to be in the garden. Things have been cut back and shifted around. Even though it’s quiet out there it’s a good time to put in some graft and prepare for the big plant out in spring.

“Apple” is his word for Alfie, which has now just become his word for all dogs... and cows, sheep, birds (🤷🏼‍♀️) any animal really!!!

What did I say the other day about hot chocolates being for winter, not just for Christmas?! We’re off for a trip to the park on this cold morning and Theo is most definitely rocking his hot chocolate leggings! 😍

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