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Art Journal 05.21.18
Thank you so much for the feature @artaminoapp @aminoapps

Art Journal 05.04.18
Art if Life; Life is Art

You guys, I'm so proud of this one! This is the 3rd face I've ever drawn. The first one to ever draw in my art journal. The first one to paint. I think she's beautiful! I kept the background simple cause I didn't want to distract from her. I hope you like this one!

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A special THANK YOU to @mosdefsteph_ for the mosdef penpal letter ever! The envelope is so pretty, I didn't even wanna open it! Great art journal surprises & a sweet letter. Totally #HappyMail πŸ’œ
#PenPals #ArtJournaling #AmysClaythings

While I was busy not sleeping last night, I had a go at face #2. I'm quite proud of her! Enjoy the rest of your weekend; thanks for taking a look!

My very first attempt at drawing a face. I really wanna learn so I can draw my own faces in my art journaling. Obviously needs work, but a) I wanted to share my first try & b) it's really not as bad as I'd expected!

Hello, friends! I thought I'd share today's art journal page with you.
Art Journal 04.20.18

Lovely post card from my Canadian pal @mosdefsteph_ πŸ’œ Thank you so much, girl. I needed this today! πŸ’Ÿ

We made bracelets today at our craft group. Super easy & lots of fun! Do you have any crafty plans this weekend?

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Hey, guys, I have a new account that's for my art journaling! I've just started & I can't believe I haven't been doing this my whole life. Check it out! &, don't worry, I'm not abandoning polymer clay! πŸ’Ÿ
ART JOURNAL 03.30.18
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Happy Sunday, friends! Today I thought I'd share my first ever #BottleOfHope I kept it simple, but I still like it. My polymer clay guild contributes bottles to #BottlesOfHope It's an incredible organization & I urge you to look em up & get involved! Use your #PolymerClay passion to lift someone's spirits! #Fimo #PearlExPowders #Instagram #Facebook #Vero #Twitter #Hope #AmysClaystation #AmysClaythings

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