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amyscakecorner  "Best artist at baking in the world ever" - Coral Dawn, age 5. She's very complimentary.

I'm on holiday! Meaning instead of baking, I'm collecting shells and being buried in sand. Signal isn't great out here so please bear with me if you're waiting on an email reply. I'll be back next week to fill your faces!

Nicked @themilklounge 's photo of the Oreo cake cause my brain failed me...! Vegan, in both cafes. Yum. Did it a little different this time!
Both cafes also have some sparkly vegan & gluten free lemon cupcake, vegan shortbread biscuits, and vegan flapjack.

Filled some vanilla cupcakes with sprinklessss for a super cute unicorn design (but didn't take a picture of the done deal, doh!)

Vegan & gluten free lemon cupcakes, topped with hand made sugar roses, for a customer's wedding.

The lovely Dawn at Beeston bought me a work mug πŸ¦„πŸ’œ on that note, I'm signing off for the weekend as I'm moving house...! So if I'm a bit slow to answer emails, I'm sorry! Have a great weekend ✨

Arnold & Beeston both now have a vegan chocolate & hazelnut cake. Dairy free "Nutella" in the icing, people. Dairy free "Nutella"!!!

The marbles cake became... a TMNT cake for a little boy becoming a big brother. Loved making this!

Cake number 1 - girly superhero!

Over the summer holidays I'm reducing my days to two rather than three, so I can have more time with my daughter whilst she's off (starting to regret this πŸ˜‚) which means fewer cakes! I have two celebration cake orders this week - look at this lush marbled sponge cake 😍 end result to be shown tomorrow!


Vegans it is your day! Chocolate and biscoff cake - we decided to leave the biscuits off this time to keep them crunchy, you'll be served one with your cake!

I had a note from a little girl on my worktop requesting unicorn biscuits. So not only have I done that but I've one upped her with cupcakes too. So much glitter! πŸ¦„ (ps they're vegan and gluten free tooooo)

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