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As I leave this place today I can't help but look around and be filled with gratitude for the last 9 months here.

Not only is it beautiful, but it was exactly what I needed at that stage in my life. A place to learn, reflect and grow.

I spent much of my time by myself here- which scares the sh*t out of most people. Isolation.... but man is it freeing to learn how to enjoy your own company. The ideas, the breakthroughs and the development that came from looking within during that time I couldn't have achieved any other way.

When we're constantly stimulated by external circumstances and energy, we don't give ourselves the opportunity to go within and discover the patterns, beliefs and memories hanging out in our subconscious mind. Considering about 95% of our daily actions are dictated by what's lurking in there, I can't think of many things more important. While creating a lifestyle you love is one thing (external), creating a mindset that allows you to wake up everyday and enjoy the heck out of it is another (internal). I'm now watching what started as a passing thought 4 weeks ago unfold in front of me. It feels kind of surreal how it all came together and I'll tell the story fully once I'm settled in Cali. The one thing I will say however is when you surrender to the universe and let it guide you, you'll not only will you end up where you're meant to be, but you'll have one hell of an adventure in the process 🙂

Grateful for all that was & excited for all that will be.

Let go... surrender... live ✨

If you want something badly enough, stop creating reasons you can’t have it, and go fucking get it.

It’s simple until the human mind makes it complicated.

Get out of your own way.

Get clear on what you want.

Know you can have it all, but only if you believe you can and are willing to take massive action to make it happen.

This is so hard for so many of us because of the deeply engrained beliefs we accumulate throughout our lives.

The good news is, you can ‘unfuck yourself’ at any point.

Science has proven we can rewire our brains and adopt new beliefs, habits, personality traits at any point of our lives. ‘This is the way I am’ doesn’t have to be the way you are forever.

I know one of the reasons I’m here on earth is to help people become the highest version of themselves. To break through the disempowering conditioning that keeps us small. Excited to share more on that in the coming months.

You’re the creator of your life. Don’t forget that. ✨🤘🏻❤️🙇🏼‍♀️

Do you often feel anxious?

If so, you probably think anxiety is a negative and something you should strive to avoid.

The social connotation of anxiety leans toward it being a disorder...something non productive..something negative.

So most of us try avoid it all together. And when we inevitably fail at that mission and anxiety or discomfort kicks in, we berate ourselves for allowing this undesirable state.

Research has shown however that your unwillingness to feel momentary discomfort actually increases the level of discomfort you'll feel.

What does this mean?

It means that instead of trying to suppress uncomfortable feelings throughout life we should aim to expect them at times and get comfortable with allowing these feelings to come and go.

By trying to shut them off all together we actually increase the level to which they negatively affect us.

Anxiety is normal at times. Pain is normal at times. Discomfort is normal at times.

You're human. You are wired to feel these emotions for a reason.

Stop trying to avoid them. Aim rather to understand and act in spite of them.

Don't be afraid to tell your story.

It's what makes you unique.

The skills, knowledge, beliefs, perceptions and experiences you've accumulated along the way are assets that you can use to serve others and make a difference in their lives.

All the situations you've encountered (even, and especially, the challenging ones) give you the ability to understand, care for, and serve others in similar positions.

What you think are you biggest challenges or weaknesses might just be your biggest strengths.

Some of my pivotal challenges/experiences include:
➡️ Overcoming an eating disorder in my teens (which now provides me insight, solutions and empathy for those dealing with disordered thoughts)
➡️ Wanting an abundant life but not having a clue how to get there (I ended up creating a company teaching others the answers I eventually uncovered that allowed me to change my life)
➡️ Moving to the other side of the world on my own (I can understand the resistance people face in relation to taking chances and making big changes in their life)
➡️ Dealing with extreme amounts of senseless online negativity (I learned to back and love myself and tune out the inevitable opinion of others, and know how big of a task it is for others)
➡️ I built a 7 figure company and managed a team of 12 (so can relate to all the challenges, emotions, and weight that comes with this responsibility).
➡️ I lost my partner to cancer at 24 (which provided me not only incredible amounts of compassion for those going through that, but also mass amounts of health knowledge that changed my life and the lives of those around me. It also gave me perspective, gratitude, appreciation and an understanding of how to effectively process grief. It also became a large part of my "why"). Did these experiences seem positive in the moment? Nope. They are when I've felt the weakest at times. But they're also a big part of what make me, me.

Your challenges and experiences are what make you, you. The lessons you learned, perspective and knowledge you gained, and empathy you now possess are your superpowers.

Tell your story. It's one of your most valuable assets. ✨

If you’re looking for someone to change your life, look in the mirror.

You have everything you need within you. Start believing that and your life will begin to change in ways you never imagined.

Nothing will limit your potential more than your unwillingness to realise your power.

The greatest challenge we’ll face on earth is to free ourselves from our self imposed limitations.

No more excuses. No more self doubt.

They don’t exist other than in your thoughts.

Step into your power.

You got this 🤘🏻🖤

❤️ or 🧠? Should I make decisions with my head or with my heart?

I polled you guys on stories yesterday and it was almost an even 50/50 split of responses.

There's no right or wrong answer, but here's my personal thoughts:

Your brain is for math and to scrutinize details, but I always go inward and run it by my heart and soul before acting on the data.


Ask yourself: Does this decision expand you, your experiences, your future and your possibilities?

If yes, the decision is yes, no matter how overwhelming or terrifying it may seem.

If the decision will shrink, inhibit or silence you, then the answer is always no, no matter how safe or easy the decision is.

There's always a short term and a long term impact of making decisions that force you to grow and expand. In the short term, sometimes it's terrifying: - Leaving a relationship,
- Moving to a new place,
- Putting yourself out there and sharing your truth,
- Changing your job,
- Having a difficult conversation

Be aware that fear will likely surface during the process, and make the decision anyway.

When you live your life following your heart rather than chasing comfort, that's when you allow yourself to live your best, most authentic life. What do you guys do? ❤️ or 🧠?
✨ 📸: @hellocolinmarshall

It’s not what you know that will change your life but your ability to apply what you know.

Lately there’s been an awesome shift where more and more people are turning to books, podcasts, documentaries and the internet to expand their knowledge.

We’re so lucky to live in a time where there’s sooo much information at our fingertips.

Got a problem? The answer is likely in a book you can buy and read instantly.

Need more info on something? Ask Siri and in a second she’ll track it down for you.

Want to start a new career online? Sweet, join a course and immediately you’ll have the steps laid out for you.

Want to know ‘how to’ anything and YouTube will most likely be able to help.

A lack of education or information is not the reason most people aren’t succeeding.

It’s the failure to apply and integrate what we learning into our lives consistently.

It’s cool that you’re reading all the books and listening to all the podcasts, but make sure you’re applying that knowledge too.

Another tool that’s super trendy right now is to take psychedelics and have these ‘enlightening experiences’ (no judgement I just did this myself and think they can be incredibly helpful tools to help us access different parts of our subconscious and reframe our perspective). They don’t mean much however if you don’t take what you learned from them and integrate it in the way you live, think and interact each day.

Information and education is a necessary part of the equation, but growth isn’t realized until you begin to integrate that knowledge, day in, day out.

Next time you consume any type of content or learn something new be sure to write down exactly how you’ll use it in your day to day life.

Don’t get so caught up consuming content that you forget to use it to change your life.

A note for all of you out there grinding away at your dreams:

Please don’t get so caught up making a living and visualizing the future, that you forget to truly enjoy living in the present.

Shut the laptop and do something today that sets your soul on fire.

The only moment that we’re guaranteed is this one. Right now. Make it incredible. ✨❤️

✨Energy is EVERYTHING.

At all times you’re either affecting people or infecting people.

It’s not what you say, or even what you look like that people remember, it’s how you make them feel.

Lower people’s vibration and they’ll naturally distance themselves.

Raise it and they’ll be drawn to you (we’ve all met those people that were drawn too even if we don’t quite know why). What would it mean in your business, in your personal life, in your relationships and in the day to day interactions you have (even digitally on social media) if you could show up with massive amounts of infectious energy?

More clients?
Happier clients?
Better relationships?
Closer friendships?
More quality conversations?
Increased ability to influence and lead?
More passion?
Higher productivity?
More confidence?

It’s highly unlikely you’ll experience any of the above if you’re frequently dealing with illness, fear, worry, stress, anxiety, insecurities etc which is why I’m such a huge advocate of mental and physical health.

Realistically I don’t care if you have a visible 6 pack, how long you meditate or how much kale you eat in a day.

What I care about is how you feel on a daily basis and how much energy you’re able to share with the world.

The habits I share in @infinite_vitality and the routines you see me getting into here on my stories are all designed to increase my ability to produce and emit energy.
Here’s 3 things you can implement today to raise your vibration:

1) Make conscious food choices based on fuelling your cells rather than mindlessly eating to satisfy hunger. Everything we put in or on our bodies is either fighting disease or supporting it.

2) Eliminate negative self talk. Be conscious of the shit you say to yourself and journal it. At the end of the day respond to it all as if it were a friend telling your their thoughts. What would you tell them?

3) Be aware of your body. Physiology precedes psychology. Stand tall, smile and release the tension you’re holding on to. Become a physical representation of the emotions you’d like to feel and your mind will follow.

Wishing you a beautiful Saturday filled with incredible energy 💕

You can’t let your life just stay static. When the same shit happens day in day out and we continue unconsciously to spin our wheels, it’s time to take the wheel and stop steering yourself in a direction that doesn’t feel good.

Most of us don’t take the time to look at our lens of how we see the world. We don’t edit the characters of our story and most of us don’t even edit or upgrade ourselves.

We don’t take our emotional triggers and look at how they have anything to do with us. We let our emotional experience and lives be dependant on what others ‘do to us’. That’s not living. That’s existing.

Grab the wheel. Change the course. That option is available to you every moment of every day.

It might not be easy, but it’ll damn sure be worth it ❤️

My relationship with myself and my body has been through so many different stages.

When I was a teenager I dealt with the usual high school girl insecurities.

My family was in the process of splitting up and because I felt no control over the situation, I focussed on the one thing I could control: my body.

I was a long distance runner and my need for some sort of control developed into borderline anorexia. I ran 10km+ per day and starved my body of the fuel it needed to perform at the level I was asking.

The mind body connection runs so deep.

As my family situation normalized so too did the way I looked. I returned to a normal weight and I was ‘better’. What I hadn’t addressed at the time was my mind.

Despite outwardly being the cheerful outgoing academic/ sports captain, inwardly I was still an insecure teenage girl whose self talk was far from empowering.

Externally I displayed confidence but I still saw all my flaws when I looked in the mirror.

I feel this is how most of us are by default, and if we don’t do the inner work we take this mean/disempowering voice inside our heads with us throughout life.

As I grew up I was introduced to the world of personal development and was drawn to it instantly.

I couldn’t get enough and although initially I was drawn to it for the good it could do for my business, I learned that just like an unhealthy mindset infects everything, a healthy mindset affects everything.

10 years, a tonne of life experience and personal development later, I am in awe of my body (and yours). Not for how it looks but for what it does for us each day.

The way we feel physically and mentally decides our entire experience on earth.

We’ve been gifted this incredible vessel to experience life, yet so many of us (young Amy included) take it for granted.

Learn how to break through the physical and mental limitations and you wake up each day with confidence, energy and vitality.

In this state we’ll make completely different decisions that will change the trajectory of our lives. 👇🏻CONTINUED IN COMMENTS 👇🏻

Exciting changes👇🏻 Have you ever felt like you're ready to make a massive change?

Like you've outgrown your current reality?

That's where I'm at.

I moved from Australia to the US 7 years ago now and have spent the whole time moving around Florida.

It's been an interesting ride, but a chapter that intuitively I feel is now complete.

This last year has been my biggest year of growth and I feel like I'm ready to spread my wings and throw myself into a completely new experience, new challenges, new energy.

California has been calling my name for a few years and I feel strongly that now's the time.

Change can be scary. I'm human so naturally there's some uncertainty around moving yet again to a completely new place.

What's scarier however is staying in the same place and wondering what if.

Our feelings exist to guide us.

So many of us feel the pull I'm currently feeling and ignore it.

Maybe you hate your job, but convince yourself to stick it out.

Maybe your relationship isn't ticking all your boxes anymore, but you stay because it's comfortable.

Maybe you're drawn to experience living in a new part of the world like I am, but you're scared of the unknown.

The trajectory of your life could be completely different if you give yourself permission to feel the fear, but take action anyway.

Trust your intuition- you have it for a reason.

Will be in Cali next week checking out some places. Would love to meet some of you 🙂

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