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My Rottie pup passed away Sunday night. I'm so sad and lost and heartbroken. 😭❤️😭❤️😭❤️😭

Who needs ketchup when you have caramel sauce?

I'm a stuffed animal. Woof! #dogsofinstagram

I was born on July 22nd 1969, so technically, I will be 49 in 19 days. As far as I'm concerned, tomorrow is my real birthday. Eightteen years ago, on Independence Day, I claimed my own independence and told the world I will no longer live the way I was raised or the way society said I should live. I gave the world a big "fuck you" and started living my life as my true self, as the person I've always felt I was meant to be and from that day forward, I've never looked back & not a single doubt has ever crossed my mind. In celebration of the most profound day in my life, I'd like to wish you all a very safe and very happy Independence Day! I would also like to share a poem I wrote about 6 months before that monumental day that helped me push through the hate, rejection & discrimination I faced on a daily basis. Thank you all for your love & support. I love you so much. <3 PLURR <3

When I sit and think of how life should be
I can’t help but think it’s been so unfair to me
Noone ever said life was fair
But all I wanted was long flowing hair
I sit and watch all the pretty girls
Wishing I had their pretty curls
I sit and watch in disbelief
Feeling like an unturned leaf
I cry each night in deep silence
Hoping to wake in a new presence
But every day I wake with me
The boy that I’m not supposed to be
I turned to drugs and alcohol
To ease the pain of it all
I hoped they’d make these feelings go away
But they grow and grow with every day
Now there’s pain, so much pain inside
So much pain, I will not hide
I looked for help with dear close friends
They’ve shown me there’s means to ends
I’m finding the courage to change the things I can
To find the girl I really am
And to accept the things I cannot change
Like why the world thinks I’m so strange
I think I have a special gift
To share with you if you think I’ll fit
So take my hand I’ll help you see
How life can be with me, Amy!

Cannabrownies on deck! Hmu
#edibles #cannabutter #cannabrownies

16 days ago, while working, a tent caterpillar crawled up inside my pants and got squished between my leg and my pants. It's cute little fur ended up stuck in my leg and caused incredible itching and irritation and there's still a red mark and it's still a little itchy. Wtf!
Also, every freaking day I've worked since then I've had some kinda negative encounter with nature. Most days it's been ants that I've weed whacked their nest and they climb up me and bite me like crazy! Uhg! Today I got stung by a wasp. 😔

A tick bit me right in the fat! 😠😢

I guess I'll just walk myself. Woof #dogsofinstagram

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