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AMY • MORGAN • DAVIS  Actress•Miss America Contestant•Pageant Coach•HMUA•Traveler•PrintModel•Musician•MotivationalSpeaker•"LivetheLifeYouImagine" www.winthepageant.com


My travel buddy to NYC this week -We've been to Europe together, Chicago, and NYC many times though my performing experiences.
My Mom is the best.
And she looks like snow white ☺️💋
I LOVE amazing lipsticks. The one I'm wearing in the pic is called "Roar" by @nuskin and if you want it you can order it through me! I'm one of their makeup artists so I'm so excited to share their products with you! 🦋
So...on a more serious note, I have been so busy doing hair and #makeup for @nuskin and modeling and acting for lots of amazing companies & I'm in the process of getting filming and editing all ready to launch my online training program in justa few months @winthepageant !
It's been so busy. 🙈
Currently, I'm in NYC to help my cousin who has just finished her 4th surgery due to an aggressive form of brain cancer called #Gioblastoma. She has lived 4 1/2 years and we are praying hard that the tumor will stay away for another 8 months like the last one. Her tumor was the size of a gold ball and it's pretty amazing that she is recovering so well. I'm here helping with my Mom for the week and will post pictures from my trip in my Instagram story.
Giving #service among our crazy lives, is the most rewarding and valuable gift we can offer anyone. Always pray for others. Hearing about my cousins side affects and the many trials she is facing makes me more #empathetic.
You never know what anyone is going through. 💕
Stay tuned for some amazing things coming up just around the corner!
Amy xoxo 🦋💋❤️💄🎬👑
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I'm so excited to tell you what's up next...and it's not to be in a rockband even though we might pull that off with his hair and my headband and our ripped jeans lol 😅
This guy is amazing and we have some fun things coming soon!
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Love @nuskin products! They sponsored me when I was Miss Utah and got to try their skincare lime and now I get the chance to try and use their new makeup line! It's so natural feeling, long lasting, soft and beautiful colors! This product that I was a model for is called PowerLips Fluid and will be available to order at the end of November because it's completely sold out since it's been so popular! If you want to try anything let me know and I can order products for you at a discounted price!
Xo #nuskin #makeupartist #neverstop #chasedreams #overcomeyourfears
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Such a fun day modeling PowerLips Fluid for @nuskin at their AMAZING convention yesterday!! And meeting and talking with @torispelling 🙊!! She was so sweet. 💕💄💋
And I'm SOOO excited because I am also a makeup artist doing makeup and hair for different shoots with this company @nuskin --- SOOO...I asked them if I could share the products with my friends without having to sign up as a distributor and they said YES!!! So if you see my posts and are interested in trying these amazing products you can ask me and I can purchase them for you at a discounted price!! Yay!!!
Also Tori Spelling asked me to join her new makeup line she will be launching soon with Nuskin!
And I said yes to that too! 🙊
Follow me on Facebook for more information or message me! The coolest part is that when I was Miss Utah @nuskin was one of my sponsors and I LOVED their products so much!! Now I get to try them whenever I want!! Woohoo!
@ Amy Morgan Davis 💋💄💋💄💋💄💋💄💋 #nuskin #makeupartist #neverstop #nevergiveup #chasedreams #overcomeyourfears
@hairnmakeupbyamy @maccosmetics #friyay #makeupandhair #nuskinconvention #powerlipsfluid #model #talentmg #lovemylife #polkadots

Swipe left! ☺️🎬
Such an amazing shoot as the Makeup and Hair stylist today for @worldgnofficial ! Love love loved his group! @talentmg is the best!! We are so lucky to be signed with the best agency in Utah 🎬 That's a wrap! And I highlighted each model in this series - you will die laughing! Such an entertaining group 😂 #actress #makeupartist #makeittothetop #talentmg #model #maccosmetics #naturalmakeup #fitness #worldtraveler #travelandwork #worldfitness

Here I am on a Friday night, & always feeI inspired to write late. I have many journals!
My thoughts...on a topic I rarely discuss.
I have to admit, I've been treated poorly by many guys throughout my dating career. And yet, I've dated a lot of great guys too. Probably missed opportunities that I could dwell on to keep me up at night. But for the most part, BIG EGOS out there.
I'll never forget being told "you probably get told your pretty all the time" (an excuse for not giving a compliment) which is NONSENSE. Who cares if I do or don't? Doesn't everyone deserve a compliment from someone they are dating?
Regardless of such a shallow comment (these type of guys are not worth your time), I appreciate the many guys who have been kind.
I'm no expert on giving dating advice, but I think the best advice I would give, is to follow ur INTUITION-amid all the opinions and judgements out there of who is right for you. This is something I've had to work on because in order to do that, it's important to know what u want, what u need, & where u are heading in life. Don't wait for the perfect guy, & don't wait for someone to solve ur problems either.
Above ALL of that, don't rely on social media like we do from time to time, to only leave you feeling BROKEN, as if you're missing something in life. There seem to be many happy couples out there with the perfect SOCIAL MEDIA relationships. If you're like me, you can be hard on yourself. I have waited to be "IN ❤️" again for a long time, yet have avoided it due to being scared it wouldn't work out, or fear of being with the wrong person.
You know what I think?...it's our CHOICE.
Don't wait on someone to make you happy. Find your passion, go after it, chase your dreams, and above anything...Do NOT let guys get in the way of your SELF-WORTH. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It's hard, but you have to keep moving forward. Be with someone who makes you feel happy, loved, cared for, & believes in YOU.
LOVE does exist. There is no room for fear or jealousy. We have the CHOICE to LOVE

You guys this little guy has my whole #heart. He is seriously the cutest thing in the world. ❤️🙊 😂 He requested to stand on top of the furniture to do a little act! He has a huge #imagination and is yelling "yoooooooop!" #drseuss
@ashley.squires littlest one 👶🏼
Come to find out, he's reinacting a play that his older brother was in #suessicalthemusical ☺️#hesmyfavorite #nephews #2yearsold #yop #ilovehimsomuch #heispreciousineveryway #littleboys #love #expressyourself

Since I was 12 years old I've been doing hair and makeup - I started on barbies, then moved to my little sister and Mom - In Junior high I would do hair for family photos and all throughout college cheerleading @weberstatesaa I was asked do hair before the games so I decided to charge $10 before cheering to make some extra money.
During the Miss Utah and Miss America Pageant I did my own hair and makeup- which was crazy! I also did my older sister's hair and makeup for her wedding photos.
Then, I went to cosmetology school on scholarship and after graduating from Taylor Andrew's Academy of hair design, I left to study abroad in Paris, France. Before leaving, I worked at "Dollar Cuts" and made only $1000 for spending money. I took my sheerz thinking I might cut hair, which was scary because I was just 3 weeks out of school!
The students ❤️ed the idea so I started cutting and coloring hair to make money charging 20Euroes. After living in Paris for 3months, I came home and started my own salon business named "Center Stage Salon". I found all of my own clientele. After a few years, doing hair gave me the worst ANXIETY and I started feeling worried about being a perfectionist, and often cut myself from feeling in a hurry---I started to DOUBT my ABILITIES...my voice would often quiver when I talked and it hasn't been easy to overcome. #whoknew
I'm a big advocate of being the best you can be, but that doesn't mean there aren't bumps along the way.
Now....after all that, I was chosen as the makeup artist on set for National commercial and print work for all different companies including @melaleuca, @nuskin, and @advocare doing hair and makeup!!! (Oh and I do hair for my girls @winthepageant) 💇🏻
All the hard work paid off! 🎊
Can I just say....if there's a WILL, there's a WAY!!
Here's a behind the scenes shot at a shoot this week with @Nuskin as the Makeup Artist and Hair stylist on set 💋 #nuskin #makeupartist #neverstop #nevergiveup #chasedreams #overcomeyourfears
@hairnmakeupbyamy @maccosmetics #friyay

Thanks SOOO much @babe_lash #babelashsociety for 3 free AMAZING products in the mail this weekend!!!
I'm so excited to use each of them to help my lashes look thicker, fuller, and longer! 💋❤️😘😻
It's a 3 step formula!
1. #BabeLashserum
2. #babelashes voluminous mascara
3. #babelashes fiber extend Mascara
If you would like me to do a video - comment below!
#highfashion #beautyessentials #cosmetologist #makeupartist #babe #luckygirl #unique #thewaytogo #babelashsociety #babelashqueen #eyelashesonfleek

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