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Amy Mezni - Teaching Ideas 4U  🐢 @amymezni ✏️#upperelementary 📱#middleschoolmonday 📓#teachingideas4u

If you like card games, a word of warning: Dos is not playable. It’s by the makers of #unocards but without changing the rules, someone almost always go out by turn 2 or 3. Since Uni is such a great game, #doscardgame is a disappointment. We changed the rule to be everyone picks 1 if a color match is made, 2 if 2 or more color matches were made - didn’t matter if the matches were 1 card or 2 cards. It still ends fairly quickly, so we may try another rule change and see if we can get the play better. #mattel #twothumbsdown #unoisbetter #cardgames #familytime #familygamenight

Happy Eid my Muslim friends and family! Did you know the United States has had colonists and settlers of many different religions since Colonial Times? Thank you @classroomcommando for posting this fact. #eidmubarak2018 #factoftheday #historyteacher

I talked my boy into trying a new to him game😊 I used to play Sets with my students long ago - great for a filler during those odd 5 minute gaps or when waiting for dismissal. Players have to find sets of 3 cards. The trick is that your set has to be either all the same or all different in 4 characteristics: color, number, shape, and pattern. It can be tricky, but the more you play the faster you get! #educationalgames #cardgames #homeschoolingideas #gspofinstagram

I’m working on a new product line and will be updating other products to coordinate. I have been staring at font pairings for far too long. Can you help me? Do you like Option 1, Option 2, or Option 3: Neither? #youdecide #helpmechoose #fonts #teachersoftpt #socialstudies

When you have to clean out your camera roll and find random pictures from a long time boy is now 5’6” and looks like a teenager! My girl still is as beautiful as she is here, but now she’s a senior. Me? I’m just a little (okay a lot) grayer. #wheredoesthetimego #randompics #teachermom #homeschoolfamily

If you have previously purchased either my Learning Styles Flipbook Activity or my Class Information Flipbook, they have both been given a complete update! They are now easier to assemble - and much cuter! (Thank you @sarahpecorino !) #backtoschool #learningstyles

Have you heard about the Tech for Teachers online conference? It’s FREE. This is one area I’d like to improve in, because I know my homeschooler is an expert on XBox but not presentations. Anyone else interested in going? #teacherpd #upperelementary #middleschool #homeschool

A great way to end the year is to have students plan a trip. It’s easy to integrate ela and social studies in a trip. Learn more on my blog. #iteachela #socialstudies #geography

New interactive notebooks are available! Political & Industrial Revolutions rounds out the latest bundle of #worldhistory #interactivenotebooks . #americanhistory teachers also have a new bundle covering the Civil War - the War on Terror. They are located in my store. #historyteachers

Some days I feel like Rinstein, other days I can’t remember my kids’ names. #genius #whydidntithinkofthissooner #justcallmeeinstein #masonjar #holepunch

It can be challenging to cover standards if your district doesn’t provide curriculum - or if you finish it before the year is over. Stop by my blog for ideas for teaching without a textbook. #upperelementary #middleschoolteacher #highschoolteacher

U.S. history teachers, the last two 20th century units are almost finished! WW2 & the Cold War and Civil Rights - Modern Times will hopefully be finished by Sunday. #middleschoolteacher #ushistory #interactivenotebooks

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